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New MMWA-SICW Champion – Dave Vaughn

Dave Vaughn’s hand is raised (Photo credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Last night history was made when Dave Vaughn reached his goal to become the MMWA-SICW Championship by defeating Champion Phil E Blunt and Gary Jackson in a triple threat match.

No rest for the wicked, later that night he would successfully defend the championship against one of the hottest wrestlers today Blade.

Look for a recap of this show soon at MWR.

AAPW Fans Choice Show January 16-Former TNA Andy Douglas VS former WWE’S Kevin Thorn

Saturday, January 16th in Nashville, IL. at the Nashville Community Center, AAPW and the Nashville Moose Lodge present the 2nd annual FAN’S CHOICE SHOW! AAPW fan’s picked the talent for the card and the matches!

Edmund “Livewire” McGuire has his first title defense as AAPW Champion against the 450 pound Mississippi Madman!

The Submission Squad challenge Rage for the tag team titles!

“Bloody” Harker Dirge makes his debut in AAPW against the returning “Marvelous” Mitch Ryder!

Curly and “Serial Thriller” Shane Rich take on Old School Thunder!

And in a feature bout, “Andy Douglas V. Kevin Thorn!!!

Advance tickets for this event are on sale now by contacting the Nashville Moose Lodge or online at