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Join together to help Mike Sydal become the PWI 2009 Rookie of the Year

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 29, 2009


Die flyin' or die tryin'.(Photo Credit Mike Sydals MySpace)

Join together to help Mike Sydal become the PWI 2009  Rookie of the Year

Missouri Wrestling Revival it is time to support one of our own. In the newest edition of Pro Wrestling Illustrated they are now taking votes for their annual awards and who is up for the Rookie of the Year?

None other than Mike Sydal!! One of the Hottest Wrestlers in the MWR Coverage area. If you have you been to any of the MWR promotions there is no doubt you have seen this rising star in action.

Yes, he is Evan Bourne’s brother but in a very short time he has made a name for himself. Sure he has been winning titles recently but its not the win loss record that counts it is the sheer entertainment that he brings to the show.

Charisma –check
Skills – Check
Versatile –check
Tag team – check
Singles – check
Work ethic –check

It is amazing how good Mike Sydal is in his short time of wrestling and he is only going to get better my friends. Let’s do our best to immortalize him in the history books.

Regardless if he selected as the PWI Rookie of the Year, we are very proud of Mike Sydal.

To vote for Mike as the PWI Rookie of the Year “Unofficial Officials,”Top’s and predictions to pwiawards@yahoo.com. Ballots are due December 1,2009


To check out the PWI website click here .

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