Missouri Wrestling Revival fans speak out. MWR 500TH POST !!!

 Who is the most exciting Champion in the Midwest?

Who is the best tag team in the Midwest

Will Jeremy Wyatt repeat as MWR Wrestler of the Year for 2010

Will the Northstar Express (Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz) repeat as MWR Tag team of the year for 2010.

Will Stacey O’Brien repeat as the MWR Female wrestler of the year for 2010

The state of talent in Midwest wrestling IS

What is the biggest problem troubling Midwest wrestling?

What do you fee is the most important tactics for promoters to reach their fans?

Do you enjoy women wrestling?

Who is the best manager in the Midwest?

How often to you attend a indy show?

What is the best promotion in the Midwest?

15 thoughts on “Missouri Wrestling Revival fans speak out. MWR 500TH POST !!!

  1. There is no better mat man in the midwest than Edmund “Livewire” McGuire. Shawn Schultz, he’s comin’ fo yo ass!!!

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  5. How did Dynamo get 123 votes in two days? Not to mention how does Dynamo have three times the votes as the do attendance?

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