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‎Pro Wrestling Phoenix’s 10th Anniversary Spectacular May 23rd – featuring SCOTTY 2 HOTTY!!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 11, 2015


10 years. 10 YEARS! That is a long time! PWP Live is celebrating 10 years of Live Professional Wrestling, and it’s all thanks to our great fans! And we have something special for our fans, on May 23rd we proudly present the 10th Anniversary Spectacular! We have OVERLOADED this event with tons of amazing matches, and so much more! We plan on having one of our most memorable events of all time, so tell your friends and family, and let’s have some fun! There’s a lot going on, let’s check it out!

SCOTTY 2 HOTTY Vs. Joey Daniels w/ “Manager Supreme” Axel Greece

We LOVE bringing superstars to PWP Live, and who better than former two time WWE Tag Team Champion SCOTTY 2 HOTTY! Part of the memorable Attitude Era tag team TOO COOL, Scotty makes his way to Council Bluffs on May 23rd to square off with The Greece Pit’s Joey Daniels! Joey and his “Manager Supreme” Axel Greece have been running their mouths ever since this match was announced. Joey says everywhere he goes, fans keep yelling “Joey’s Stupid” at him and he has had enough. He said he plans to take out his anger on Scotty 2 Hotty! But can Joey succeed, or is there a WORM in his future? Be there May 23rd to find out!

PWP Championship Triple Threat Match:
Abu Colossus Vs. “Babyface” Tony Cortez Vs. Darren “Thunder” Russell

Abu Colossus has been terrorizing PWP ever since he turned his back on Hype Gotti last year. After winning the PWP Championship in January, Tony Cortez has been, as he puts it “a thorn in his side”. In April Abu was disqualified when hitting Cortez in the head with the Championship belt. Cortez then challenged him to a NO DQ match on May 23rd. The match was set, two PWP originals set to do battle over the coveted title. However, Darren “Thunder” Russell, the man who Abu defeated for the Championship in January, sent a video to PWP explaining why he should also be in the match. Russell never had a re-match, he was busy dealing with Chainsaw King. After defeating King in a brutal Dog Collar Match in April, Russell is ready for his re-match, and the Triple Threat match will go down at the 10th Anniversary Spectacular! Can Abu retain the title and continue his dominance in PWP? Or will “Babyface” become a 3 time PWP Champion? Or, as Russell said in his video, will a new decade begin in PWP, the “Decade of Thunder”, as Russell becomes a 2 time PWP Champion? Don’t miss this PWP Championship match!

PWP Tag Team Championship Ladder Match:
Jeremy Wyatt & Mark Sterling Vs. “Simply the Best” Hype Gotti & “Babyface” Tony Cortez

Jeremy Wyatt & Mark Sterling returned to PWP just a little over a year ago. Since then, they have absolutely dominated the Tag Team Division. Wyatt & Sterling were able to destroy almost every team they came across over the last year. One team they can’t keep down however, is Hype Gotti & Tony Cortez, “Simply the Best”. Simply the Best won the very first main event in PWP history way back in 2005, and now they have a chance to become 2 time PWP Tag Team Champions. With the Championship suspended high above the ring, the only way to win is to climb a ladder and grab the titles. Hype Gotti returns to action for the first time since January. He had been taking time off to heal after a brutal match with Abu Colossus. Now he enters a dangerous ladder match. While dangerous, the Ladder Match is always an exhilarating bout. But Tony Cortez has two Championship matches on May 23rd. If injured during this match, it greatly decreases his chances in the PWP Championship match later in the night. But playing it safe may ensure victory for Wyatt & Sterling. Wyatt & Sterling may ensure victory anyway, as they are known to break the rules, and in a Ladder Match, there are no rules! One thing is for sure, this match will not disappoint! Don’t miss out on Ladder Match action on May 23rd!

PWP Rising Phoenix Championship Tournament Finals:
“Simply Ravishing” Ryan Slade Vs. L-Ray w/ “Manager Supreme” Axel Greece

In March we began a tournament to crown the first ever PWP RISING PHOENIX CHAMPION. It has come down to two men, L-Ray of The Greece Pit, and Ryan Slade. Slade is a former PWP Champion and PWP Tag Team Champion. L-Ray has never held a championship in PWP. Axel Greece has led men to championships in the past however, and that’s exactly what they play to do on May 23rd. Slade has the opportunity to become the first ever PWP TRIPLE CROWN CHAMPION, but he has to strategize and find a way to beat the numbers game that often ends up with a Greece Pit victory. 3 months of tournament action all comes to a head on Saturday May 23rd! Be there to witness the first ever PWP Rising Phoenix Champion be crowned!

10 Year Anniversary Match:
“The Passion” Zac James Vs. Chris Havius

Once “The Passion” Zac James heard about the tournament to crown the first ever Rising Phoenix Champion, he immediately had a renewed vision in PWP. Disappointingly, he was defeated in a Semi-Final match in April. A little later during the event, Chris Havius came out to thank the fans for 10 years of PWP Live action. He then turned his attention to Zac. Chris explained how these two men are good friends in and out of the ring and have been for over 10 years now. Chris then challenged Zac to a match on May 23rd, mentioning that it was only fitting since they wrestled each other on the very first PWP Live event in 2005. Zac was quick to agree, however after a slap on the face, he told Chris that he is coming for a win at the 10th Anniversary Spectacular. Despite the aggression, Havius held it together in the ring, and the men shook hands. Regardless of the handshake, if you were there, you saw the tension between the two men, and you could tell that on May 23rd, these two will be giving it their all to find out which of them is the best. Don’t miss out on the history and rich tradition of PWP represented in this match on May 23rd!

ALSO APPEARING: Dalton Lee Roth, “The Karaoke King” Purple, Pat Powers and more!!

PLUS for the first time ever – the PWP VIP PACKAGE!


We are pleased to announce that at our 10th Anniversary Spectacular on Saturday May 23rd – we will be holding the first inductions into the PWP HALL OF FAME!!! More details will be announced soon, but we have decided that there will be 2 very deserving inductees. We’re excited about our decade of hard work and triumph, and this is just a way to honor a couple of the individuals who have been such a huge part of it!!

Get a chance to meet Scotty 2 Hotty!! Scotty will be signing autographs and taking photos, and will hold a brief Q&A with the fans. Ever wondered what it was like being in the WWF during the Attitude Era? How about teaming with Grand Master Sexay and WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi? Now’s your chance to ask!!

VIP ticket holders will get their choice of seats for all the in ring action, before the doors open to general admission ticket holders.

The PWP VIP Package is only $15 and includes entry to the night’s event. That is only $5 more than a regular ticket! We are providing a huge value to our great fans as a thank you for 10 years of exciting professional wrestling action! (Fans who already have GA tickets can upgrade to VIP by simply paying the difference at the door).

Don’t miss out on this historical night of action with PWP Live!

PWPLive.net Presents our 10th Anniversary Spectacular

Saturday May 23rd 2015

National Guard Armory
2415 E Kanesville Blvd
Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503

Tickets $15
5:00 PM

Tickets $10
Doors at 6:30 PM, Bell Time 7:00 PM


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SICW’S Bruiser Brody Memorial Event This Saturday Plus Meet and Greet w/ Stan Hansen, Barbara Goodish, Bob Orton, Mike McGuirk, Mick Karch and More

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 10, 2015

 photo hss_zpsekid69wk.jpg

Bruiser Brody Memorial will be held during this HUGE event, see the Bruiser Brody Battle Royal, There will be a meet and greet prior with The widow of the late Bruiser Brody, Barbara Goodish, meet Stan The lariat Hansen, Larry Matysik, Cowboy Bob Orton, First WWE female announcer, Mike McGuirk, and Mick Karch from the AWA days.

Plus big screen television playing videos of Brody, Hansen, and other great NWA stars. Plus get the limited edition of the Bruiser Brody photo book.

See the ladies back in action and all the SICW greats.

Meet and Greet at 3:30

Meet and Greet $12.00

SICW’s  56th years of Memories of Wrestling at the Chase Event 8:00 $12.00

Both Events $20.00

Bruiser Brody Memorial Battle Royal
-Flash Flanagan vs. Daniel Eads for the Classic Title
-Ricky Cruz & Ron Powers vs. Attila Khan & Bull Bronson
-Keith Smith Jr. vs. Ken Kasa
-Paloma Starr vs. Lucy Mendez

Call now to order your ticket 618-286-4848. All major credit cards accepted. Check out www.sicw.org.

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Live Interview with Jeremy Wyatt this Tuesday on Wrestle Talk at 7 PM Fans Can Call In

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 10, 2015

 photo WT_zpsidxerltp.jpg

So this is happening Tuesday night on Wrestle Talk. A one night tell all about Metro Pro Wrestling management from one of their top superstars, Jeremy Wyatt. If you’re a fan of Metro Pro, you will not want to miss this show! We will be allowing fans to call in and ask questions. What will be said about his current “Win or be fired” matches? Come find out Tuesday night at 8pmEST/7pmCST!

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Midwest Impact Pro May 23 Bellevue, IL Steel Cage Main Event, Tracy Smothers, Submission Squad, LuFisto Plus More

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 10, 2015

 photo iwaaaaa_zpsz4uhogud.jpg

Bellevue Plaza
325 S Bellevue Ave.
Bellevue, IL 61605

Doors Open 7:00 pm

Bell Time 7:30 pm

Tickets will be available at Twisted Vision Tattoo starting on Thursday April 23rd.

Ticket Prices

General Admission $10.00

Kids (6yrs-12yrs) $5.00

Kids 5 and under free with paid adult.

Main Event

10ft Steel Cage

Team Waylon
Waylon Beck, Corbin Blaze, Kyle Rich, Dixieland Destroyer


Team MIP
DTM, Joey Grunge, Tracy Smothers, Markus Crane

Also appearing, Stephen Wolf, Andy Roberts, Gary Jay, Submission Squad, Jonathan Napier, Robby McCann, The Maniac Scott Matthews, Jerry Littlefield and many more.

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MWR Fan Spotlight: Randy and Brendan Phillips

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 9, 2015

 photo 11115884_635813966551556_1606060070_n_zpsx55qrbry.jpg

Brendan and Randy Phillips are all smiles at SICW.


MWR Owner and Editor Brian Kelley: For many father and sons a night of pro wrestling is a wonderful way for them to spend time some quality time with each other while taking that rollercoaster of exciting night of wrestling action that will be memories for them for years to come. Today, I am joined with Randy Phillips and his son Brendan: . Guy, I would like to thank you for joining us at Missouri Wrestling Revival.com

Randy: Thanks for having us Brian!

Brian: Randy, let’s start off with you my friend. Where did you grow up and what were your first introduction to pro wrestling and who were you a big fan of?

Randy: I grew up in Homestead, Florida. It’s about 1 hour south of Miami. Born and raised until the age of 21. My first recollection of wrestling was Wrestlemania 2 with Hulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy in the big blue steel cage. I can remember sitting on the living room floor just amazed at how big Bundy was and how cool it was that Hulk could move around for such a big guy around the ring. Obviously in the early to mid 80’s, most kids gravitated towards Hulk Hogan. He was my guy to cheer for. I can remember having the tear away Hulk shirt that my mom watched me tear away and cringed cause that meant she had to buy another one lol. I had the old WWF ring and one Christmas got all of the wrestlers LJN produced. I can recall like it was yesterday waiting in anticipation for Wrestlemania V and the Mega Powers exploding. My cousin and I used to be the Mega Powers (he was Randy Savage and I was Hulk and his sister was Miss Elizabeth).

Brian: Did your dad and you make any wrestling events and what were some of your memories that you recall?

Randy: Dad was really into wrestling for as long as I can remember. He grew up with Championship Wrestling from Florida with Dusty Rhodes and the Briscoes and of course, the big dog back then, the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance). I remember like it was yesterday when Dad took me to my first ever live show, Royal Rumble 1991 at the Miami Arena in Miami.
 photo Royal_Rumble_1991_zps9qebfdnd.jpg

Of course, Hulk Hogan was my pick to win the Rumble and The Ultimate Warrior was gaining speed to succeed him as the man as he was the WWF champion. I remember my dad screaming at me because Randy Savage was racing down during the Warrior vs  Sgt Slaughter title match and he hit Warrior with the scepter. The crowd went crazy and we had a new champion. Dad said Hulk had to win the Rumble so he could take the title off of Slaughter at Wrestlemania VII. From then on, Dad had to order the WWF pay per views so we could watch them all. Mom was a big 4 Horsemen fan, especially Tully and Arn. She always threw up four fingers and told me that this is the symbol of excellence. If the WWF or WCW was in town, we went, house show, tv or ppv. I can recall going to Spec’s (CD store) and meeting The Rock and D’Lo Brown for autographs when The Rock’s autobiography came out. When my wife and I were dating, we heard on a radio station that Hulk Hogan would be in Key Largo to help promote the new gym owned by Kevin Sullivan. We drove 30 minutes to meet him.

Brian: In today’s mainstream wrestling (WWE,TNA,ROH) who are your favorite wrestlers?

 photo John-Cena-2013-John-Cena-Background-HD-Wallpaper_zpsqa2elyzu.jpg

Brendan: WWE – John Cena is my favorite! I also like Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Roman Reigns & Lucha Dragons. ROH – Moose, Michael Elgin and ACH

Randy: WWE – Triple H is my all time favorite. I also love to watch Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt & Dolph Ziggler. TNA – Before they moved to Destination America, I was a big fan of Bobby Roode, Austin Aries & Taryn Terrel. Since they moved to Destination Amaerica, I do not watch them anymore and only catch the spoiler tapings to stay in touch. ROH – Moose, ACH & The Addiction. ROH is broadcast locally and I started watching them heavily since the wrestlers also come to High Risk Wrestling.

Brian: Prior to making it to a MWR coverage promotion, did you and Brendan attend any of the mainstream events and do you have any fond memories of meeting any of the stars or some of the matches.

Randy: Since Brendan is only 6 years old, we haven’t been able to attend any events as the cost is so high and I don’t want to take him and sit in the nosebleeds where he’ll possibly lose interest. He likes to be up close and that’s just not feasible at this time.

 photo 11117901_635813586551594_228860048_n_zpskirx45eq.jpg

Memories that will last a lifetime with be Brendan and his father spending time so close to the action of wrestling at an Indy event.


Brian: What was your first local promotion that you attended and how did you hear about it?

Randy: The first local promotion I attended was SICW to meet Ted Dibiase. I liked his page on facebook and heard he would be there. I then looked up SICW on Facebook and we then attended. Brendan’s first show was High Risk Wrestling and we heard about them through Facebook as well and I liked their page. The Belleville fairgrounds in only 20 minutes from us so I took him to see if he would enjoy it.

Brian: Thankfully, the shows were good enough for you to return. What and who did you enjoy from that event ?

Brendan: SICW – Ricky Cruz & the Midgets. HRW – Moose, Michael Elgin, ACH, Uhaa Nation, Chuck Taylor, reDRagon, & Mike Outlaw

 photo 1_zps7n6v2dfg.jpg

Ricky Cruz and Herb Simmons have been two men that have worked to bring back fans like Randy and Brendan to events that have featured some of the biggest moments in the Midwest.

Randy: From SICW, I liked Ricky Cruz straight away as he had a great flamboyance to him even though he was a “bad guy”.

We hope to have the opportunity to meet him and get a picture at a future show. Honestly, the legends were bringing me to the SICW shows and then we started to enjoy the wrestling. Brendan always asks me who the good guy and bad guys are so he knows how to cheer for them. He has been to enough shows now to know who these guys are and he wants whoever Travis Cook brings out to lose, lol. As for HRW, Frank (the promoter) and I conversed before and during the show and he was kind enough to bring out their champion, ACH for a photo op and the Magic Man Jack Sinn to show him a few magic tricks.

 photo 11039551_635813479884938_85783025_n_zpspfgcl29e.jpg

Brendan loved having his photo with the exciting Ring of Honor and High Risk Wrestling Superstar ACH.


The sheer size of Moose instantly caught Brendan’s eyes as well. We have since purchased their DVD’s and watch them from time to time. We also got to meet Bobby Eaton at the first HRW show we went to in October and Brendan asked me who that was? I said, that’s Beautiful Bobby. Brendan went up to him and said, your Beautiful Bobby? Bobby said, I don’t know about Beautiful, but yeah, I’m Bobby Eaton! Lol. I loved it. We got autographs from him and pictures.

Brian: Since that time you have made your way to a few other events. What other promotions have you checked out and what show was your favorite and why?

Randy: We have seen SICW and HRW so far. I don’t like to travel too far for an event, so these promotions are local for us. My favorite show was High Risk Wrestling, Makes a Great Stocking Stuffer as we got to see reDragon, Michael Elgin and ACH. Those guys tear it up no matter how many people are there as long as we cheer loud and I can’t find anyone more pumped to see them than Brendan and I. As for personal appeal, I truly enjoyed meeting the One Man Gang as he was just so genuine to Brendan and couldn’t believe that a 5 year old, at the time, came just to see him.

Brendan: My favorite show was HRW, What High Risk have you done for me lately?. My favorite match was Bolt Brady v.s. Mike Sydal

Brian: Out of the local wrestling stars who have you enjoyed the most and why?

Brendan: I like to watch Mike Sydal, Bolt Brady, Moose, & Chuck Taylor

 photo 11117866_635813926551560_381759172_n_zpsabpafv3w.jpg

Michael Elgin is as dedicated as they come in the ring wrestling against the top stars around the world as well as out of it with his fans.


Randy: I enjoy watching Moose, ACH, Ricky Cruz, reDragon, Michael Elgin, Jonathan Gresham.

Brian: You have attended both SICW and High Risk Wrestling, and both have been willing to bring in legends of the sport including the likes of the One Man Gang, Ted Dibiase, Bobby Eaton and Nikolai Volkoff. Randy, you and I grew up with these stars, but prior to making your way to meet them, do the two of you check out old videos of these and Brendan, which one has been your favorites from your dads younger days to watch wrestle?

Randy: Before we go meet a legend, I look them up on the internet and show him pictures. If I have a DVD with them on it, I show Brendan as well.

Brian: I have been a fan of wrestling myself for all my life. During that time I have met some that I really loved, but when I met them in person I was disappointed, and on other occasions have met wrestlers that I became bigger fans of once I did meet them due to their actions to myself and other fans around me. Which one out of those legends has been your favorite to meet in person?

 photo 11091188_635813509884935_2146643597_n_zpsscm1ce3f.jpg

The Phillips join the One Man Gang Army.


Brendan: One Man Gang was my favorite legend to meet. And I asked my dad to buy me a OMG t-shirt to wear. We also got a picture with him.

Randy: My favorite legend to meet so far has got to be the One Man Gang as we discussed earlier. We got to meet Ace Cowboy Bob Orton last week in East carondelet.

 photo 11084566_635813439884942_316665490_n_zpsoaelvkyk.jpg

When so many people have nice words to say about you, then it must be true. That is the case as we hear another testament to the kindness and down to earth of one of the greatest tag team wrestlers ever, Beautiful Bobby Eaton.


I also garnered a better appreciation after meeting Bobby Eaton as he is just so humble and acts like it’s a pleasure to meet you rather than it is to meet him. So classy.

Brian: You have also had the opportunity to meet the likes of Trevor Murdoch, Michael Elgin, ACH, redDragon and Moose. Out of these or any of the other Indy superstars or former WWE wrestlers you have seen wrestle at this level, whos matches have you enjoyed and why?

Brendan: My favorite match to watch was for the HRW High Risk title, ACH v.s. Ricochet.

Randy: reDragon has amazed me the most as they wrestle at such a high speed that you can’t help but get excited watching them. I get pumped up for Michael Elgin as I love the long standing vertical suplexes he does. He is also very humble and is easily approachable for pictures and just talking in general.

 photo 11084349_635813923218227_1166386888_n_zpsedj1wrhv.jpg

Brian: If I was to start a promotion and I came to you and asked you what I should do to improve on what you have seen, what would it be?

Randy: I know everyone’s not perfect but I see little things like the wrestlers or referees not exactly knowing the rules of certain matches or promotions. For instance, at HRW last time, we had a three way match and the wrestlers had to tag in and out to always keep it one on one. Didn’t make sense to me as the same style match but a 5 way had all of them in the ring at once. Just consistency issues. HRW has no count outs, but one referee kept trying to count them out and we are screaming at the referee that there are no count outs in HRW.

 photo 11099791_635813573218262_1180338124_n_zpsgty402to.jpg

Brendan’s grandparents Maw Maw and Paw Paw.


Brian: What are your upcoming events you hope to attend and if someone was to ask you why they should purchase a ticket to a local wrestling event, what would you say?

 photo 11103922_635813973218222_146889090_n_zpsnydehmrn.jpg

Getting photos and autographs with Volkolff at SICW.

Randy: HRW moved to Cahokia, IL. So we are pumped to see who Frank brings in next. SICW keeps bringing the legends that we have to go see and we are truly grateful for that.

Herb was also kind enough to surprise Brendan with letting him hold the SICW Classic title.

Brian: Randy and Brendan thank you so much for joining us today with this interview. I always enjoy seeing you guys at the events that we cover and I feel safe to say that I speak for all the promoters and wrestlers in the Midwest that we appreciate your support of pro wrestling by attending the events and we hope to see you in 2015 soon.


 photo 11244909_940166672701140_4960041401379979688_n_zps6srch6rw.jpg

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Team I.O.U. Prepares for PGP Living Proof on May 23rd in Petersburg, Illinois

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 8, 2015

 photo prooo_zpsaojugar9.jpg

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3XWrestling honors loved ones on Mothers’ Day Weekend with the Jeff Thompson Memorial Show

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 7, 2015

 photo 3xw j_zpsxlbxkbud.jpgThere are no words to properly describe the feeling that a parent goes through when they outlive their children. During my ten years of working in the health field I worked with thousands of great grandparents, grandparents and parents as they came to stay in an assisted living facility during their twilight years. One of my responsibilities of working as an Activities Director was to get to know each and every one of the men and women that came to make our place their home. During the interview phase, one of the most important aspects of the discussion almost always came back to the family. Memories of watching their kids grow up, get married and have children would often be reminisced during out discussions. Good times were remembered with smiles, but as with life, mistakes would bring hard times and for some tragedy during war, homes lost to fire and divorce are just a few unfortunate events to happen to them. Yet, the truly saddest events were those that were discussed of a parent losing a child. No matter the amount of years that passed that empty feeling was always there, but with friends and family in their lives they were able to endure through the pain.

On March 7th,Jeff Thompson made his way to cheer on the Nevada, Iowa girls basketball team win their first ever state basketball tournament . On the way out of the building Jeff collapsed and pass away due to a brain aneurysm on the way out of the arena that night.

For the past several years Jeff had supported Iowa’s 3XWrestling with his good friend Brian VanderWal cheering on his favorites such as Jeremy Wyatt, Mauler, and Nate Redwing to name a few. After the events Jeff and Brian would continue their support of the wrestlers by building a friendship with the wrestlers in person and on Facebook. When his friend Brian encouraged Jeff’s mom Deb to have a wrestling fundraiser to benefit the famil, she asked that the night also be to honor Jeff’s love for pro wrestling.

We spoke to Corrie McDowell, co-owner of 3XWrestling who stated that “3XW has had the privilege over the past almost 10 years now of providing family fun entertainment for people of all ages. This Saturday is going to honor one of 3XW’s biggest fans, Jeff Thompson, who passed away suddenly in March. There are going to be wrestlers from near and far that are coming to wrestle and honor this hard core 3XW fan. I interacted with Jeff at every show he attended and always got a good chuckle at his passion for not only the wrestling, but the wrestlers themselves. Brian VanderWal and Jeff always hung around after the shows to talk to the guys and tell them what a great job they had done that night. Jeff was the kind of fan and person that we love to have at our events. He loved to have a great time and spend it with his wrestling family. 3XW is extremely honored to help raise money for his family for expenses and their loss from his untimely death. We know that Jeff Thompson will be cheering and booing the wrestlers on Saturday night from up above as we provide a show especially for him.”

So I invite you this Mothers’ Day weekend on Saturday in Jeff’s hometown of Nevada, Iowa as Jeff’s mom Deb and father Ken, along with several other of his loved ones will be at the Leonard Dueland Pavallion for a night of celebration on the life of Jeff Thompson.

The headline of the night will be the first ever Jeff Thompson Memorial Tag Team tournament featuring “The American Fury” Jon West & Maddog McDowell , the American Bulldogs taking on the 3XW Dream team of Mark Sterling and The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson. Also in the first round will be the electrifying team of AC/DC “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon & Darin Corbin battling against the 3XW Champion Jeremy Wyatt and “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell.

Nevada’s very own Don Desher goes one on one against “Delicious” Devin Carter. Adrian Alexander challenges Rory Fox while JD Riggs w/Skylar Pierce collides against The Mauler. The action will be intense in a Triple Threat match as SM King , Sentai and Cuco Santiago will pull out all the stops for a victory. Brady A. Dezire returning to the ring for one night only will meet Jesse Malone.

Ticket prices are only $12 General Admission while kids 12 and under are only $6.00

We hope to see you there for this memorable night to honor Jeff Thompson with two of his favorite past times wrestling and family.

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William Regal signs High Risk Wrestling Star Uhaa Nation to the NXT

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 7, 2015

You saw the man formally known as Uhaa Nation live at High Risk Wrestling recently and through the pages of the MWR Yearbook, now check him out on the WWE Network.

High Risk Wrestling returns on 05/24/2015 with Davey Richards, ACH and more in Cahokia, Illinois 3:00PM Doors and 4:00PM Bell time VFW Post #1699 621 Water St. 62206 All tickets are just $20 each and are available in advance at the venue or at the door!

HRW High Risk Championship Match
Champion – ACH VS Louis Lyndon

Number one Contenders Match!
Takaaki Watanabe VS Blake Edward Belakis

Team IOU – Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful VS The Rejects – Reed Bentley and John Wayne Murdoch

3 Way Mayhem!
Bolt Brady w/ Magic Man VS Ace Perry VS Josh Crane

Davey Richards VS Tony Kozina

Wrestlers 3 way
Tripp Cassidy VS Dale Patricks VS Jack Verville

Mike Outlaw w/ Magic Man and a Mystery Partner VS The Forbidden City Warriors – Jun Hado and Akuma

All tickets are just $20 each and are available in advance at the venue or at the door!

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Harley Race’s World League Wrestling adds huge events for 2015

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 6, 2015

wlw new

05/30/2015 World League Wrestling (Troy, Missouri) at the Race Wrestling Academyo

06/26/2015 World League Wrestling (Troy, Missouri) at the Race Wrestling Academy

06/27/2015 World League Wrestling (Chilicothe, Missouri) at the Chilicothe High School gymnasium

07/14/2015 World League Wrestling Lincoln County Fairgrounds

07/15/2015 World League Wrestling Lincoln County Fairgrounds

07/23/2015 World League Wrestling (Texas County, Missouri) at the Texas County, MO Fairgrounds

08/29/2015 World League Wrestling (Troy, Missouri) at the Race Wrestling Academy “Flair vs. Race – the reunion!”

09/03/2015 World League Wrestling (Vienna, Missouri) at the Maries County Fair

09/12/2015 World League Wrestling (Grain Valley, Missouri) at the Grain Valley, MO festival!

09/23/2015 World League Wrestling (Stoddard, Missouri) at the Stoddard, MO Fairgrounds

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High Risk Wrestling – Cahokia, IL – May 24th, 2015

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 6, 2015

HRW truly is becoming one of the most talked about Promotions in the Country. This may sound like phony hype, however I have proof.

Just yesterday, I was contacted by a TNA Superstar who was interested in wrestling for you, the great fans of High Risk Wrestling!

I was able to come to an agreement with this former Champion of many Promotion’s to appear on the already Stacked card on May 24th.

This has affected two matches on this Big Event and the new matches are as follows.

First is a Wrestlers 3 way, where two Men are in the ring at once with the third Man waiting on the apron to be tagged in and is contested under elimination rules.

Tripp Cassidy VS Dale Patricks VS Jack Verville

The second match features two long times friends/rivals testing each other, one more time.

Davey Richards VS Tony Kozina

High Risk Wrestling Presents “Hall of the Mountain King” on Sunday afternoon May 24th in Cahokia, IL. with a matinee start time of 3:00PM Doors and 4:00Pm Bell time.

Here is the Full Line up!

HRW High Risk Championship Match
Champion – ACH VS Louis Lyndon

Number one Contenders Match!
Takaaki Watanabe VS Blake Edward Belakis

Team IOU – Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful VS The Rejects – Reed Bentley and John Wayne Murdoch

3 Way Mayhem!
Bolt Brady w/ Magic Man VS Ace Perry VS Josh Crane

Davey Richards VS Tony Kozina

Wrestlers 3 way
Tripp Cassidy VS Dale Patricks VS Jack Verville

Mike Outlaw w/ Magic Man and a Mystery Partner VS The Forbidden City Warriors – Jun Hado and Akuma

All tickets are just $20 each and are available in advance at the venue or at the door!

Also, if you buy your ticket for the June Event on May 24th only, you will be able to buy your tickets for June for only $15 each!

High Risk Wrestling Presents “Hall of the Mountain King”
Sunday May 24th, 3:00PM Doors and 4:00PM Bell time.

VFW Post #1699
621 Water St.
Cahokia, IL

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