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Dynamo Pro Wrestling Returns to the Stratford Bar and Grill on May 3rd

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 24, 2014

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Travis Cook calls out Gary Jackson…and Bobby Heenan

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 23, 2014

4/26/2014 – SICW East Carondelet Illinois 823 State St East Carondelet. Il 62240 –$9 Doors at 7 PM Bell Time at 8 PM

5/17/2014 – SICW East Carondelet Illinois 823 State St East Carondelet. Il 62240 –$9 Doors at 7 PM Bell Time at 8 PM


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Wrestlers Fighting to Make a Difference – Stroke Aint No Joke July 12

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 22, 2014

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Pro Wrestling Championship Series “Series Insider” Episode 1

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 22, 2014

The debut episode of “Series Insider” features: a brief explanation on the formation and rules of the Pro Wrestling Championship Series, a sit-down interview with Ego Busters General Manager Greg Jovi, and the story of Steven Kennedy’s return.

PLUS a story so breaking, it delayed the show’s launch and Jay Beaman changes shirts! Trust us, you don’t want to miss this, a multi-time heavyweight champion is joining the league on May 31st at “Stage One.”

Pro wrestling returns to Granite City with a bang when Pro Wrestling Championship Series presents its debut event, “Stage One” live from the Tri-City YMCA in Granite City, IL on May 31!

The Pro Wrestling Championship Series is an all new promotion with a large focus on factions and teams of wrestlers. Each win/loss in a PWCS contest will count towards that faction’s overall record. At the end of the 2014 season, PWCS will hold its “Championship Spectacular,” in which the main event will feature the two factions with the best records squaring off in a huge elimination contest to crown the 2014 PWCS Champions!

Our inaugural card “Stage One” is set to be a huge night of action that will set the bar high for future PWCS events! Tickets will be $12 the night of the event, but you can reserve your tickets now for only $10 via Facebook message or by email at PWCSWrestling@gmail.com so reserve your’s today!

*****Stage One*****

Gary Jay (Ego Busters) vs. Steven Kennedy (The Resurgence)

Jordan Lacey (Ego Busters) vs. Bolt Brady (The Resurgence)

Dan Walsh (Ego Busters) vs. Billy McNeil (The Resurgence)

Free Agent Showcase Match:
Ricky Starks (Free Agent) vs. Jordynne Grace (Free Agent)

Christian Rose & Outtkast (The Blacklist) vs. Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gellistico (Team Anarchy)

JoJo Bravo ( Blacklist) vs. Mat Fitchett (Team Anarchy)

Main Event:
Makaze (The Blacklist) vs. Danny Cannon (Team Anarchy)

*Card Subject To Change*

Before and after the event be sure to check out our official sponsor the River’s Edge Sports bar and grill! Before the event stop in for great daily food and drink specials. After the event, make sure to visit the River’s Edge Sports Bar & Grill for the OFFICIAL PWCS AFTER PARTY! The River’s Edge Sports Bar & Grill is literally less than a minute down the road from the event venue so let’s pack the bar for the official after party were there will be cold beer, delicious food, and good times with the PWCS athletes!

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New MMWA Tag Team Champions Jackson Whitechapel & Sean Orleans

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 22, 2014

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Steven Kennedy Responds to Gary Jay [PWCS]

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 21, 2014

Resurgence captain Steven Kennedy responds to comments from Ego Buster Gary Jay regarding their match at PWCS “Stage One” on May 31st. Stay tuned later this week for the debut of the “Series Insider,” plus the full-length Steven Kennedy interview!

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Stag Beer Presents Dynamo Pro Wrestling This Tuesday at Off Broadway

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 21, 2014

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3xwrestling Outside The Ring May 2014 Edition A New Look

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 20, 2014

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On this month Outside The Ring. Highlights from Gage Octane vs Jeremy Wyatt, Tony Sly vs Zach Thompson, Maddog Mcdowell vs Jon West, Jimmy Rockwell vs The Mauler and Sexy and Smooth vs Rage Brigade.

Plus hear from the 3xw superstars on the gauntlet for the gold.
the 30 man over the top battle royal where the winner receives a shot at the 3xw heavyweight title.

Disclaimer it was decided after the show to use our new graphics for green screen use. Next following months that technology will improve.


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Introducing The Global Wrestling Federation

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 19, 2014

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The Global Wrestling Federation offers the best in ring entertainment available and are bringing the best performers from all over to compete in front of the best fans in the world amid the great spectacle in the squared circle for glory, fame and gold of the new juggernaut of Sports Entertainment. Don’t miss a single moment of the history in the making that is the GWF.

Keep up with GWF visit our website at www.gwfent.com and follow us on twitter @gwfent

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SLA Gateway to Anarchy 2014 Second Double Shot Recap from David McCutcheon

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 19, 2014

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By David McCutcheon

St. Louis Anarchy’s biggest event ever—the two-night Gateway to Anarchy 2014 extravaganza—continued on March 1, 2014 in Alton, Illinois with a main event that has been a long time coming. After winning the Medallion Tournament back in September 2012, Kyle O’Reilly cashed in his opportunity for the main prize on his birthday. A match-up nearly two years in the making, O’Reilly made the trek through the bad weather—along with the Anarchy loyalists—to receive the biggest trial of his Anarchy career.


Also on the card were the newest arrivals to St. Louis Anarchy in Roderick Strong and Nick Jackson, both coming off of victorious matches against their opponents from the first night of festivities. This was a solid first impression, but could they keep the ball rolling on Night 2 against Davey Vega and the Hooligans, respectively?


Zakk Sawyers d. Evan Gelistico via pinfall

Quickly the fan favorite (especially when in the ring with the likes of Evan Gelistico), Zakk Sawyers comes in fresh off of his loss to the injured Danny Cannon from the previous night. The boorish Gelistico had the upper-hand throughout the fight, grounded Sawyers with a series of submission locks to knock the wind out of his sails. Things quickly turned on the upswing for Sawyers, who kicked on the boosters to send Gelistico on a losing streak with a Blue Thunder Bomb.


Jeremy Wyatt (with Greg Jovi and Jacob Dangle) d. Mat Fitchett via pinfall

Jeremy Wyatt is no slouch when it comes to antagonizing the crowd, as proven by his ring entrances alone. Birthday boy Mat Fitchett sprang out with Mardi Gras beads to dispense amongst the Anarchy faithful prior to the start, where Wyatt quickly grounded the high-flying party animal with a series of knee strikes. Eliminating the legs of a wrestler like Fitchett certainly makes it an uphill battle, and the contest showed exactly that. Fitchett got back on his feet for a portion of the bout, but his leg-based offense hurt himself as much as it hurt Wyatt. Right as Fitchett finally had the advantage, Gerald James caused a distraction leading to a Lightning Spiral by Wyatt for the pinfall victory.


Alexander Rudolph—formerly known as Alex the Big Owl—came out to a hot reaction from the crowd and let everyone know that the deception from Jordan Lacey and Jacob Dangle—his former tag team partner and manager, respectively—have led to the death of the Big Owl. In its wake is the Viking, who likes getting violent and a little weird. Dan Walsh and Lacey hit the ring to a chorus of boos as they laid into Rudolph, but Adam Raw quickly made the save. A brawl around the venue ensued, including Raw getting busted open by a chair shot to the head. Ever the wily veteran, the sight of his own blood only made Raw more aggressive as he and Rudolph—now voluntarily covered in Raw’s blood—cleared house

while basking in their crimson masks. Things certainly got violent and a little weird, and the bad guys retreated to safety.

Davey Vega d. Roderick Strong via pinfall

Both competitors were well received by the fans in attendance, as many expected a fierce wrestling contest. The duo did not disappoint, with many chops delivered, various suplexes landed, and some spectacular near-falls. Roderick Strong kept Davey Vega grounded with his patented submission holds, even cinching in the Stronghold at one point before an instinctive rope break. In one of the most shocking upset victories in recent Anarchy history, Vega got the win with an Air Crash Raid to the recently-recovered neck of Strong. With Vega pinning the world class wrestler who cleanly defeated the champion Gary Jay a night prior, one has to think that Vega just moved up the food chain in St. Louis Anarchy.

Brandon Espinosa d. Blake Steel via pinfall

The rough-and-tumble Blake Steel came out with a bad attitude, and it was about to get much worse as Brandon Espinosa antagonized the bearded bruiser with his usual playful antics. Butt slaps and lip smacks were in full effect as the witty Espy used his arsenal—Bronco Buster included—to best the burly brawler Steel before polishing him off with a frog splash. Espinosa is another wrestler on the Anarchy roster who can’t seem to do wrong as of late, picking up steam and climbing the totem role. It’s only a matter of time before Espy gets his just dues in the land of Anarchy.

The Hooligans (Mason and Devin Cutter) d. Nick Jackson & ACH via pinfall

Fresh off of his victory with tag team partner Johnny Gargano the night before, Nick Jackson looked to take flight with possibly the most beloved singles wrestler in the Anarchy territory, ACH. The Hooligans are arguably the premiere tag team in the Midwest, and looked to open the eyes of one half of the Young Bucks. The match superkicked off with a superkick party cut abruptly short, as miscommunication quickly set in between Jackson and ACH. The Hooligans roughed up ACH while Jackson waited in the corner. Once the tag was made, the tides turned with greater force than the Hooligans’ flips. Devin begged his brother to make the tag from the apron as Jackson and ACH began clicking on all cylinders, making frequent tags and utilizing their similar styles to double team Mason in their territory. Chaos ensued on the hot tag, with ACH’s Show Me Your Moves cutter connecting on Devin Cutter, but it was the Hooligans who took control of the match with the Young Buck on the sidelines. With the Hooligans’ devastating wheelbarrow/spike DDT maneuver to ACH’s dome, the excellent match was over. Jackson wasn’t pleased with the outcome, but showed sportsmanship to all involved. Could the Young Bucks seek revenge of the Hooligans?

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