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The Belt Collector Jeremy Wyatt Strikes Again to Regain the 3XW Championship for the 5th Time

Jeremy Wyatt continues to be one of the top wrestlers in the world today. This past weekend he won his 5th 3XW Championship by winning a triple threat match with Champion Tony Sly and Gage Octane in Des Moines, Iowa then traveled to St. Louis for Stroke Aint No Joke to defend his Pro Wrestling Phoenix Tag Team Championship with Mark Sterling to defeat the reunited tag team of BABEWATCH. Wyatt is currently the Metro Pro Wrestling Champion as well.

Jeremy Wyatt will defend his 3XW Championship against former champ Tony Sly on September 13th!!

3xw 4

3XW – Clobberpalooza Classic VI – Saturday September 13th, 2014

Saturday September 13th, 2014

Papa Toad’s
100 S Vine Street
Hartford, Iowa

Bell time is 7:30 pm


3XW Heavyweight championship
“Intellectual Punk” Tony Sly vs. “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt (c)

3XW Tag Team championship
Maddog McDowell & JD Riggs vs. Inked Aggression – “The Tattooed Technician” Levi McDaniel & Abu Colossus (c)

3XW Pure Wrestling championship
Brady A. Dezire vs. “The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson

Singles match
Geek Singh vs. “Showtime” Bradley Charles

Singles match
Cuco Santiago vs. “The Right Price” Aaron Masterson

Singles match
Hype Gotti vs. Derek Cornell

Also in action: Jimmy Rockwell, Devin Carter & more!

*Card subject to change

Ticket info will be available soon.


3XW Outside the Ring – 9 Year Anniversary Edition

3XW Outside the Ring – 9 Year Anniversary Edition
Highlights & interviews previewing what led up to these 9 Year Anniversary event matches:

3XW Heavyweight championship Triple Threat Elimination match – Gage Octane vs. Jeremy Wyatt vs. Tony Sly (c)




Ladder match for the 3XW Pure Wrestling title – Zach Thompson vs. Jimmy Rockwell (c)

Dog Collar match – Maddog McDowell vs. Jon West

3XW Tag Team title match – Levi McDaniel & Abu Colossus vs. Ryan Slade & AJ Smooth (c)

Devin Thomas vs. Stephen King

Hype Gotti vs Mike Sydal

Brady A. Dezire vs. The Mauler

Kraig Keesman vs. Ray Stryker

and much more are featured in this giant sized episode!

3XW – Aaron Masterson Teaches Midnight Guthrie the Art of the Bodyslam

 photo 296293_10151403459266781_1227802156_n_zps757a999c.jpg

“The Right Price” Aaron Masterson and “The Voice of Midwest Wrestling” Midnight Guthrie have been training hard in anticipation of their huge tag team grudge match with the MMA’s Chad Mylan and Emperor Kwong on June 28 for 3XWrestling. Here, Masterson teaches Guthrie how to bodyslam an opponent.

The match, taking place at 3XW’s Downtown Destruction V event on June 28 in Des Moines, will be the first time Guthrie competes in a tag team bout.

This rivalry dates back to early 2013, where Guthrie helped Masterson train for his return to 3XW after a two year hiatus, only to have his nose broken via curbstomp by Kwong on March 1. In recent months, though Masterson remains undefeated in in-ring competition with Kwong, Guthrie has also been whipped with Mylan’s belt, Masterson has dealt with sneak attacks from the MMA, and both have fought with the MMA in a battle royal.

Tickets and more information about the event on June 28 can be found at http://www.3XWrestling.com

#9 ranked in the World “The Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt captures 3XW belt at IRON MAN 2!!

NEW 3XW Champion Jeremy Wyatt!!!!-Photo Credit Brian Kelley

By Brian Kelley

In a weekend full of hype and excitement, there was no other place to be than in Des Moines, Iowa at 3XWrestling. Though Sheamus would defeat Daniel Bryan for a World title, the Big Show would be able to get revenge on Cody Rhodes with the PUNCH to win the Intercontinental Title and CM Punk would retain his title against Chris Jericho but in the Midwest, the big news was that “The Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt claims another title.

In a match that one 3XW fan stated was better than any of the four WRESTLEMANIA’S that he had attended, the 3XW Champion Mark Sterling seemed to have dominated the 60 minutes of furious brutal action. Yet, Wyatt would never give up and was able to show the heart of champion throughout the match as Sterling battered him from one side of the room to the other.

At the end of the night , in the final moments of the match, it would be Wyatt who would once again take claim as the 3XW Champion. This marks the third time that Wyatt has been the 3XW Champion and ending the reign of Sterling who had defeated Wyatt at December 30, 2011  at 3XW Holiday Havoc 3.

This is an actual photo of two fans in the front row that were thrilled that Wyatt was able to regain the title….In a packed house at ALL-PLAY the fans came to their feet out of respect for the hard earned victory from one of the baddest men in the sport today.- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Wyatt who is currently #9 in the WORLD by PWI in the NWA rankings is also the NWA Central States Champion, the NWA Metro Pro Wrestling Champion and the High Voltage Wrestling Champion.

In a match that was once named MWR Match of the Year, Jeremy Wyatt and Michael Strider will meet once again. This time for the NWA Metro Pro Wrestling title this Saturday!! Join MWR for this must see match!!

He now has eyes set this month to go add the AAPW Championship held by Edmund “Livewire” McGuire. The match is set for April 21st and promises to be one that the fans in Southern Illinois will not want to miss.


Look for updates soon at MWR on who Jeremy Wyatt will defend his 3XW title against in April as 3XW will once again welcome Perry Saturn to the Midwest.


Friday night at 3XW- Rematch of the 2011 Match of the Year 3XW Champ Sterling vs. Wyatt


MWR fans around the country was thrilled last year when Jeremy Wyatt and Mark Sterling, two men widely considered to be among the top wrestlers in the Midwest went at it in a classic 60 Min Iron Man match.

When the smoke cleared and 60 min had passed the two men were tied. Fans came to their feet wanting the exciting action to continue, the wrestlers beat and battered did not hesitate to give the fans what they wanted.

After seven more min, Mark Sterling had defeated Wyatt as the fans gave the two a standing ovation.

At the end of the year, Sterling would once again defeat Wyatt, but this time it was with only one pinfal and more importantly for the 3XW Championship.

In less than a week, you can be a part of history as Wyatt and Sterling will deliver to the fans IRON MAN 2!!!! This one is for the 3XW Championship, one of the most prestigious belts in the country.

Don’t you dare miss history in the making and join MWR in Des Moines, Iowa at ALL PLAY to see the rematch that fans have been dying for over a year.

Come early as MWR has teamed up with 3XW to present the first ever MWR match Trading card….And it is FREE to the first 400 fans that purchase a ticket to the show and enter the doors.

The March 2012 edition of 3XWrestling Outside the Ring reviews February’s Des Moines and Grinnell events and previews March’s Des Moines and Ottumwa events. Highlights include the events that led to Jeremy Wyatt and Mark Sterling’s upcoming 60 Min No DQ Iron Man match, the Electric Centaurs 3XW Tag Team title victory and an interview with Perry Saturn. For more info about the full stacked Final Countdown 2 (Des Moines) and Ottumwa live event cards, please visit http://www.3XWrestling.com


Then the very next night 3XW Returns.


Is NWA World Champion Adam Pearce’s “Last Ride” tour about to come to a screeching halt due to “The Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt?

NWA World Champion Adam Pearce’s t-shirt as he makes his world tour.

By Brian Kelley

The prestigious NWA World title returns to where it all began as the NWA World Champion Adam Pearce comes to Des Moines, Iowa on January 27th in action at the 2-time MWR promotion of the Year 3XWrestling.

 Adam Pearce has been the NWA World Champion since July 31st when he won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship for the fourth time by defeating Chance Prophet, Jimmy Rave and Shaun Tempers in a four-way match to win the vacant title.

It’s a shame that Pearce, a veteran of the sport for over 16 years has never received the just do that the man of his talents deserves. While the NWA title and the organization thrived for years under the management of the likes of Sam Muchnick, times have changed and the NWA has seen dark days for the type of wrestling that made me a fan of the sport.

With his years of experience in the ring and a desire to bring back the glory of the NWA World Title Adam Pearce has embarked on what he calls his “Last Ride tour”. 

His last trip to the Midwest was memorable to say the least as he made his way to Kansas City for Metro Pro Wrestling. The Challenger was Michael Strider, the setting a packed house at the Turner Rec Center on November 5th, 2011. 

Steven J Girthy and NWA Central States Champion Jeremy Wyatt make their claim for the NWA World title. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Earlier in the night at Metro Pro Wrestling, Jeremy Wyatt and his manager Steven J Girthy would let the fans know that it was he who deserved a match against Adam Pearce. Bringing to the ring  Wyatt read the hype surrounding him in the year 2011 including the KC Star where they ranked him the #1 wrestler in Kansas City and copies of the MWR article “Does Steven J Girthy have Jeremy Wyatt poised to become the NWA Champion of the World on Nov 5th at Metro Pro Wrestling ?”

Yet, it would be a classic matchup in the main event as  Strider looked to have earned his boyhood dream to become the NWA World Champion when he pinned Pearce as referee  Michael Crase Jr. counted 1-2-3.

The fans were ecstatic to see Michael Strider go for the NWA title in November at Metro Pro Wrestling. (Photo Credit Bill Smith)
Strider look to land the big move that would give the former NWA Central States champion his dream to become the NWA World Champion. (Photo Credit Bill Smith)
Strider the NWA World Champion??? (Photo Credit Bill Smith)
Matt Murphy, then the MPW comish goaded Strider to continue the match due to Pearce’s feet to be supposedly under the ropes. (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

While Strider went to celebrate with his fans and father, out to the ring came MPW commissioner Matt Murphy. Murphy claimed that Pearce’s feet were on the bottom of the ropes as Crase Jr. made the final third count to the mat.

 Murphy on the mic taunted Strider stating that “You don’t want to win the title like that; you want to be a man and win it like a Champion.”

Strider unwisely would make the decision to not take the title that way and agreed to have the match continue. It would be minutes later that Pearce would benefit a little assistance from Murphy when he tripped Strider, allowing Pearce to strike and use a roll up with his feet on the ropes to retain the title.

The next day I would travel to Collinsville, Illinois to cover Ring of Honor where fans came up to me, asking if in fact Michael Strider had become the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion as they had seen on the NWA website, then was deleted as the NWA webmaster caught word of what had occurred.  Unfortunately, I had to deliver the bad news that Pearce along with Murphy had stolen the Worlds Championship from the former NWA Central States Champion Strider.

Little did we know how someone’s missed opportunities would allow Wyatt to get his wish at the NWA world title.

Fast forward to the final show of the year at 3Xrestling on December 30th.  3XWrestling Champion Jeremy Wyatt loses a close match against Mark Sterling after the “Iron Man” used the ringside bell to help Sterling began his first 3XWrestling title reign.

In the locker room, 3XWrestling camera’s captured Todd Countryman offering Sterling the contract. Let’s watch this once more to see how Wyatt and not Sterling received this dream match against the World Champion Adam Pearce.

So mark your calendars, ask for the day off, and make your way to Des Moines, Iowa at ALL PLAY as the Champion of the World Adam Pearce comes to defend his title against the 2-time 3XW Champion Wyatt. Wyatt is currently the NWA Central States Champion and only the 3rd man in the history of the NWA to hold both the NWA Central States and the NWA Missouri title (He did this last year, Harley Race and Bob Orton being the other two men) Jeremy Wyatt.

Only the third man to hold the NWA Central States and Missouri Championship at the same time, Jeremy Wyatt(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Though Adam Pearce used some underhand tactics to defeat Strider at Metro Pro Wrestling, make no doubt about it that he can defeat Wyatt in many many ways. Pearce in the past has successfully defended the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Bryan Danielson (WWE’S Daniel Bryan, the reigning World Heavyweight Champion) and Danielson is just one name on a list of victims.

From the Apr '09 edition of Pro Wrestling Illustrated; Pearce bludgeons perhaps his greatest opponent, a bloody Brent Albright, in New York City.

Pearce brings the ring an old school high impact attack, standing 6’2, 245 pounds he will unleash a fury of moves including the Figure four leglock, Flying fist drop, and the Middle-rope elbow drop setting his opponents up for The Rack Bomb (Backbreaker rack dropped into a powerbomb) or the vicious Jumping piledriver to retain the title.

Quite honestly, after hours of studying tape of Pearce in action, you can see many of his opponents in fear of those finishers from the start of the match. 

Pearce will have to beware of the crossface finisher from Wyatt. Many matches and titles have been won via this feared move in the Midwest for “The Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

One man who will not have fear in his eyes is the “The Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt.  Wyatt considered by many to be the best wrestler in the Midwest, has been dying for this opportunity to make a name for himself. He knows that opportunities likes these are very rare for wrestlers in the area. Quite possibly the most hated man in the Midwest, 3XWrestling fans have come to love him for his multiple matches of the year and giving a 110% during every match.

Wyatt can strike from anywhere!!!(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)
(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)
Wyatt has many of the fans scattering for safety as he stalks Gage Octane. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)
Opponents have to be concerned about going to the mat as Wyatt is a student of the game and is scary to defend against. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)
(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)
Devin Carter goes flying from a right hook from Wyatt….Where Wyatt lacks in size he makes up with the knowledge of when and where to deliver the blow.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)
Wyatt has successfully defended his NWA Central States championship against arch rival and NWA Kansas champ Tyler Cook. In less than two weeks he goes for the NWA WORLD TITLE!!!(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Wyatt most likely will be the first to tell you he is not doing this for the fans, yet he is the fans best chance to bring back the NWA Worlds title back home to the Midwest. 

Adam Pearce has been the heart of the NWA since his first NWA World title reign September 1st, 2007 when he defeated Brent Albright in the finals of the vacated NWA tournament. Here Pearce is on set of NWA Wrestling Showcase talking 'rasslin' with David Marquez. (Photo credit Shane Kidder.)

Is Pearce making a mistake as he makes good on his promise to “GIVE BACK to a deserving industry that has given me 16+ years of experiences that I’ll cherish forever.”

Onlu the kids are brave (naive)enough to talk back to the champ. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)
Pearce has been wise in the past to align himself with men who can assist him in keeping his beloved gold, here he celebrates with the then MPW Champion Derek Stone and Matt Murphy. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Pearce, a fighting champion will be around the world in  Oberhausen, Germany defending the title a week prior to his return to the Midwest. Fans in Iowa can prepare for a double shot starting off with match against Wyatt at 3XW then heading to Council Bluffs, Iowa for Magnum Pro Wrestling to take on “ Babyface” Tony Cortez the very next night.

With one Lighting Spiral from Wyatt on January 27th at 3XWrestling, the NWA president Robert Trobich   and Magnum Pro may be scrambling late Friday night to come up with a plan to resign a rematch against the NEW NWA World Champion Jeremy Wyatt and Adam Pearce immediately. 

When it is all said and done, I want the NWA and Adam Pearce don’t say that Missouri Wrestling Revival didn’t try to warn you of “The Belt Collector”.

Great NWA world title moments in the Midwest.


April 3, 1908-Frank Gotch defeats George Hackenschmidt to become the world champion in Chicago, Illinois.

April 19, 1917 Earl Caddock defeated Joe Stecher to become the world champion in Omaha, Nebraska.


Earl Caddock was not only a world champion but also enlisted in the Army to serve our country. Fans be sure to pick up the new book from Mike Chapman called Caddock “Walnut’s Wrestling Wonder” on one of the best wrestlers to ever come from the Midwest. For more info on how to purchase the book click here.

 March 3,  1922  Ed “Strangler” Lewis defeated  Stanislaus Zbyszko to become the world champion in Wichita, Kansas.

Here is a great photo of two of the most powerful, respected and important men in the history of wrestling, Sam Muchnick and Lou Thesz.

December 29, 1937 Lou Thesz defeats Everett Marshall in the first of his six NWA world titles in ST Louis, Missouri.

June 30, 1961 Buddy Rogers defeats Pat O’Connor to win his first NWA world title in Chicago Illinois.

I love this photo of Harley Race. Arguably the greatest NWA World champion of all time.

May 24, 1973 Harley Race defeats Dory Funk Jr. to win first of 8 NWA world titles in Kansas City, Missouri.  Match named Pro Wrestling Illustrated match of the year.

Ric Flair would capture his first NWA World title right here in the Midwest in what many called an upset at the time.

September 17, 1981 Ric Flair defeats Dusty Rhodes to win first of 9 NWA world titles in Kansas City, Missouri.

June 10, 1983 Harley Race defeats Ric Flair for the NWA world title to set up Starcade.  Match named Pro Wrestling Illustrated match of the year.


February 20, 1989 Ricky Steamboat defeat Ric Flair to capture the NWA world title in Chicago, Illinois

January 27th 2012 Jeremy Wyatt ???? Adam Pearce Des Moines, Iowa

Information of the NWA world title courtesy of the 16th edition of the PWI Wrestling Almanac.


Could Jeremy Wyatt be defending the NWA WORLD TITLE at these MWR Promotions after January 27th?





MWR fans for a great source of the NWA check out the Alliance-Wrestling.com here.