Mohamad Ali Vaez Has Arrived at SICW


Mohamad Ali Vaez is one OVW’s sickest and evil men. From showing his hate towords the USA and even going as far as taking Michael Hayes(an Ex-Army Vet who lost his leg to an Improvised Explosive Attack in Ramadi, Iraq)and holding it for weeks.

This past weekend he was able to dismantle one of USA’s top rookies JJ Garrett at SICW. Who will he target next?

SICW Returns for two shows in September!

9/20/2014 – SICW East Carondelet Illinois 823 State St East Carondelet. Il 62240 –Doors at 7 PM; Bell Time at 8 PM 618-286-4848

9/27/2014 – SICW -Holy Rosary Gymnasium, Fairmont City Illinois (Fundraiser for State Park Fire Protection District) – Doors Open 6:30pm, Bell is at 8pm

Once Again, With a Little Help From His Friends Ricky Cruz Captures Another Championship

deGWF Aug 2014WM-545

2014 has been a rough year for many promoters and wrestlers in the Midwest, thanks to one man. That man is the former fan favorite “The King of Chaos” Ricky Cruz who has been making his presence known in huge matches, first by knocking off Jake Dirden for the Dynamo Pro Wrestling Championship, then he did the unthinkable when he was able to send Ron Powers out of SICW for the remainder of the year by defeating the former Classic Wrestling Champion in East Carondelet, Illinois.

Recently, Cruz outsmarted Dynamo Pro’s office when he enlisted the former MWR Wrestler of the Year, Brandon Espinosa, to pull a fast one during a DPW Tag Team elimination match for the titles. During a key moment in the match it looked as if Espy and Cruz had problems and decided to exit the match only to come back at the end of the match to pin Rocket Mapache and Jackal after they had pinned the Black Hand Warriors to become the champs. Cruz kept Jackal out of the match outside the ring as Espinosa hit a jumping DDT to claim the DPW Tag Team Championship.

Just a week later MWR was on hand for Global Wrestling Federation’s finals for the first ever GWF Champion. Jaysin Strife was able to move to the finals when he defeated the Iceman and earn the opportunity to meet Cruz in the finals. Strife is one of the premier wrestlers in Iowa, and looked to capture his first title in KC. The two battle back and forth, but just as Cruz looked to be in deep trouble and Strife going to the top rope, Geek Singh entered from the back to cause Strife to lose his balance and turn the tide on the match. Moments later, the match was over and Cruz had stolen another Championship.

GWF returns on September 27, GWF returns to the Independence Guard Armory.

9/27/2014 Global Wrestling Federation Independence National Guard Armory at 2323 South Crysler Ave. Independence, MO All tickets $10 children 5 and under are free


RingSyders: “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff


The 46th edition of RingSyders on MWR is available now.  Ben Simon and Drew Abbenhaus will host big action.



Wonderful… They call him Mr. Wonderful.  You know he’s so Wonderful, and he knows it toooooooo…

Paul Orndorff joins us on the show today to discuss his career in the WWF and WCW.  On Saturday, Paul is slated to appear at SICW‘s event in East Carondelet, Ill. for autographs.  Paul shoots on WrestleMania I, jealousy with Hulk Hogan, his best St. Louis memory, and surviving cancer.

Also, the boys preview the entire SICW card and Sunday’s SummerSlam event from Los Angeles.

The Hooligans and A.C.H. Lead the Way at High Risk Wrestling

 photo 4_zps5c4acef6.jpg

Missouri Wrestling Revival was in attendance for the inaugural High Risk Wrestling event as they crown an HRW Champion as well as an HRW Tag Team Champions.

In the main event the 2-time MWR Tag Team of the Year the Hooligans (Devin and Mason Cutter) defeated one of their arch rivals Team Overkill (Matt Cage and Christian Rose) in an exciting HRW 3 Stages of Hell battle that escalated throughout the fairground.

A.C.H. earned the HRW Championship by delivering a punishing German suplex onto high flyer C.J. Esparza to enter the final 3 way match elimination style match against the talented Blake Belakis and Nick Brubaker. The fans of Belleville, Illinois were treated to a 3 way battle of high flying, vicious strikes and submissions as the three men gave it their all to come out on top.

A.C.H took out Brubaker with the same move that took out Esparza, the German Suplex. Belakis quickly struck from behind A.C.H., but the speed and the ability to improvise allowed A.C.H. to maneuver Belakis into a small package and lay claim as the first ever High Risk Champion.

 photo 3_zpseadf52a9.jpg

Send some love to Bob Geigel


Editors Note: MWR Owner Brian Kelley is a proud lifetime member of the Cauliflower Alley Club and encourage you to join the club and support the great men and women that have gave their body and heart to the sport we love. On a personal level, we were honored to present Bob Geigel with a MWR Lifetime Achievement Award at his home as a guest of his and his wife Vera in one of the most special moments in my time with MWR. For a complete look at that day please click here.. We also teamed up with Mr. Geigel to publish a MWR Trading card with artwork from the one and only Rob Schamberger. Growing up in Mid-Missouri , I grew up watching All-Star Wrestling out of Kansas City and Bob Geigel was a huge reason on what hooked me into pro wrestling.

I had worked at a Nursing home for over 12 years and I know the importance of a card to the men and women that live there. Below is the info from the CAC on where you can send a card or letter to cheer up the former NWA President.

From everyone at MWR, we are thinking about you Mr. Geigel.

UPDATE: The CAC can confirm that club member and original owner of the NWA, Bob Geigel, is currently in a nursing home. He is resting comfortably, and all of us here at the Cauliflower Alley Club ARE wish him well. Keep fighting Bob!

Longtime CAC member and original owner of the NWA Bob Geigel needs your well-wishes!

Unfortunately Bob fell the other day and broke his hip,. Bob was a partner and owner of the original NWA in the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, and 70′s. He is also a 25 year plus member of the CAC . He and his daughters were all set to come to the CAC in June as they have for the last 14 years.

You can send Bob a get well card at:

Bob Geigel
3204 Oakcrest Dr.
Kansa City, MO 64151

It would really help Bob to hear from all of us in the wrestling community! Also if you want to post something on THE CAC site they are sure that he would like it!


Taiji Ishimori Announced as a Trainer for the 2014 WLW/WWE/NOAH/New Japan Camp – Wrestlers Sign Up Today


August 11, 2014 – Troy, MO -

World League Wrestling is pleased to announce its newest trainer for the 2014 Harley Race Wrestling Camp – Taiji Ishimori! Mr. Ishimori will be joining the training camp Wednesday November 12 and November 13 and will be attending on behalf of Pro-Wrestling NOAH.

The relationship between Pro-Wrestling NOAH and Harley Race/World League Wrestling dates back nearly 15 years. When the relationship was first started, the creator of NOAH, Mitsuharu Misawa, attended the camp himself in order to show the world that he was looking forward to building a solid relationship with the 8-Time NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion. Since then, Pro-Wrestling NOAH has attended this week-long camp choosing several wrestlers to live in Tokyo, Japan and train in the world-renowned Pro-Wrestling NOAH dojo. Wrestlers include Trevor Murdock, Superstar Steve, Ted DiBiase, Ricky Steamboat Jr., Brian Breaker, Keith Walker, Matt Murphy, Leland Race, Jon Webb, Ace Steel, and many more! Now, Pro-Wrestling NOAH is sending one of their top stars to attend this year’s training camp to seek out new talent for the top-rated wrestling promotion.

Taiji Ishimori has wrestled across the globe, making a name for himself not only as a sound technical wrestler, but also as a wrestler that can do incredible maneuvers. His abilities has led to him winning championships both in singles competition as well as tag-team competitions. Currently, he is one-half of the GHC Tag-Team Champions for Pro-Wrestling NOAH.

His tenure in Pro-Wrestling NOAH has elevated his value, making him one of the highly-sought out wrestlers to bring excitement to the ring. With just over 12 years of experience, Ishimori has also held championships in Pro-Wrestling NOAH as well as AAA, based in Mexico.

Ishimori will be attending the week-long training camp sponsored by Harley Race in November of 2014. Last year, Ishimori attended this camp on behalf of Pro-Wrestling NOAH and received rave reviews. His attention to detail and willingness to work hands-on with talent is something that helped many of the participants last year, and will again help out this year. Mr. Ishimori joins the list of instructors including Dr. Tom Prichard and “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton!

For more information for this year’s camp, please visit http://www.harleyrace.com/2014Camp.html. Sign up forms are available online, as well as available for download. Cost for the camp is $500.00 and spots are limited. More guest trainers will be announced in the forth-coming weeks!




Breaker And Bayn’s Power Hour Part 2 With Trevor Murdoch


Pro-Wrestler Brian Breaker and Hip Hop Artist Bayn bring there unique opinions together to discuss Pro Wrestling, Movies, Music, Conspiracies, Celebrity Gossip, and happenings of everyday life.

Friends since the junior high/middle school days both Breaker and Bayn have traveled much different paths to get where they are with their career. Now you can listen to their unique views on a multitude of topics with “Breaker and Bayn’s Power Hour” (available on iTunes) BY CLICKING HERE

You can reach them on twitter Brian Breaker-@TravenWWE


And the new podcast has a twitter @BBPH918

Now all that’s left to do is get a monster, crack that bad boy open and listen to the most energizing podcast in the world of podcasting!


Herb Simmons and Paul Orndorff Special Guest on Brothers on Whatever


BIG TIME SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! !!! THIS FRIDAY IN STUDIO!!!! Herb Simmons, future hall of fame wrestling promoter brings to the studio MR . WONDERFUL Paul Orndorff.

They will both be in East Carondelet August 16th for SICW wrestling at its finest http://www.sicw.org/

2nd Hour would you believe JOHNNY DEPP?Would he be so kind as to do CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW for us?

Guess you should tune in at 6-8pm Friday CBS 920am or stream live at insidestl.com. You can even get the app at playstore CBS Sports 920am.This show will be HUUUUUUUUGE!!!

8/16/2014 – SICW East Carondelet Illinois 823 State St East Carondelet. Il 62240 – Doors at 7 PM; Bell Time at 8 PM 618-286-4848


WLW Returns to Richmond, MO Aug 16 -What Will Jon Webb Do? Plus Bobby Eaton,LeLand Race, Ladies Best of Five Starts


Missouri Wrestling Revival.com welcomes you to come out for the huge WLW Return this coming Saturday night as the special guest will be one half of the greatest tag team wrestlers in the world, Bobby Eaton will be in the house plus the first match of the Best of Five series between two of the top female wrestlers in the country, the WLW Ladies Champion “Miss Natural” Heather Patera vs Stacey O’Brien.

Also the WLW Return of Jon Webb from Japans Pro Wrestling NOAH. Let us take a moment to hear from Webb’s High Level Enterprise’s tag team partner Jack Gamble and the members of the Black Hand Warriors.

On August 16th Jon Webb has a big decision to make! No one ever sees the bigger picture……..
Elvis Aliaga, Dave Delorean, Michael Magnuson, and I will be wating..


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