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History was Made in Otterville, Missouri, Devyn Nicole Wins the WLW Ladies Championship

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 15, 2014

 photo 2_zps5df1233c.jpg

WLW was filled with exciting and shocking moments in Otterville, Missouri last night as fans were on the edge of their seats from the start.

With the debut of WLW trainee Kyle Roberts, plus a man that my friend Jack Tierney calls the “Giant Killer” (after victories over Mark Sterling and former WLW Champion Brian Breaker) Jon Webb once again upset Sterling, and a new tag team of John E. Rock and Jamell Harris proved that they could take a beating as the Black Hand Warriors left them bloody and battered. WLW Champion Elvis Aliaga proved once again that he will do whatever it will take to hold onto his Championship as he delivered vicious shot with the belt to Jack Gamble secure a victory as referee Richard White was knocked out .

While fans had a lot to be excited about it would be a historical moment in the young career of Devyn Nicole when she was able to defeat Stacey O’Brien for the WLW Ladies Championship. Nicole who has trained under Mr. Hughes (a man that had been managed by the “Greatest Wrestler on Gods Green Earth Harley Race in WCW.) In the past Nicole had been overmatched several times against the 2-time MWR Female Wrestler of the Year, O’Brien, but in a quick moment Nicole proved that she has the championship quality of never giving up as she was able to have her hand raised in victory.

Via the new WLW Ladies Champion Devyn Nicole Facebook page we were able to get a statement from her on her feelings of the night “Tonight, I became your WLW Women’s Champion! Special thanks to Mr. Harley Race for the opportunity to make a home with his company

 photo dn_zps281e7be0.jpg

Photo credit- King Photography

Winning a Championship is truly an accomplishment but now the young Nicole is the hunted when she walks into the danger zone in Richmond, Missouri on April 19th when the stars of WLW return. Already signed for the new Champ will be a three way match against two of the top female stars in country Stacey O’Brien and the current MWR Female Wrestler of the Year “Miss Natural” Heather Patera .

For more information on this exciting night be sure to check out the WLW website and MWR for updates as they come in.

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Harley Race’s WLW School Grand Opening a huge success.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 20, 2014

 photo 16_zpse67dd7ea.jpg

Harley Race is considered by many to be the greatest pro wrestlers to ever grace the ring. He is respect and honored by every credible Hall of Fames in the world as well as the WWE. The 8-time NWA World Champion has wrestled around the world against a who’s who in the sport.

Race has a long history of being not only a champion wrestler, but has been a manager, owner, and booker in some very successful wrestling aspects of the sport; there is so much that a young wrestler can learn from. He is so respected in his teaching skills that fellow greats have sent their children to train with him before making their mark in the WWE.

Since 1999 Race’s World League Wrestling has made their home in Eldon, Missouri. A small town that holds a special place in the heart of Race, and was the setting for many great moments in pro wrestling in the Midwest for close to two decades. Fans young and old have grown up with the memories of watching special guest such as “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Bret Hart, Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat and the Road Warriors join the likes of Trevor Murdoch, Matt Murphy, , Derek Stone, “Miss Natural” Heather Patera, Wade Chism, Bull Schmitt , the Drill Instructor and “Superstar” Steve Fender to start the foundation. Those men and women should hold their head up high and proud as they took the chance to train with the all-time great that resulted in years of great matches as well as several successful fundraisers for many great charities on the way for a personal opportunity to be looked at all the top promotions around the world including Japan and WWE.

On Jan 18th World League Wrestling made the choice to move their training facilities from Eldon, Missouri to Troy, Missouri. Troy is just a short drive from the St. Louis airport that could send you to California, Canada, Japan, Chicago just to name a few. Troy is a small enough town to enjoy living in, while big enough along with the location so close to St. Louis that wrestlers will have endless opportunities professionally and personally. Then you have the brand new facility itself that is big enough to hold two rings, a room that is set up to do studies for the students and enough inspiration in championship memorabilia to last a lifetime.

 photo 15_zps1f3e6cd7.jpg

If you ever had the dream of being a pro wrestling there has never been a better opportunity for any man or women to reach that goal. Today WLW Harley Race leads this generation of stars that will be the future of the sport for years to come. You will have the chance to train and challenge yourself with the likes of Leland Race, Stacey O’Brien, the Black Hand Warriors ,High Level Enterprise, Dustin Bozworth, Kris Wallace, OTT Tucker and many more young stars.

So don’t hesitate , contact Harley Race to train with him to become the best that you can be .


Till then take a sneak peak at the Grand Opening of one of Pro Wrestling’s top wrestling schools today.

Enjoy the photos of Race, the students, fans and even a special appearance from the Artist of Champions Rob Schamberger.

 photo 4_zps9cbc94d3.jpg

The ribbon cutting of the new Harley Race Wrestling training center in Troy, Missouri.

 photo 8_zps24fa6acb.jpg

Harley Race may have been in some of the most grueling, punishing and bloody matches in the history of Pro Wrestling, but deep down in his heart is a man that has been faithful to his fans. a supporter of the future of the sport and a lover of dogs as seen here with Oreo and his friend Rose.

 photo 17_zps4649defd.jpg

A drawing of Harley Race from his fellow WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas can be found as you enter the building of the new WLW office.

 photo 2_zps01cf63c0.jpg

The current WLW Champion Elvis Aliaga signs the WLW wall of signatures for the WLW Alumni.

 photo 14_zpscd0a028f.jpg

Our good friend Travis along with his son Oliver his mother Cynthia and sister Lexi took the drive from KC to check out the new WLW school. Travis was also happy to see our good friend and the Artist of Champions Rob Schamberger. The family poses with Rob in front of this paintings of several the WLW Alumni and the Harley Race painting he did for the 100th MWR Trading card.

 photo 6_zpsb289bfa2.jpg

Troy resident and WLW Fan Darrell Bruce poses with the WLW Ladies Champion Stacey O’Brien and students from Italy, Dave Blosco, Karim Brigante, Chris Steel and Flavio. Bruce has made his way to WLW several times while they were in Eldon and stated that Ace Steel was his favorite WLW wrestler.

 photo 12_zpsf8a30e02.jpg

Leland Race, Harley and former Wrestling at the Chase photographer Butch Fletcher.

 photo 5_zpse94d8ed3.jpg

Even the bad guys will be good when asked to by Harley Race. Here WLW villians Dustin Bozworth, Elvis and the Black Hand Warriors pose with fans Bryan and Rebbecca Chrismer.

 photo 13_zps2c9b36cb.jpg

Ladies love Italians.

 photo 20_zps15381bcc.jpg

Two rings and all the excitement of the day has Rob Schamberger and his wife Katy going toe to toe. Our money is with Katy.

 photo 7_zps54d2c090.jpg

Be sure to look for this plaque from MWR hanging on the wall of the office of the great Harley Race if you are ever in there.

 photo 21_zpsa34cf2e0.jpg

Our good friend Crimefighter of the Nose Bleed Seats was in attendance for the debut of WLW while constructing interviews on the day with several of the stars.

 photo 11_zpsa4585856.jpg

 photo 18_zps3b971aa1.jpg

One of the most loved men at WLW is Dan Gier. Here he is with his lovely wife Stacey at the grand opening.

 photo 10_zpsca296709.jpg

The loveable Jack Gamble photobombs the photo of Stacey O’Brien , Russ and Tim Bollinger and Leland Race.

 photo 1_zps9fffae66.jpg

Left to right is Kris Wallace, Jon Webb, Dwayne Jose and Jack Gamble. Jose was one of the first people through the doors at WLW and stated that he lived in Troy and has been a longtime WLW Fan. His favorite WLW wrestler is none other than “Superstar” Steve Fender.

 photo 22_zps871e00ea.jpg

The new four Horseman … Jack Tierney, Rob Schamberger, Brian Kelley and Rich Mince. – Photo credit Katy Schamberger.

 photo 19_zps7a004ec4.jpg

In 2013, the Gamble family was in a horrific accident when they were hit head on from a drunk driver. Thankfully all of those that were in the car with Gamble made it out alive. The wreck put both Jack Gamble and Casey in the hospital for a lengthy amount of time. With faith, family and friends the Gamble family was able to get through it. Jack returned to the ring in December and Casey was able to recover as well. Here Jack, Casey and their sweet child,

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Leland Race featured in the New PWI Magazine

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 14, 2013

 photo Jan14PWIL_zpsba11388e.gif

This Saturday night you will have an opportunity to see some of the top young stars in pro wrestling in Eldon, Missouri when Harley Race’s WLW delivers you the annual WLW/WWE/NOAH camp. Before then you can check out a great full page profile of Harley Race’s son Leland Race in the brand new PWI.

 photo IMG_6499_zpsb47e0d17.jpg

That’s right, Leland will be in action as well as all your favorite WLW stars and students of this week’s camp that brings wrestling students from around the world to train with the 8-time NWA Worlds Champion Race.

In the magazine be sure to check the results page that has shows from the MWR coverage area of WLW, MMWA, and Dynamo Pro Wrestling.

Also in the magazine is 50 top females of the year. Where did stars like Jessicka Havok, Christina Von Eerie , Thunderkitty Jessica James, MsChif, and Santana Garrett rank in the his years list?

Purchase this great issue of PWI at all quality newsstands and book stores near you. .

 photo wlw_zps54290ad3.jpg

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Black Hand Warriors commandeer WLW production- WLW returns June 29th Dixon, Missouri

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 24, 2013

 photo 5757_551715651533695_965702409_n_zps5cc08816.jpg

Some how the Dark Shadows got a hold of some footage released by the W.L.W. video production team. Here’s what they have to say about the upcoming tournament to crown the NEW World League Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

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WLW returns to Eldon, Missouri on April 19th Jason Jones, Stacey O’Brien, Miss Natural..

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 31, 2013

 photo 480638_522452691126658_413323679_n_zps4f94c114.jpg

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WLW returns in 2013 on February 9 in Sedan Kansas!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 16, 2013

World League Wrestling’s first Show After Harley enters the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame…… New Merchandise (T-Shirts and more) will be introduced at Sedan


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Breaking news from the 2012 WLW/WWE/PRO WRESTLING NOAH camp. Jason Jones

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 2, 2012


Jason Jones has been one of the best wrestlers in the Midwest for some time now. The former WLW Champion will return to Pro Wrestling NOAH.- Photo credit Brian Kelley

Eldon, Missouri- After another great year of learning for aspiring wrestlers at the annual wrestling camp led by the upcoming 2013 inductee to the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame Harley Race, Pro Wrestling NOAH and WWE representative Steven Regal.


The WLW Champion OTT was able to retain the title much to the chagrin to the Black Hand Warriors as he heads to Richmond, Missouri this Saturday Night to defend the title with special guest Lex Luger and great night of wrestling as Steve Regal and Ace Steel II lived up to the hype and much more.

The first big news coming from the 2012 camp is that the former WLW Champion Jason Jones will return to Japan’s Pro Wrestling Noah the first of 2013.

Jones moved to Eldon Missouri from North Carolina to train with the 8-time NWA Worlds Champion Harley Race to pursue his dream to be the best that he could be. This marks his second tour of Japan with Pro Wrestling NOAH, proving that his dedication is paying off.

During the week at the camp Jones was very instrumental in assisting the students in improving their skills, while teaching proper techniques and safety, first and foremost.
We are happy to say that in the past Jones has been a supporter and friend of MWR and we are thrilled to see him earn this tour for his hard work.

Look out in the near future for a sneak peak of the 2012 camp thanks to the hospitality of World League Wrestling and other top news coming out of the camp right here at Missouri Wrestling Revival.com, Your #1 source for pro wrestling news in the Midwest.


To work with World League Wrestling click here.


For more info on Pro Wrestling NOAH click here.


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MWR Holiday tour 2012 starts this Saturday – First 75 fans in the door receive a Santa Hat at WLW and GCW this weekend

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 25, 2012

We would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday to all of our friends in the Midwest. 2012 has been a great year for pro wrestling. Fans have been able to see some of the top matches and talent around the country right here in the Midwest.

As a thank you to you the fans it is with great pleasure that we team up with a few of our MWR promotions to give you a special holiday treat.

Starting next weekend MWR will be covering two huge shows starting out in Eldon Missouri for World League Wrestling as MWR Owner Brian Kelley will be on hand covering the annual WLW,Pro Wrestling Noah, WWE camp. On the show fans will want to see the rematch between WWE Superstar Steven Regal take on Ace Steel as one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step in the ring Harley Race watches on.


You will not want to miss it when the young stars of World League Wrestling delivers a hard hitting non stop pounding action the way wrestling was meant to be to you for you the fans.

On the same night in Glen Carbon, Illinois, MWR Fan relations, Dubray Tallman will be excited to meet you as she will be there celebrating the Gateway Championship Wrestling reunion. Dynamo continues their red hot year with a bang as former GCW superstars Delirious, MsChif, Daizze Haze and former WCW Superstar Bobby Eaton join the GCW Alumni to relive one of the most talked about and loved promotions in the past twenty years.


During these two huge events the first  75 fans will receive a free Santa hat  from your friends at MWR and WLW/ Dynamo respectively.

Also fans at the GCW reunion that purchase either a 2 MWR Trading cards, a  MWR T-shirt,  a MWR Yearbook or hat from Dubray Tallman will be able to reach into the surprise bag for a free gift!!!

It’s the holiday season and remember that spending time with your loved one at a wrestling show will be a great memory for many years to come.

Also be on the lookout for more upcoming Christmas cheer from your good friends at MWR as we look to see you at a show before we ring in the new year.

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Gary Heatherly and 5-time WLW Ladies Champion Miss Natural at the 2012 Springfield Walk for Wishes. WLW returns to Springfield, Missouri with WWE Star Dolph Ziggler Friday June 15!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 6, 2012


In the month of May in Springfield, Illinois during the 2012 Springfield Walk for Wishes fans were able to meet quite possibly the greatest WLW Ladies Champion of All-time Miss Natural and Gary Heatherly at a meet and greet as they prepare for a huge event on June 15th.

World League Wrestling returns to Springfield, Missouri in Remington’s on West Republic Road to provide exciting wrestling action for the fans and support a great cause- The Springfield Mo Make a Wish program in memory of Ashley Rhine who past away before she got to receive her wish of meeting John Cena on a cruise ship.

Fans will be able to meet current WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler during a night that will feature many of the top stars in the country including Miss Natural looking to reclaim her WLW title for the 6th time from the 2-time MWR Female wrestler of the Year Stacey O’Brien. The 2011 MWR Future Star recipient Brian Breaker will take on WLW Champion “The Prince of Pro Wrestling” Jason Jones.

Also on the card is none other than Kevin Von Erich’s sons Marshall and Ross will meet the WLW Tag Team Champions Strong and Reckless (Jeff Strong and Jack Gamble) for the belts.


The Make A Wish Foundation and Pro Wrestling has teamed up many times to make dreams come true. Even one of the MWR members Jalen Ray son of Josh Ray has been fortunate enough to have his wish come true. Here the great organization celebrated Jalens 6th birthday and teamed of with the Lebanon Missouri Fire Department to give him a ride in a real fire truck….On Friday June 15th you can support the Make A Wish Foundation while watching some of the best wrestlers in the country at the same time in Springfield, Missouri with WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler, WLW Champion Jason Jones, Ladies Champ Stacey O’Brien, Strong and Reckless ,Brian Breaker and many more

So please come out and support WLW as they team up with the Make a Wish program on June 15th


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The Great Cheyenne looks to take over WLW and the Midwest in 2012.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 14, 2012

By Brian Kelley


Art contest of The Great Cheyenne and The Great Malaki won by Cheyenne Tallman

MWR fans have seen the Great Cheyenne wreck havoc in the past but in April she now sets her sights on the most prestigious women’s title in the MWR coverage area, Harley Race’s World League Wrestling Ladies champion Stacey O’Brien.

The two met at All American Pro Wrestling earlier this year as The Great Cheyenne meet O’Brien looked to end her winning streak at AAPW. Honestly, I was excited about how this match would go down. While I had fans come up to me and said that the match looked to be a struggle,

I was quick to reply to them that of course it was. First you have the 2-time MWR Wrestler of the Year Stacey O’Brien, though she is not huge in statue is trained by the great Harley Race. She is fundamentally sound and know how to use leverage and just when to explode at the right time to overwhelm her opponent.

On the other side of the ring is the demented powerhouse The Great Cheyenne. Though O’Brien has been in the ring with the likes of Miss Natural who is a powerhouse in her own right, Naturals offense is with a purpose. Meanwhile the Great Cheyenne is unpredictable and carries a rage that puts her opponent on the heels.


The first meeting between these two was a slobber knocker (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

That is what happened as the two when into a battle of chess on AAPW’S Collision. It was by no means pretty as O’Brien struggled with the force of Cheyenne, as the current MWR Female Wrestler of the Year O’Brien befuddled the girl that is the she devil of Hellfire Symphony with the skills taught to her from Race.

At the end of the night the clash of styles would have O’Brien remain undefeated in ALL American Pro Wrestling.

Now the stage is set for a rematch in less than a week at World League Wrestling as Stacey O’Brien will defend her title against The Great Cheyenne on back to back nights in Sedan, Kansas and Richmond, Missouri.

I am thrilled to see just in fact who has the advantage in this rematch. Has the AAPW set off a feud that will last throughout 2012 and escalate throughout WLW and AAPW respectfully as well as all over the Midwest?



Also on these cards will be WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Von Erich, that will be ringside as his sons Ross and Marshall will team up to take on Brian Breaker and the WLW Champion “The Prince” Jason Jones, plus all of your favorite WLW Stars.

Also in attendance will be one of the greatest wrestlers of ALL-TIME Harley Race.

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