3) The Gentleman’s Club (Devin Carter , Casanova , Mark Sterling and Gage Octane)


Various incarnations of the Gentlemen’s Club competed in 3XWrestling from Nov 2007 – December 2010, but regardless of the members, their overall impact cannot be denied. The Gentlemen’s Club was undoubtedly the most evil force in the history of 3XW, and their legacy lives on today in the 11-member supergroup Genesis. From 2007-late 2009, the Gentlemen’s Club consisted of the extraordinary team of Gage Octane and Mark Sterling, who held the 3XW Tag Team titles for 11 months after ending the record 20-month reign of the Northstar Express.

Sterling and Octane had excellent battles with The Northstar Express and The High Flyers (Mike Sydal & Zach Thompson). Octane and Sterling maximized their awesome in-ring ability with the managerial assistance of 3XW Commissioner Todd Countryman and together their formed a destructive combination.