Introducing Angelus Layne

Angelus Layne stands up for herself against the talented Amy Hennig(Photot Credit Bill Smith)

This past year at MWR we presented MsChif with the 2009 MWR Female Wrestler of the Year plaque. After the article we wanted to see who the fans felt was the most deserving female wrestler at this point of the year in 2010. One name that was on the ballot was Angelus Layne.

A relatively unknown wrestler Angelus has been seen at Pro Wrestling Phoenix taking on all challengers including men to get her name out there. MWR fans may recall that she debuted earlier in the year at World League Wrestling against Amy Hennig.

Is she a front runner for the MWR female of the year in 2010? Most likely not, but Angelus is gaining momentum and experience to make an impact in the near future