The lost MWR Matt Murphy interview.

Earlier this summer, I was able to interview the Metro Pro Wrestling commissioner Matt Murphy after a great show in Lawrence Kansas. I got home and downloaded the video along with several others and for some reason it wouldn’t download. I swear I spent hours working on getting it on my computer trying to get his interview to work. With no luck and irritation I had to give up.

So I finally gave in went and got a new computer. This week I was going through my old computer and lo and behold what did I find? A portion of that interview, though the quality was near awful I was able to salvage a good portion of it.

MWR Readers I am happy to present you with an interview with the best kept secret in the Midwest Matt Murphy.

Fans you will not want to miss an opportunity to check out Matt Murphy and Metro Pro Wrestling this Saturday in Kansas City.


9) Money Makin Jam Boyz (The Mississippi Madman and KC Jackson)


They have been three times the AAPW and are currently the IWAP tag team champs Their opponents have to deal with the power of the Mississippi Madman and the speed of KC Jackson. The Jam Boyz cause fits for their opponents throughout the match with that difficult combination. This team could very well be higher if the Madman was not such a threat in singles competition winning both the AAPW and PWE titles.

As AAPW moves into the fall they will be featured on ABC affiliate WSIL-TV 3 starting off with a match between Shane Rich and Greg Anthony .

Is a fourth title AAPW title reign in the Money Makin Jam Boyz future ?