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Archive for October 23rd, 2010

Modern Championship “Lightning Strikes Twice.” Recap

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 23, 2010

Modern Championship Wrestling returned to the Walsworth Community Center in Marceline Mo. over this past weekend with a show called “Lightning Strikes Twice.”

The crowd was hot and loud all night long, and were greeted to start the show by MCW Promoter Dustin Watson interviewing “The Iceman” Howard Moritz. Moritz announced his intention to climb the ranks in MCW, and was cut off by MCW Champion Brian Blade. Blade was accompanied by his bodyguard Flex, and the two promptly attacked The Iceman.

After their attack on Moritz, they mentor and student turned their gaze on Promoter Watson. Despite an attempt at a getaway, Blade and Flex were en route to dismantling the promoter, when Jack “The Hangman” Norton made the save. Watson then set up a bout between the team of Blade and Flex against Norton and Moritz.

The opening bout of the evening saw Tony Raze, the corrupt prison guard, take on Pablo the Puerto Rican Poolboy. This was the first contest ever for the Poolboy, who fell victim to Raze and was put on Lockdown.

The second bout saw the return of The Assassin, who took on Tommy Snow. Tommy picked up the win after reversing the chokeslam attempt of the Assassin.

The cries of “Arriba!” filled the air next, as Angel de la Muerte took to the ring to do battle with Cephus the Serial Killer. The deranged Cephus found little to no joy in Angel’s shenanigans, and fell victim to the luchadore in the end. After Promoter Watson lured the psychopath to the back, he, Senior Referee Justin Peacock, and Angel de la Muerte celebrated with some festive dancing in the ring.

After the intermission, JB Payne “The Midwest Mauler” ran down the fans in Marceline, as well as the promoter, asking for some competition. Promoter Watson answered personally by introducing Vash Heartly. The two grapplers fought tooth and nail, with Mauler trying to use a roll of nickels to KO the courageous Heartly. In the end, Vash picked up the win in his MCW debut.

In what was supposed to be the Main Event, Promoter Watson personally announced the participants. The Iceman and The Hangman fought tooth and nail with Brian Blade and Flex. Blade went after Watson once again, allowing Flex to fall victim to The Hangman’s spinebuster, and a frog splash from The Iceman.

As the duo celebrated their win, Promoter Watson chased his Champion from the ring and announced a battle royal to determine a number one contender to Blade’s MCW Championship. It all came down to The Iceman and The Hangman. As the two partners fought each other, Norton was able to pull out a win, and will take on Brian Blade at the next MCW show in Marceline

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