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10 Questions with Pro Wrestling Championship Series Promoter Greg Jovi

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 9, 2015

MWR owner and Editor Brian Kelley : Greg, I would like to thank you for joining us today at Missouri Wrestling Revival. We have covered you causing havoc as a manager at St. Louis Anarchy and Dynamo Pro in the past. Recently, you opened up a new promotion based out of Granite City, Illinois PWCS that has a unique set up based on team competition with several of the top stars around the country. I know that you are very busy preparing for the huge event this weekend for PWCS, so once again thank you for taking the time to speak with us.

PWCS logo

Greg: Thank you for having me for this piece. Always appreciate the opportunity to get the word out and promote my brand.

1) You obviously are very passionate for pro wrestling, who was your inspiration to work towards being a part of pro wrestling in the Midwest?

Greg: I’ve wanted to be a manager and promoter since I was about 11 years old, the first time I saw Paul Heyman on ECW. Locally, I got hooked on GCW at about 13 and wanted so badly to be apart of that. Seeing guys like Dingo, Pete Madden, and the Ego Express (KC Karrington and Steven Kennedy) made me fall in love with wrestling all over again. Before that I had no idea Indy wrestling existed, let alone right in my backyard.

2) As I had mentioned, you are now a promoter in the St. Louis area, but prior to becoming a wrestling manager you respected the sport enough to seek training to be a pro wrestler. Who were your trainers or people instrumental in helping you , and what was that experience like?

Greg: I actually went in with the mindset that I was going to be a manager. I sent a promo reel to Dynamo and they liked it enough they invited me to the gym one week. I decided my first day I was going to get in there and try to do everything the wrestlers did, and I ended up doing very well and earning respect. Dingo taught me a lot, soon he stepped aside and Davey Vega took over. Sadie Blaze all the while taught me the managing side of things.

As far as how it was, it was the time of my life. I miss those times sometimes. I was in great shape, made great friends, and really showed myself something I never knew I had. I wonder now and again if I’d be a semi competent full time wrestler by now had I not been dropped on my head and injured my neck. I was really starting to click, but I think I was meant for where I am now.

 photo 0_zpsi68sh9zd.jpg

Evan Gelisticois intense after a hard fought victory at St. Louis Anarchy as manager Greg Jovi celebrates.


3) Your other positions included being a referee and ring announcer. What are your pet peeves that referees and ring announcers do at this level, and what memories do you have of being of those positions?

Greg: I don’t really have ring announcing pet peeves, I’ll just say good ones are hard to find. Number one ref pet peeve is the best ones always want to wrestle it seems. More power to them, that’s not a knock, but a lot of great refs simply strive for more and great refs as well are hard to find.

4) After some time you would shock the fans by becoming a force in Dynamo Pro Wrestling and St. Louis Anarchy as a manager. At Dynamo Pro Wrestling you aligned yourself with the KC Karrington’s First Church of Karrington with Steven Kennedy, Dice and Adam Raw. Today, in the land of Anarchy you lead the N.WO style of faction BOSS that includes the St. Louis Anarchy Champion Gerald James, Dan Walsh, Jordan Lacey and more joining every second it seems as chaos reigns at SLA. Who was your first wrestler that you managed, and what mistakes as a manager did you make that you have fixed since then?

Greg: I think my first “client” if you will was actually Mat Fitchett, and I was a good guy believe it or not. Eventually, I turned on him at Yuletide Terror one year and we were off to the races. As far as mistakes, I remember never knowing where to stand. I was like, “if I stand here I’m blocking their view, but if I’m here nobody sees me at all”. I was super nervous about little dumb stuff like that all the time.

 photo 0_zps1zgawt2g.jpg

Greg leads the First Church of Karrington at Dynamo Pro Wrestling.


5) If you had the chance to manage to anyone wrestler in the world today who would it be?

Greg: First name that comes to mind is Kyle O’Reily. Great wrestler and great guy. I would also love to manage a female talent, that’s not a dynamic that’s really been done often. Would love to see what I could do managing somebody like Heidi Lovelace.

 photo 000000_zps1mksgt96.jpg

The St. Louis Anarchy champion Gary Jay has been unstoppable. Next month, in Alton, Illinois he will face JoJo Bravo on April 17th and if he is able to retain his title he will tested by Davey Richards the next night. This Saturday Gary and Greg represents the Ego Busters against the Resurgence Steven Kennedy in the double Main Event.


6) Gerald James has been the SLA Champion while defeating the likes of Takaaki Watanabe, Davey Vega, Angelus Layne and Mat Fitchett and is still one of the most underrated wrestlers in the country. His reign has been highly entertaining, what has been your highlight while leading him during this time.

Greg: There have been so many fantastic matches and moments in his lengthy reign, it’s hard to choose. I think busting up the Angelus Layne wedding has probably been my favorite. Being involved in a wedding gone wrong has got to be on every wrestlers bucket list right?

 photo 0000000_zpsvr1tdnvx.jpg

 photo sla1_zps929ec2e3.jpg

Saint Louis Anarchy presents: Gateway to Anarchy
Stage One: Friday night April 17th
Stage Two: Saturday night April 18th

Live from Spaulding Hall Club in Alton IL (405 East 4th Street)

Doors Open: 6:30pm Show Starts at 7:00pm

Tickets: Front Row Reserve $15 (per night)
Second Row Reserve $12 (per night)
Gen Admission $10 (per night)
ALL tickets $15 day of show


7) Last year, you came up with concept of Pro Wrestling Championship Series. Before we take a look at the upcoming 2015 season, please explain the concept to the fans for us on the team system.

Greg: Certainly. The concept is pretty heavily rooted in how college and high school wrestling works. We have four teams. Each event, the wrestlers from a team compete against the wrestlers from another. Their individual wins and losses go towards their team’s overall record. At the end of the season, the two teams with the best record face off in a four on four elimination match to crown that season’s champion. It’s pro wrestling as a team sport.

 photo 6_zpsoc62yica.jpg

Greg Jovi distracts Davey Vega.


Danny Adams vs Paco Gonzalez + JIMMY JACOBS

8) I know from experience that becoming a wrestling promoter is an uphill battle as in today’s environment. There are so Many entertainment choices for the fans to choose. From your experience what has been the recipe for success for you and partner Jason Coellner at PWCS?

Greg: Providing a quality product that is different from the rest has worked great for us. We advertised that we would be new and innovative, and I don’t think anyone has left a PWCS event saying, “Well that’s the same show I saw at ____”. We truly do offer a fun, alternative brand with substance in the ring.

9) This coming weekend PWCS returns to action. I understand that you have DVDs of the first season. Are they all done and ready for the fans to purchase and if so how much?

 photo pwcs q_zpsozdffg4m.jpg

The DVDs are $10 ($15 for the Championship show , as it will be a 2 disc set)

 photo pwcs 3_zpsyef7my5h.jpg

 photo pwcs2_zpsmaopmyfg.jpg


Greg: Stages 1-3 are all currently available online at pwcswrestling.storenvy.com and at live events. It will be down to the wire, but we should have all those as well as the Championship Spectacular featuring Colt Cabana and Jimmy Jacobs at this Saturday nights event. Jason does a fantastic job on these along with our play by play man Drew Xzono Jr.

10) What should fans expect different this season at PWCS?

Greg: For starters, you’re going to get the return of one of the best wrestlers in the area this Saturday night, and if rumors are true he’s going to put the entire league on notice and on edge.

 photo 7_zpsjqtrgayb.jpg

You’re also going to see a fourth regular season event this year. It internally being called the Wildcard Stage and will provide some fun matches as all four teams will mix it up and have one last shot to secure a spot in the 2015 Championship Spectacular.

And you never know what else might happen or who might show up. Thanks Brian for having me, and thank you to anyone who has supported the league so far.

 photo pwcs s_zpsphzn6nfz.jpg

Brian:  Once again Greg, thank you for your time and we look forward to another year of exciting PWCS action. Fans, be sure to add PWCS on Facebook and Twitter at PWCSWrestling to keep up with them as well as here at Missouri Wrestling Revival.com, your #1 source of wrestling news in the Midwest.

 photo pwcs 5_zpsmleskdhp.jpg

 photo pwcs 6_zpsfcjo3gp5.jpg

The dust has settled and the 2014 Pro Wrestling Championship Series has come to a close with The Blacklist (Makaze, Jo Jo Bravo, OutTkAst, and Nate Redwing) coming out victorious! However, their time to celebrate will be short lived, as the 2015 PWCS Season begins March 14th, 2015 in Granite City, IL!

Who will start off the 2015 Season right, and who will have a hole to climb out of? Find out, March 14th!

Tickets are available NOW at http://www.StageOne2015.brownpapertickets.com and can be reserved by sending us a message here on facebook. Get your tickets ASAP for this 2015 kickoff event!

Tickets Prices:
Front Row: $12 ($15 at the door)
Adult General Admission: $10 ($12 at the door)
Children 12 & Under General Admission: $8 ($10 at the door)

The Stage One 2015 Card Will Feature A Double Main Event

***Main Event: Resurgence Vs. Ego Busters***
Steven Kennedy (Resurgence) Vs Gary Jay w/ Greg Jovi (Ego Busters)

***Main Event: Blacklist Vs. Team Anarchy***
Jo Jo Bravo (Blacklist) Vs. The New Team Anarchy Owner (Team Anarchy)

Mat Fitchett & Davey Vega (Resurgence)
Brandon Espinosa & Dan Walsh (Ego Busters)

Makaze (Blacklist) Vs. Alex Castle (Team Anarchy)

“The Submission Squad” Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico (Team Anarchy)
“The The Viking War Party” Alexander Rudolph and Jake Parnell (Blacklist)

“DirdEy” Jake Dirden (The Resurgence) Vs. “Blue Chip” Danny Adams (Ego Busters)

Superior” Adam Rich Vs. JD Riggs The loser has to follow the winner’s diet for 90 days.

Free Agent Showcase: Justin D’Air Vs. Ozzie Gallagher

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Wrestling star Adam “Sam Richardson” Raw’s talents are showcased in the new Graphic Novel Hafu, Purchase your copy today

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 14, 2013

 photo hafu-featured_zps8e809358.jpg

Editors note : MWR fans be sure to purchase a copy of the HAFU Graphic Novel today. A total of 64 pages, featuring full color book done in comic book format. Written by Jordan Taylor and Illustrated by Sam Richardson. Buy by clicking here online NOW at ShowMeComics.com and click on HAFU.

Akiko Kuno’s father is Japanese and her mother is . . . dead. She never knew her. The only legacy left by the dead woman is her American blood. Living in small-town Japan, Akiko’s heritage is a burden. Society rejects her. She is stared down, mocked, and outright bullied. On top of it all, her father barely acknowledges her existence.

But Akiko’s father, Tokoyumi Kuno, stays distant for a reason. He is a killer, the top assassin for a secret clan of Shinobi. Pushing Akiko away keeps her safe. Yet, the isolation takes a different toll. The crippling grief and hostile culture are destroying her spirit.

So, Tokoyumi gives his daughter a choice. She can stay in her normal, melancholy life, or learn her father’s secret and abandon everything she knows.

She chooses the world of shadows.

Can Akiko, an insecure half-breed, survive in Japan’s ancient criminal underworld? Will she become a killer herself? Will Tokoyumi reveal even darker secrets?

 photo hafu-vol1-300x284_zps3724d6c5.jpg

Hafu: Book I is a coming of age story set against a backdrop of crime, secrecy, and betrayal. The story is told collaboratively through the words of Jordan Taylor and the art of Sam Richardson.

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SICW Wrestling Explosion (8/18/13) Dave Vaughn vs. Adam Raw

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 18, 2013


Recorded: 7/20/13
Producer: Grant Murphy

Dave Vaughn vs. Adam Raw
Gary Jackson vs. Jake Parnell
Dory Funk, Jr. vs. Ron McFarlane (1980)

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Circus Maximus week: SLA names the top 10 matches ever in the history of Circus Maximus

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 26, 2013

By Pierre Abernathy

10. Adam Raw vs. Frankie Big Balls– The last match in the history of the WCWF Circus Maximus event.

9. Nick Tyson vs. Adam Raw- Two men who started the LWA in the last one on battle they ever had.

8. Davey Vega vs. Johnny Gargano– Two wrestlers at the time who were both on the verge on being the top wrestlers in there respected home companies. Both have grown into those roles in a great way.

 photo st-louis-anarchy-dvd-july-13-2012-circus-maximus-granite-city-il-57445054-350x250_zps4e75ddf1.png

To Purchase St. Louis Anarchy DVD July 13, 2012 “Circus Maximus” – Granite City, IL click here

7.  TJ Perkins vs. Davey Richards – Two men in the world of pro wrestling that are capable of having great matches in just about any style. A wrestling classic on paper and it lived up to the expectations.

6. ACH vs. Dingo 2 outta 3 falls: The present of Saint Louis wrestling vs. the man who helped put STL wrestling on the map.

5. Evan Gelistico vs. Davey Vega: The last ever LWA title match at Circus Maximus and a night that started a 17 month title run by Evan Gelistico.

 photo fb2421cf-3fca-4f80-adb3-8a2904bc1ed1_zps89cd15fc.jpg

Purchase St. Louis Anarchy DVD July 9, 2011 “Circus Maximus’ – O’Fallon, IL at Smart Mark here.

4. Gerald James vs. ACH– This was part of in my opinion the best feud in the history of Anarchy TX and STL. The two went all over the USA and both men grew as wrestlers and performers during this feud.

3. Jeremy Wyatt vs. KC Karrington– The longest title match in the history of LWA and SLA. This match ended the most underrated champion in our lineages history’s title run.

2. Dan Walsh vs. Gerald James: The bloodiest match in the history of the event.

1. The Submission Squad vs. The Bearded Men from Space Station 11 Street Fight: This match capped off the biggest feud in the history of the LWA and was the wildest match in the company’s history that would need to be seen to believe. The cops were called; a hand was set on fire and used as a weapon. At this year’s Circus Maximus two of those men that were in that match Davey Vega and KC Karrington will finally settle issues steaming from that very personal feud all those years ago.

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Father’s day 2013 with the wrestlers and fans of SICW

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 16, 2013

Everyone knows that I truly love pro wrestling but family is so much more important that even the passion that I have for the sport.

 photo Grandma2_zps66c7b63c.jpg

Myself with my father Steve Kelley,my son Josh,my mother Diane and my sister Dee Dee along with her two kids Faith and Marc.

This past week was laying heaving on my mind as Father’s day was upon us. It has been two years since my father Steve Kelley  has passed away and though life does move on, there isn’t an hour pass that I don’t think of him. When he was alive, both of us love the movies and were comic book fans. My dad and I went to the movies to every comic book movie that was made for several years prior to his passing. I am a Marvel Comics fans but it did not matter if it was a Marvel, DC or Independent comic book movie we always watched the movie on the big screen. Since he has passed, I have only been able to bring myself to go watch a movie on the big screen once and that was for the movie Avengers at the dollar theater in St Louis. I know it is silly but it just wasn’t the same and I had not been there since.

With the new Superman getting a ton of hype and Father’s day here, a part of me just wanted to stay home instead of even going to wrestling. The days passed, and the weekend was here, the excitement of seeing so many of my friends, wrestlers and fans, enticed me to move forward to live and make my way to St Louis. Add on the fact that so many of my friends were excited about the movie, Dubray and I talked about checking out the movie Saturday afternoon , but decided on spending time with our friends instead.

I was blessed to have my father in my life for 38 years, he wasnt perfect, or rich and we went to war at times but I could not of asked for a better dad in my life.

That leads me to SICW in East Carondelet, Illinois last night. A packed crowd was filling into the Community Center for the huge card that was main evented by the Classic Wrestling Championship match between Champion Ricky Cruz and former champ Ron Powers. Since the feud has heated up so much SICW promoter Herb Simmons had to enlist the services of a referee that was capable of maintaining order, and that responsibility would be on the shoulders of the first ever CWC title holder Danny Boy Hawkins.

With time passing by so fast, I needed to get my camera ready for action. Looking for a place to sit to put my flash on, I asked a fan if he would mind if I sat next to him for a second to do so. He was kind enough to say yes, and we shared some small talk. I asked him what match brought him out tonight and he proudly answered with a smile that he was the father of one of the wrestlers.Ernie Richardson went on to tell me that he son was Midwest Powerhouse Adam Raw, and that he unfortunately is unable to watch his son in action most of the time because he is on the road for his job, but was very happy to be there that night.

We shared some more pleasantries, and I told him it was nice meeting him and went to work. Midway in through the matches I was listening to the crowd pop for their heroes loudly and boo the villains when I noticed that there was a ton of different families in the building. It dawned on me, how great it would be to honor the fathers in the building with a special post for MWR by having them taking a photo with their kids.

 photo AdamRAW_zps33504996.jpg

Ernie Richardson with his son pro wrestler Adam Raw

So that conversation with Raw’s dad is the inspiration for this post. I am going to share with you two extra pictures that I have, that were not of that night but of the weekend. One is of Daryl and Kyle Valle; I consider both of the guys’ great friends before I even knew that were father and son. I believe years had passed before I found out on Facebook (Oh the wonders of Facebook) They have been much more than supporters of MWR; we have shared some great moments and conversations together through the years. They remind me so much of my dad and I, so I love photographing them every time I see them. That is how I do have a photo from the Dynamo Show of a dad and his son.

The second bonus photo is of wrestling promoter TNT Keny G. There is never a dull moment with TNT Keny G, and he has been a dear friend for many years now. He has a big heart and has open up his house to us when we come to STL, which allows us to afford double shots when we can. This was one of those weekends that it really helped us cover shows to the best of our ability for the site. TNT Keny G has worked with legends, champions and superstars but there is nothing that he is more proud of than his children. A father of three sons, Samuel, Dustin and Keny as well as three daughters Santana and Savannah.

For the wrestlers and fans that took part of this feature in a moments notice thank you so much, as it makes me feel good to meet you at the shows around the Midwest. If I miss you I apologize,as it was truly a spur of the moment project.Next year for Mothers and Father’s day I may ask for you the fans and wrestlers to send in photos of your Dad/Mom.

Thanks for checking out MWR today, and be sure to tell your loved ones how truly you care about them just not on that special day but every day.

Enjoy and I will see you at the shows.

Your friend
Brian Kelley

 photo Tnt_zpsc1d8af93.jpg

TNT Keny G with his sons.

 photo 7_zpsed6f3536.jpg

 photo dk_zpsac718370.jpg

Daryl and Kyle Valle

 photo 5_zps2ce49159.jpg

SICW Commisioner Keith Smith with his daughter Amanda

 photo Hatorade_zps4c68a8ce.jpg

 photo 3_zpsaf8eaa85.jpg

 photo 4_zpsf7ec2286.jpg

 photo 2_zps7b2654f4.jpg

 photo brent_zps2ffa8d2d.jpg

Ballistic Brent Myers with his father Promoter Bob Brooks

 photo 8_zpsab6a7c5d.jpg

 photo BigtimeJimmyHarris_zps126ebe3f.jpg

Referee Jimmy “Big Time” Harris poses with his son and grandson

 photo Herb_zps0df831c3.jpg

The 2013 MWR Lifetime Achievement recipient and SICW promoter Herb Simmons poses with his son.

 photo 6_zps46cedb7a.jpg

We are told that this is the Big Texans dad and his own son, but we are unable to confirm this or if the Big Texan made them pose for the photo so he could be a part of this feature. Yet, we are not going to argue with the SICW monster.

 photo jimmyd_zps2ac80279.jpg

Wrestling star Bobby D and maybe the first photos of the generation of D’s

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Kevin X to wrestle his final match in the area at the huge NWA Dynamo April 6th Supershow.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 19, 2012

By Patrick Brandmeyer


Dan Walsh is one of the very best in the game today. Taking beatings from powerhouses like Kevin X at Dynamo Pro forced the young star to step up his game. (Photo Credit Amanda Blasé)

Kevin X(aka Kevin Sharp) has been a staple of the St. Louis wrestling scene for over a decade, dating back to the days of Midwest Renegade Wrestling(MRW).

He entered Gateway Championship Wrestling(GCW) in 2000 with his eye on the Heavyweight Title held by Pete Madden, but he was double-crossed by Big Bad Ben after Ben won the championship. The two fought for months until Sharp finally captured the title in a no-DQ match in the spring of 2001.

Kevin held the title for most of the calendar year, defending against tough challengers at every show…in the end, it took two tough opponents to end his title reign. On a night when he was scheduled to defend against Jack Adonis, Nikki Strychnine inserted himself into the situation and the match became a triple threat encounter. The numbers caught up to him and Strychnine ended his title reign…leaving Sharp incredibly bitter about the circumstances of the title loss.

Kevin underwent an attitude change in the ensuing years, transitioning from the self-absorbed “Pretty Boy” into a gangster mentality. Changing his name to Kevin X, he formed “Thug Inc.” with Shawn Almighty and D’Mon G to run roughshod over the GCW roster. He would be a mainstay in the championship picture of just about every promotion in the Midwest!


MWR honored Harley Race’s student Brian Breaker with the 2011 MWR Future Star Award but Kevin X could care less what we think of the future of this rising star. Here he delivers a crushing blow to Breaker. (Photo Stephen Jones )

Kevin X fought Adam Raw for the LWA Title at one point and also held the MMWA-SICW Heavyweight Championship, continuing a long-standing feud with veteran Gary Jackson.


Gary Jackson and Kevin X has been to war many times over the years. Here at East Carondelet for SICW, the action spills outside the ring. (Photo Credit Amanda Blasé)

In recent years, Kevin has competed for Dynamo Pro Wrestling as well as Gateway Championship Wrestlingin the Kansas City area.


Metro Pro Fans and Pete Madden knows full well how dominating Kevin X can be (Photo Bill Smith)

Wrestling fans in the St. Louis area wish Kevin X the best of luck in the future…one could say that his career was “just too pretty!”


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Independent Hardcore Wrestling Photo Recap March 6th Brandon Aarons vs. “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 18, 2010

Doug E Best goes full force at Adam Raw.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Raw sends Best to the mat with a message that no rookie will run over him. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Raw brings the pain to Best.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Doug E Best would bite and scratch his way through the match. Even in a loss Best would was impressive. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Adam Raw defeated Doug E. Best

Poo Doo the Cow (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Espy struggles against Poo Doo the Cow. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

You have heard the old saying about when pigs fly? Well how about cows Brandon Espinosa? (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Espinosa only needs one opening to take over a match. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Espinosa defeated PooDoo The Cow

MR LAT-NITE leads Morbid, Cabal and Brandon Graves to the ring at IHW(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Justin Wade drops bombs on Cabal. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Evan Gelistico finds out that Wade’s power is for real. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Pierre Abernathy cheers on his partner Gelistico as he takes over on Shawn Santel. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Gelistico prepares to drop Santel with a blow from the outside. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Cabal with a sidewalk slam.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Santel overpoweres Gelistico. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Santel overpoweres Gelistico IWA-ACW Tag team titles.. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

IWA-ACW Tag Champs Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico defeated Cabal & Brandon Graves and Justin Wade & Shawn Santel in a triple threat tag team match.

Eric Allen( Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen and Mephisto went at it tooth and nail in and out of the ring. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen Submits Mephisto to move on in the Illinois Championship Tournament. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Eric Allen defeated Mephisto by submission.

Old foes meet once again when Sean Vincent hooked up with Billy McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

McNeils leg kicks can be a vicious weapon. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Canada’s Sean Vincent stalks Billy McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Amazing Billy McNeil (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

What can I say about this move? A tough win from the talented Billy McNeil.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Billy Mcneil defeated Sean Vincent

During intermission a IHW fan was celebrating her birthday when Sean Vincent who was just eliminated in the Illinois state tournament comes to ruin her day. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The Don Mega Shorty Biggs comes to the rescue of the birthday girl.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Once again Mr. Late Nite’s man Gideon Morbid makes short work on his opponent at IHW. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Micheal Gideon Morbid defeated Zabian Zypertin

Billy McNeil explodes on Eric Allen in the finals of the Illinois State Championship. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen goes full force against McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A stunning kick by Allen gives him the edge. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen takes a seat while giving pain to McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Someone asked me while taking this , will those tables give ? The answer yes. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen moves just in time. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A vicious sneak attack on McNeil…The man behind the mask Sean Vincent. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The aftermath of a scary situation after Allen takes the pinfall to win the Championship. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Eric Allen defeated Billy Mcneil to win the IHW IL Title

Gary J gets the fans in an uproar. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The kids love the charismatic Shorty Biggs. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A kick to the head, dead on the mark from Gary J.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Shorty Biggs gets the victory in a very tough match up. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Shorty Biggs defeated Gary Jay

IHW Champion Brandon Aarons. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Aarons has one of the most beautiful drop kicks in the game. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Spoiled Steven Kennedy sends Aarons flying. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Kennedy looked great in the match taunting Aarons during moment of the match. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Aarons showed true heart by beating Steven Kennedy in a great match up. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Eric Allen lets his arch rival Brandon Aarons know that he is coming after the IHW belt. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

B.A.B.EWatch together again?(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Espinosa cements the breakdown of BABEWatrch. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

IHW Heavyweight champ Brandon Aarons defeated Steven Kennedy

Look for an exclusive interview with Sean Vincent in the near future at Missouri Wrestling Revival as we try to get to the bottom of his viscous attack on Billy McNeil.

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LWA invites you this Saturday in House Springs Mo to celebrate 6 Years of Cheers and Beers

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 19, 2009

Missouri Wrestling Revival caught up with LWA President Luke Roberts, and Evan Gelstico as he gets ready to hook up with one of the Hottest wrestlers today Davey Vega. Pierre Abernathy speaks on his battle with Jeremy “The Rebel” Wyatt.

A night of wrestling that you will not want to miss

It’s been called many things. Intense, crazy, and controversial. No matter what you call it, the LwA has been serving up the wildest damn brand of Prowrestling for six years!

On October 24th at the Knights of Columbus Hall in House Springs, LwA Productions is celebrating their sixth year of running the most outrageous prowrestling show around. It’s gonna be a huge party, and the celebration will be happening all night long! As always, beer is only one dollar, and the card looks to be stacked from top to bottom!

A special theme for this night will be the battle of the ex-champs: Nearly all the past LwA Champions will be battling it out against each other! Matches include:

LwA Champion KC Karrington faces Gary the Nightowl
Pierre Abernathy vs Jeremy Wyatt
The Future” Donovan Ruddick vs Adam Raw

Also in action will be “www.lwawrestling.com/, and many more!

Tickets start at $8 in advance / $10 at the door
For info or tickets call 314-805-4920
or visit http://www.lethalwrestlingalliance.com

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Dubi Meets the LWA Superfans

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 6, 2009

By Dubi-“Bear”

If you like beer, brats and wrestling then you should have come with me to House Springs on July 25, as I partied with the LWA Superfans.

Throughout the years of going to shows around the Midwest with my boyfriend, Brian, we have made many friends, no matter what federation we go to. One of my favorite friends goes by Big Al. Big Al is a huge Jordan Lacey fan and a loveable guy with a great sense of humor. He invited us to the LWA tailgate party prior to the show. And, as they say in Rock, let the good times roll.

The afternoon was beautiful and the beer was good. Several of the LWA crew joined us for laughs and food. The wild and crazy Steven Kennedy came out of the locker room and had stolen someone’s wrestling shorts and put them over his pants to entertain the party. I had a delicious jalapeño brat and got caught up with what was happening with Referees Eric Davis and Kiwi Jello. Even Adam Raw couldn’t resist coming out and hanging with us. Before we went in to watch matches, we all posed for a group photo for Kari Williams for an article to be published at a later date.

When the show began, I was already feeling a buzz and excited about seeing Michael Strider again. Strider and Derek Stone were the first two wrestlers who I became a fan of when I first saw pro wrestling live. On this evening, Strider took on Mark Sterling, who was also one of the first I saw, whom, at the time, I was not impressed with. Nearly five years later, Sterling is now one of the top reasons I enjoy going to wrestling.

Also on the card was the sexy Tyler Cook. Girls, if you have not seen Tyler Cook, you do not know what you are missing. He is a work of art, or, at least eye-candy.

I got to my seat with a full cup of beer to start the show. The problem was I kept spilling my beer on the floor, with a little help from my friends, on myself, and on others throughout the night. At intermission, I was on my mission to seek out LWA fans to do this article. Due to the fact that I was having such a good time, I asked my friend Dawn to assist me in finding fans of the LWA.

The first fan I caught up with was with my good friend Big Al; her name was Mallory Willson, a seven year fan. She insisted that her all-time favorite was Bruce VanChan who retired about four years ago and was “one of the originals from Adam Raw’s garage,” according to Willson. That was before my time of watching LWA, and she wanted her picture with fellow Superfan Justin Poole.

Mallory Willson with fellow fan Justin Poole (Photo Credit Brian "Flair" Kelley)

Mallory Willson with fellow fan Justin Poole (Photo Credit Brian "Flair" Kelley)

The next fan I spoke to came to see Adam Raw in action. His name was Ryan Hughes, and he has been going to LWA for close to two years. Adam Raw, unfortunately, was unable to wrestle on this evening, though he was more than happy to take a picture with young Ryan.

Ryan Hughes with his favorite LWA Superstar Adam Raw (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Ryan Hughes with his favorite LWA Superstar Adam Raw (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Running around, I found Adrian Hooper, who had been going to LWA for four years. Adrian was a fan of Steven Kennedy. Kennedy used to be cocky and arrogant, but lately he has been a really cool guy, and I was happy he took the time for me to snap a picture with Adrian.

Adrian Hooper with the Charismatic Steven Kennedy (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Adrian Hooper with the Charismatic Steven Kennedy (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Last, but not least, was Michael Mayberry. Michael and I have something in common—we are both impressed with Donovan Ruddick. You can call him “The Future” or the “6’9” Monster,” but I think that he is AWESOME. So did Michael. The intermission was done. and I asked Michael that if he waited after the show, I would asked LWA Management if Ruddick would come out. You never know what kind of mood The Future is in, so I told Michael I wasn’t for sure. Lucky for me, they were able to get him to come out, and Ruddick was polite and smiled.

 “The Future” Donovan Ruddick with one of his biggest fans Michael Maberry.

“The Future” Donovan Ruddick with one of his biggest fans Michael Maberry.

Aww the night was over and the room was spinning but we had a great time of hanging with friends at the Lethal Wrestling Alliance.

I am hoping to make  the MMWA-SICW show Saturday at South Broadway. On Aug. 15 I will be in Granite City for High Voltage Wrestling. Look forward to the next installment of Dubi meets the fans.

One last thought…..
Michael Strider lost the NWA Central States Championship to Mark Sterling and announced that he was walking away but the fans will always have the memories of one of the toughest guys I ever saw. I leave you with a picture of him posing with me and another fan who truly enjoyed watching him. I have to say it one last time….STRIDER NATION…you will be missed.

Strider and myself.....Hopefully not for the last time. (Photo Credit Brian "Flair" Kelley)

Strider and myself.....Hopefully not for the last time. (Photo Credit Brian "Flair" Kelley)

LWA July 25,2009 411

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LWA Circus Maximus VI Arena Report

Posted by reimaginejournalism on June 28, 2009

By Kari Williams

Lethal Wresting Alliance underwent monumental changes on June 20 at Circus Maximus, including a new LWA Heavyweight Champion, the retirement of the LWA Medallion and the introduction of three new medallions. The 102 fans at the Knights of Columbus hall got their money’s worth and then some at what one could argue was the best show of the summer, thus far.

“Thee” Brandon Espinosa and Mike Sydal took on Dash Rando and Rebelucha, accompanied by Super Electro, in the opening bout. Despite never tagging together, Rando and Rebelucha worked extremely well as a team. The highflying styles of the two men meshed perfectly, creating a formidable offense. They sent Espinosa running to Sydal for comfort on more than one occasion.

Rebelucha and Dash Rando took on Mike Sydal and Brandon Espinosa in the opening match of Circus Maximus VI. Photo by Kari Williams

Rebelucha and Dash Rando took on Mike Sydal and Brandon Espinosa in the opening match of Circus Maximus VI. Photo by Kari Williams

Still, even with the absence of “Irresistably Flawless” Brandon Aarons, B.A.B.E.WATCH kept their opponents on edge. The one-man advantage for Rebelucha and Rando worked in their favor, as they decisively won the match with double frogsplashes followed by double pinfalls, with Rebelucha pinning Sydal and Rando pinning Espinosa.

Adam Raw announced Tim Alley as the new LWA Commissioner due to Raw vacating the position for a spot on the active roster. Alley quickly addressed the problems within the LWA—President Luke Roberts’ recent actions, the pairing of Shorty Biggs and Dorian Victor for the Tag Title match and $15 front row tickets. In his first act as commissioner, he announced the retirement of the Medallion and the introduction of the Medallion Triad. A wrestler must obtain all three medallions (Torment/Submission, Pain/Pinfall, Brutality/No Disqualification) to earn a shot at the Heavyweight Title.

The first of the three medallions, Torment, was put on the line as “Spitfire” Davey Vega returned to take on “All American” Adam Rich. Both men did their best to wear down the other for a submission victory. Vega focused his attack on the lower back, in hopes of setting up the Texas Cloverleaf.

Spitfire Davey Vega and All American Adam Rich wrestled for the first of three new LWA Medallions, The Medallion of Torment, in which the match can only be won via submission. Photo by Kari Williams

"Spitfire" Davey Vega and "All American" Adam Rich wrestled for the first of three new LWA Medallions, The Medallion of Torment, in which the match can only be won via submission. Photo by Kari Williams

Rich would not be deterred and did everything in his power to combat Vega. Despite Rich’s power and his ‘hulking up,’ Vega had worn down the All American more throughout the bout to force him to tap to the Texas Cloverleaf.

Alley announced that the winner of the following match would earn the Medallion of Pain. Eric Allen had to try and defeat Gorgeous Jordan, formerly XXX Jordan Lacey. Jordan addressed the crowd, saying that when he lost to Jeremy Wyatt, he said that XXX would never be in the ring again.

Gorgeous Jordan, formerly XXX Jordan Lacey, returned to take on Eric Allen in a match for the Medallion of Pain, which could only be won via pinfall. Photo by Kari Williams

Gorgeous Jordan, formerly XXX Jordan Lacey, returned to take on Eric Allen in a match for the Medallion of Pain, which could only be won via pinfall. Photo by Kari Williams

Lacey needed time to collect his thoughts, forget the fans and focus on the LWA title. Jordan barely gave Allen any chance for offense. Jordan’s time away from the ring did more harm than good for Allen, as the gorgeous one pummeled Allen relentlessly from bell to bell. Jordan decisively pinned Allen to become the second Medallion winner of the evening.

The Submission Squad of Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico defended their LWA Tag Team titles against the Luke Roberts-assembled team of Dorian Victor and Shorty Biggs. Victor attempted to convince the fans and Biggs that he had changed, and it appeared that way when after Abernathy and Gelistico raised his hands, he attacked them.

Evan Gelistico wears down Shorty Biggs during the LWA Tag Team Title match. Photo by Kari Williams

Evan Gelistico wears down Shorty Biggs during the LWA Tag Team Title match. Photo by Kari Williams

From that point on, Biggs and Victor looked as if they would work well together. But the cohesiveness of the Submission Squad, and Roberts’ presence at ringside deterred the unlikely tandem. In the closing moments, Victor turned on Biggs, powerbombed him, and allowed Abernathy to get the pin and retain the titles.

After the match, Roberts got on the mic and told the crowd that he was proud to represent the LWA fans, Jeremy Wyatt as the Heavyweight Champion, and Victor himself. He then verbally assaulted Biggs, who attacked Roberts in retaliation and told Victor that he “will rue the day [he] crossed the Don Mega.”

Once returning from intermission, “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy battled Gary the Nightowl, with Tiffani LaFane, in a street fight for the Medallion of Brutality. The two men wasted no time in taking the fight to the outside, where they battled through the crowd and where Gary forced Kennedy to collide with the brick wall. As Kennedy and Gary made their way back to ringside, Gary pulled out a screwdriver to use on Kennedy.

Spoiled Steven Kennedy punished Gary the Nightowl only moments after being thrown into the brick wall. Photo by Kari Williams

"Spoiled" Steven Kennedy punished Gary the Nightowl only moments after being thrown into the brick wall. Photo by Kari Williams

However, Kennedy wrestled it away from the Nightowl and dished out the punishment. Minutes later, Gary brought a ladder into the mix, which signaled the beginning of the end. Both men threw each other into the ladder on more than one occasion, but it was Kennedy powerbombing Gary onto the ladder that sealed his fate. Kennedy walked away with the Medallion of Brutality and talked about K.C. Karrington’s match with Wyatt, saying that he will always be there for Karrington.

“The Japanese Nightmare” Kahagas made his LWA debut against Mark Sterling in an impressive bout. Sterling looked hesitant to start the match, but once it got underway, fans witnessed Sterling’s tenacity yet again and Kahagas’ athletic expertise.

The fierce and intense Mark Sterling punishes the debuting Kahagas after the two battled outside of the ring. Photo by Kari Williams

The fierce and intense Mark Sterling punishes the debuting Kahagas after the two battled outside of the ring. Photo by Kari Williams

The Japanese Nightmare took the fight to ringisde, and just barely escaped a Kendo Stick hit from Sterling as they battled through the crowd. Once they made their way back to the ring, Sterling dominated, but the unorthodox Kahagas would not go down easily and pulled out all the stops. That was not enough to stop Sterling, who used his wit and ring presence to secure the win by pinning Kahagas with his feet on the ropes for leverage.

K.C. Karrington had his work cut out for him in the main event, as he challenged Wyatt for the LWA Title. In a brawl that lasted nearly 40 minutes, these two athletes threw everything at each other, but the desire to be champion willed both of them on. Wyatt treated Karrington as an unworthy contender but soon realized that Karrington would not lay down for the champion.

K.C. Karrington proves to Jeremy Wyatt that he will be taken seriously in their battle for the LWA Heavyweight Title. Photo by Kari Williams

K.C. Karrington proves to Jeremy Wyatt that he will be taken seriously in their battle for the LWA Heavyweight Title. Photo by Kari Williams

Both men went to unbelievable lengths to prove who the better competitor was, including Karrington launching over the top rope onto a wounded Wyatt on the outside. Many nearfalls and narrow escapes occurred, one of them being Wyatt inadvertently hitting himself in the head with a steel chair as it bounced off the ring ropes.

Wyatt and Karrington brutalized each other in the nearly 40 minute battle for the coveted title. Photo by Kari Williams

Wyatt and Karrington brutalized each other in the nearly 40 minute battle for the coveted title. Photo by Kari Williams

At one point, even the referee became a victim. Wyatt could have retained his belt after connecting with the lightning spiral, but with the ref down, he resorted to having Sterling interfere on his behalf. Biggs saw the events unfolding and chased Sterling to the back before any damage could be done. Karrington then hit Wyatt with a DDT from the second rope and made his dream come true.

Adam Rich, Adaw Raw, Shorty Biggs and Steven Kennedy came out to celebrate Karringtons title win moments after he pinned Wyatt. Photo by Kari Williams

Adam Rich, Adaw Raw, Shorty Biggs and Steven Kennedy came out to celebrate Karrington's title win moments after he pinned Wyatt. Photo by Kari Williams

To witness the aftermath of Circus Maximus VI, join LWA in House Springs, MO at the Knights of Columbus Hall on July 25.

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