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SLA This Friday in Alton, Illinois – Anarchy vs. BOSS


We all know the main event will be a battle of Anarchy’s Mat Fitchett vs. BOSS member and SLA champion Gary Jay. However we will also see three more BOSS vs. SLA match ups. Here is a small insight on each of the match ups that will take place.

 photo sla2_zps25824fa5.jpg

Christian Rose vs. Davey Vega: They call him the “Ace of Anarchy” for a reason and the reason is he has been the most successful wrestler in SLA since its first show. While not a champion in SLA the Vega has accomplished a laundry list of things.

– Tapped out Davey Richards at Yuletide Terror 2012

– Won a best of three series vs. ACH

– Pin Fall victories over Johnny Gargano, Kyle O’ Reilly and Roderick Strong

– Defeated Chris Hero at the #STACKED event

You can call this Christian Rose second run in SLA. Rose started out strong in SLA picking up wins in his first couple of matches. Rose went to a time limit draw with Dingo at the War of Attrition event and then seemed to just fall off the radar in SLA. During his time away from SLA Rose made waves in other promotions across the mid-west picking up wins against top talents along the way.

Rose is a perfect fit for the SLA roster but he felt disrespected by not being used for the stretch of time he was away and for that reason he joined the BOSS faction. Rose now looks to knock off SLAs “ACE” at one of its biggest events of the year.

 photo sla3_zps2a8cfc7e.jpg

Double Dog Collar Match: Dan Walsh/Jordan Lacey vs. Adam Raw/Alexander Rudolph: While you will see some of the best hold for hold wrestling and high flying wrestling at this year’s Circus Maximus you most likely will not see any holds in this match. This match is very personal. Dan Walsh is no stranger to blood and street fights at Circus Maximus as he has battled in two very bloody battles at this event. Adam Raw known for his amazing striking also is not afraid to make someone bleed and truth be told he is not afraid to bleed himself.

Walsh makes no bones about the fact that he feels like SLA does not respect him or what he put his body through during his time as SLA champion. That was his reason for joining the BOSS stable. The personal side of this feud lies with Alex Rudolph and Jordan Lacey. What was known as a fun loving tag team Lacey and Alex were climbing the ranks of the SLA tag team division. They had a coming out party when they took The Hooligans to the limit at a past event. Just as quickly as they were rising it was over as Lacey turned on Alex during Gateway to Anarchy weekend and joined the BOSS stable.

Lacey never really gave a reason to why he turned his back on his partner. All he has been quoted as saying is that his days of dancing and being the butt of the jokes are over. That no one will get a laugh at his expense anymore and he has found a group that respects him. Blood will pour in this one folks that is for sure.

 photo sla1_zps1d246a06.jpg

Kyle O’ Reilly vs. Jeremy Wyatt: Jeremy Wyatt is a founder of BOSS. Wyatt hates the SLA fans and to be brutally honest is not a fan at all of SLA management. Wyatt is a former LWA (now SLA) champion and during that time many fans say he was the best champion in the history of the LWA. When SLA began Wyatt was not booked on the first event and would not be seen in SLA for its first year. After making his SLA debut in a losing effort Wyatt would be gone again for a long time being told simply that there was nothing for him. Wyatt would be brought back again at Yuletide Terror and this time he would make sure that there was something for him as he would help Gary Jay retain the SLA championship in the main event. Wyatt, Gary Jay and Dorian Victor left Yuletide Terror with the title and we would later learn that BOSS would be made up of others feel disrespected by SLA.

Kyle O’ Reilly is pound for pound one of the best pro wrestlers in the world. He mixes submission wrestling with amazing striking and it has made him very successful in the world of pro wrestling and has also given him a very solid win/loss record in SLA. O’ Reilly is no stranger to BOSS either as he was jumped by them after a match with Christian Rose and his championship match with Gary Jay night two of Gateway to Anarchy weekend was an instant classic. Kyle will look to knock off Wyatt and work his way back into the title picture while Wyatt will look to take out someone the SLA fans love to watch. This match could very well steal the show folks so make sure you are live to witness it.


Ooh, Yeah! – Canvas 2 Canvas with Rob Schamberger

Published on Jul 21, 2014

This week, Artist Rob Schamberger uses water colors to create an awesome painting of “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

Want to own a piece of WWE art? Visit or

Also check out Rob on YouTube –…


Ox Baker this Saturday at SICW in East Carondelet, Illinois

 photo oxbaker_zps290a30d4.jpg

Hot from the desk of SICW Promoter Herb Simmons.

The fans of the SICW are always being treated to surprises and come Saturday July 26th at the East Carondelet Community Center they will once again be receiving yet another visit from one of the legends. Simmons just released that he and the “Master of the Heart PunchOx Baker has just made the arrangement for OX to appear on July 26th. Ox worked for SICW in the 80’s and 90’s and has been known around the globe for the famous “Heart Punch” that he used to defeated his challengers. Not only was he a big star in the wrestling ring, he had his role in the movie, “Escape From New York” where he co-starred with Kurt Russell.

Ox and the late Bruiser Brody had a long running feud in the 80’s that came to an all out battle at the Fairmont Park race track back in 1987. Ox is out touring and has been hearing from some of the other legends that have appeared in the SICW about the great fans and local talent we have in our dressing room, and when he contacted Simmons it didn’t take long for them to complete the deal. Ox remembered how I did business back in the day Simmons stated, and said the boys are still talking about the great reputation the SICW has when it comes to doing wrestling like it was done in the past. This was also witnessed by special guest Jim Cornette, he enjoyed it so much he wrote an article about the SICW.

For tickets call 618-286-4848.

Message from SICW Promoter Herb Simmons

SICW- This Saturday July 26th make plans to join us as we present Larry Matysik with this plaque from the Hall of Fame Ceremony that he wasn’t able to attend. We are also planning on playing the video that we took to Waterloo, Iowa that was produced to thank them for the honor given to Larry. A huge night planned with Ox Baker in the house, Championship on the line as Champion Ironman Kasa defends the title against young Heath Hatton, and yes it appears Travis Cook will be in the Ironman’s corner, Ricky Cruz squares off against Daniel Eads, and the debut of Red River Jake with legendary Manager Big Daddy. For information on tickets call 618-286-4848

Adults $11.00
Children 12 and Under $5.00


Devyn Nicole- A Rising Star in the Ring and on the Gridiron

Editors Note: This was written for Ring Sirens magazine a couple of months ago before they decided to call it quits. I have had it in the drafts since then but the news comes so fast I have not had time to post it. This past Thursday in Troy Missouri, Miss Natural Heather Patera defeated Devyn Nicole for the WLW Ladies Champion for the 7th time.

Congrats to Miss Natural on her victory, but please take the time enjoy this article on one of the top female stars in the country, Devyn Nicole.



Pro Wrestling has a rich history of wrestlers that excelled in Pro Football. Wrestling greats such as Leo Nomellini, Wahoo McDaniel, Ernie Ladd, Big Van Vader, Ron Simmons Dick the Bruiser and Bronco Nagurski are many of the greats in the past that have thrilled fans in the past.

 photo 6_zps990289b6.jpg

For the first time , you can add a female to that illustrious list of athletes that can boast success in both sports. That’s right, the current AIWF and WLW Ladies Champion Devyn Nicole has burst onto the scene in less than a year to become a Champion with victories over Mia Svensson and the 2-time Missouri Wrestling Revival Female Wrestler of the Year Stacey O’Brien and now has her eyes set on become a champion in the Legends Football League (formally known as the Lingerie Football League) with the Atlanta Steam. The LFL is a women’s 7-on-7 tackle American football league, with games played in the spring and summer at NBA, NFL, NHL and MLS arenas and stadiums.

Trained by former WWE and WCW Superstar Curtis Hughes at the WWA4 Professional Wrestling School, Nicole has shown that she is a quick learner, and one that she is not afraid of no one in her quest to be the best. During her short career she has been to war with Amber O’Neil, Tiffany Roxx, Miss Natural “Heather Patera, Jordynne Grace and Melanie Cruise.

Wrestling fans be sure to keep an eye the rise of one Devyn Nicole as she is on the verge of Superstardom that combines talent and beauty to be a two sport phenomenon.

sla 2

SLA July 25th Michael Elgin vs. JoJo Bravo

sla 2

The last time these two men faced off was a coming out party for Jo Jo Bravo. Even though he was pinned for the three count, Bravo showed the Anarchy fans that he belonged in the ring with a person of Elgin’s skill level. Not only does he belong but he could have very easily won that match. However that was not in the cards that night as Bravo fell to Elgin.

What happened after the match though is the real story and is why Bravo demanded to face Elgin, when Elgin was able to come back to SLA. Elgin offered his hand to Bravo as a sign of respect for a fight well fought and when Bravo accepted his offer for respect he was attacked by Elgin. Elgin brutalized Bravo and left him lying in the middle of the ring. Elgin never said why he did this and to this day he has not given a reason for his actions. Never the less Bravo is not looking for an apology but is now looking for a fight and he will get in on July 25th.

However a few weeks ago in Nashville TN this match got a little more interesting as Michael Elgin won the Ring of Honor world title. Now while Bravo respects the fact that Elgin is the ROH champion that does not change what he wants to do to Elgin after the way he was treated by the current ROH champion.

Pierre Abernathy shared Sla Prowrestling’s photo.

sla July


RingSyders: “The Iceman” Howard Moritz


The 43rd edition of RingSyders on MWR is available now.  Ben Simon and Drew Abbenhaus will host big action.



For the first time, Modern Championship Wrestling is profiled as they get ready for a double-header weekend on the West Side of Missouri.  The Iceman talks about the benefit card on 7/19 in Chillicothe and his opponent that night, Ricky Cruz.

Also, Ben and Drew recap the tremendous MMWA and Dynamo Pro events from the weekend.  Stroke indeed was no joke, and there are new bosses for South Broadway wrestling.

pwp july

PWP Presents: Battle of the Phoenix ’14 – July 26th in Council Bluffs, IA

pwp july

Ladies & Gentlemen, Pro Wrestling Phoenix is on a roll in 2014, and the action won’t slow down! We’re keeping things rolling with our HUGE summer event, BATTLE OF THE PHOENIX, on July 26th!

A tradition in PWP, Battle of the Phoenix this year is absolutely stacked! Let’s take a look at what’s in store!

The Phoenix Challenge has been a major PWP tradition since 2007, and the 2014 edition is sure to be incredible! A 20 man over the top rope gauntlet-style battle royal! The goal is to throw your opponents over the top rope, and the last man standing will get a shot at the PWP Heavyweight Championship on August 23rd! This match is a HUGE opportunity for so many members of the PWP roster, anyone could win and receive that title shot! Don’t miss it!

Branden Juarez will defend The PWP Heavyweight Championship!

Branden Juarez barely escaped with the championship in June after facing Derek Cornell, many say he can thank “The Omaha Chainsaw” Stephen King for that. However, he IS still the champion and he is telling anyone who will listen that it doesn’t matter who gets in his way, he will mow down the competition, and continue to prove why he refuses to be ignored!

PWP Tag Team Championship: Jeremy Wyatt & Mark Sterling vs. Matty Star & Ryan Slade!

PWP has been re-inventing Tag Team wrestling in the Midwest with teams like Hype Gotti & Abu Colossus, and the current champions, Jeremy Wyatt & Mark Sterling. Now a new team has formed after a shocking alliance earlier this year. Matty Star & Ryan Slade, once hated enemies, will team up in an attempt to win the PWP Tag Team Championship. Tempers flared last month after Wyatt & Sterling showed their true colors and cheated to beat Hype & Abu, and Matty is known for speaking out against that kind of debauchery. This match features four of the best wrestlers in the entire Midwest, and has the potential to go down in history! Be there!

Hype Gotti & Abu Colossus vs. “AC/DC” “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon & Darin Corbin!

As if one tag team contest wasn’t enough, PWP proudly presents another bout that has the potential to be one of the best Tag Team matches in company history! Cannon & Corbin return to PWP after having a tremendous fight earlier this year, and now they team up to face Hype & Abu, a team who proudly defended the PWP Team Team Championship all year long until Wyatt & Sterling dethroned them! What Hype & Abu really want is a title rematch, and winning this fight could be the key to that. However, if AC/DC wins, they could be in line for a title shot! Two huge tag team matches on July 26th!!

NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH: “The Omaha Chainsaw” Stephen King vs. Derek Cornell!

Derek Cornell might have had the PWP Heavyweight Championship in his grasp in June, until “The Omaha Chainsaw” interfered and cost him the match. Afterwards, the two men brawled in and out of the ring, all over the armory! Now, King’s obsession to be a thorn in the side of Cornell might come back to haunt him, as its NO HOLDS BARRED! Any maneuver can be used, any hold can be applied, and the match only ends when someone is pinned, submits, or passes out! It’s going to be wild!

Darren “Thunder” Russell vs. “Showtime” Bradley Charles!

Darren “Thunder” Russell has been on a roll lately; first destroying the Greece Pit, then last month defeated Geek Singh, delivering him his first loss in PWP! “Showtime” Bradley Charles has been struggling to regain his spot at the top, but the former PWP Champion did get a big win over Ryan Slade in June. However, further review of the footage revealed that SBC pulled the tights for illegal extra leverage to get the pin! Regardless, he now moves on to face the fan favorite Russell! This could be Russell’s biggest challenge to date; can he defeat a former PWP champion? Or is Russell just a stepping stone for SBC on his way back to the top? Be there to find out!

Also in action: “Babyface” Tony Cortez, “The Passion” Zac James, Mad Dog McDowell, Geek Singh, Leslie Ray w/ “Manager Supreme” Axel Greece & many more!

PWP Proudly presents Battle Of The Phoenix ‘14! We can’t wait to see all of our great fans on July 26th!!!!

Saturday July 26, 2014

National Guard Armory
2415 E. Kanesville Blvd.
Council Bluffs, IA

Doors open at 6:30 PM
Bell time at 7:00 PM

All seats just $10!!

Tickets available via Paypal at our official website, in person at CD Tradepost on 84th & Giles in Omaha, or at the door the day of the event.
YouTube – just search Pro Wrestling Phoenix!!


The Belt Collector Jeremy Wyatt Strikes Again to Regain the 3XW Championship for the 5th Time

Jeremy Wyatt continues to be one of the top wrestlers in the world today. This past weekend he won his 5th 3XW Championship by winning a triple threat match with Champion Tony Sly and Gage Octane in Des Moines, Iowa then traveled to St. Louis for Stroke Aint No Joke to defend his Pro Wrestling Phoenix Tag Team Championship with Mark Sterling to defeat the reunited tag team of BABEWATCH. Wyatt is currently the Metro Pro Wrestling Champion as well.

Jeremy Wyatt will defend his 3XW Championship against former champ Tony Sly on September 13th!!

3xw 4

3XW – Clobberpalooza Classic VI – Saturday September 13th, 2014

Saturday September 13th, 2014

Papa Toad’s
100 S Vine Street
Hartford, Iowa

Bell time is 7:30 pm


3XW Heavyweight championship
“Intellectual Punk” Tony Sly vs. “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt (c)

3XW Tag Team championship
Maddog McDowell & JD Riggs vs. Inked Aggression – “The Tattooed Technician” Levi McDaniel & Abu Colossus (c)

3XW Pure Wrestling championship
Brady A. Dezire vs. “The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson

Singles match
Geek Singh vs. “Showtime” Bradley Charles

Singles match
Cuco Santiago vs. “The Right Price” Aaron Masterson

Singles match
Hype Gotti vs. Derek Cornell

Also in action: Jimmy Rockwell, Devin Carter & more!

*Card subject to change

Ticket info will be available soon.

Rings & Cages FINAL

Rings and Cages the Official Training Center of Metro Pro Wrestling

Rings & Cages FINAL

Rings and Cages Training Center is proud to announce we will be the official training center for Metro Pro Wrestling. We will be opening in our temporary location while the building next door is finished and then will have a grand opening.

Thank you all that have been patient!!


Tel: 913-669-8582

Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri 7am – 10pm cst

Sat – Sun 8am – 8pm cst

Please leave a detailed voice message if we do not answer.