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Ken Kasa attacks Mark Bland at Dynamo Pro Wrestling

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 10, 2015

After being informed by Mark Bland that his original opponent Spi-Ral was unable to compete, Ken Kasa attacked the “messenger” and left Bland incapacitated in the middle of the ring

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MWR Exclusive Interview with an Executive Director of Operations with Dynamo Pro Wrestling Mark Bland

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 15, 2014

 photo dynamo_zps3a7b4dc2.jpg

Hello everyone, this is Brian Kelley and I am sitting here with Mark Bland former in ring professional wrestler in the St. Louis area that has since come back to the regional scene as an Executive Director of Operations with Dynamo Pro Wrestling, an organization starting to make a larger regional impact in the business. So without any further explanation, let’s get into this.

BK: Mark, welcome to MWR and thank you for taking time out of your schedule for the interview.

MB: No Problem Brian. I am always willing to do anything with you guys cause you really focused heavily on my match with Ruddick in 2009 and helped propel that to the top angle in the area that year.

BK: So you decided, once again, to jump back into the ring but this time as a executive, not a wrestler. How did that come together?

MB: Well Dynamo had been talking to a gentleman named Justin that is good friend of mine and he was working on some new things with the org. They needed someone with experience to step in and work on the dynamic of the show and helping start to create the feel for a more regional player in the business. And the guys on the executive side I work with are great people. They all have been around the business for a long time and really put their heart and souls into the product. So I am happy to reciprocate that feeling and convey the same excitement I feel to the fans to make them care about the promotion too.

BK: What have you noticed is different in the business now as opposed to when you were active from 1997-2005?

MB: I would say the business is a lot more spot oriented now. Most guys can work the simple things and they focus more on the chain aspect and connecting the pieces to make a great match for the fans watching. But one there is lacking, is the experience of a older worker in the locker rooms with experience at multiple levels. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s, the Indy workers were just as popular as the WWE guys cause the industry on a collective national scope was still new. So Vince was grabbing a lot of Indy territory guys to fill out his roster. Well some guys were just as powerful and popular as a Hogan, but they weren’t on WWE. They were on more regional promotions out of Memphis and Georgia or Dallas. So you had guys in all the locker rooms that were respected and known, so the younger guys looked up to them. Now a great Indy promotion has a locker room FULL of people under 28 and all their experiences for the most part are in the Indy’s only. So they are kinda self-taught and even in some cases, the people that trained the wrestlers are in the same boat. I was lucky to have trained with guys that came up with “Wrestling at the Chase” and the old NWA territories. They allowed me to have someone to look up to with hardcore credibility in the industry.

 photo MarkBland_zps5c682109.jpg

Mark Bland has had his hands full since becoming the Executive Director of Operations.

BK: Joining Dynamo Pro, you walked into a situation with Dan Walsh being champion, a returning Dingo and Jake Dirden plotting his eventual take over as the champ. That’s a lot to be thrown into, what are you views on that and those people?

MB: Well all the men you mention are talented wrestlers that are worth every accolade they get. Dan Walsh has been amazing at carrying the belt prior to losing it to Dirden. One of my first convo’s with Dan was that he thought there was too much weird crap going on around his belt and too many interferences on his matches. Dan is a proud man and truly wanted to take people on, just without the “shenanigans” of fearing for watching his back. That was my first piece of business. I needed to get through to Dirden that he has to take the opportunities provided through the executive and gather his way to the belt, you can’t just come in rough shot and push people around. He listened, against his better judgment I would suppose, and now he stands tall as a great champion for the organization. I still feel that he is bitter towards me for putting him in that line to wait and do it properly, but we needed Dan to have the opportunity to take on challengers without the issues and either win or lose on his own accord. No one likes having the rug pulled out from under them.

Now with Dingo, it was a naturally occurring thing that had to be dealt with. He never lost the belt and Dan Walsh has a ton of respect for him. As soon as Dingo was ready we told him that as a offer of good grace, we would let him challenge Walsh for the title if he wanted to. And he did…it was an amazing match, a great comeback and he showed he still has the goods. I wouldn’t look past 2014 potentially being a great year for Dingo.

BK: So far you guys have been adding more shows to the Missouri side of things and attempting to work more dates throughout the area in general. Are you taking it to other promotions or are you trying to fit in more?

MB: Dynamo has always been a STL organization and I think it was a two part decision. We understand why everyone runs in Illinois (wink), but we needed to kill off the bridge aspect and give fans in other parts of the region a chance to see what we consider some of the best wrestling and stories in a 6 state section. We feel that we can compete on the same levels as any other Independent promotion in the country. The second reason was that we don’t feel anyone but Broadway is truly identified with the STL side of the business. Yet they are Broadway and I am proud of my Alma mater, they are a great organization but they stick to their niche and cater to it quite well. On the national scene of Indy’s there really is no one associated with St. Louis as a truly home base. We want to be the organization to grab those reigns and when people say St. Louis, they think Dynamo Pro first, before anyone else. The only way to accomplish that is to embrace our city and bring the action directly to them.

BK: With the influx of high end Indy talent being around the St. Louis area now, are you more apt to use an ACH, Michael Elgin or Davey Richards for Dynamo?

MB: Dynamo is a Pro wrestling organization first and foremost. We are always going to try and make sure that the best talent available can have a home here if they desire. We are open to work with anyone as long as they are willing to work with us. That being said, I am sure you will see those individuals and others like them grace our ring when they are ready to do that. We have an open door policy to introduce and talk with anyone wanting to wrestle or train with us. That includes well known talent and anyone else. And if anyone wants to train with us, hit us up on the Dynamo Pro Facebook Account. It’s easy to find and they are always talking to anyone through that account.

BK: What are your end goals? Where do you want to be with this?

MB: If I am getting back into something, it has to make sense for me. Dynamo made sense. It allows me to bring my knowledge (whether you believe I have any or not) to the party and allowing myself to work with young talent trying to achieve their dreams. I have been around the block a couple times and can impart some wisdom regarding the business. In the end, I see myself giving it my all to put the org on the map nationally and maybe elevate the status of the wrestlers and myself across the board. We have some very talented young wrestlers that could easily go on to have Orton, Evan and Trevor Murdoch level careers in this business. If I and Dynamo can say we helped someone achieve that level of success. That is what we want.

BK: What’s coming up for Dynamo?

MB: Dynamo has two events coming up in February, one on the 1st at the Stratford Bar and Grill in Fenton Missouri and then again we are back at the Off Broadway club on the 18th for our St. Louis city show. All of our shows are special and great events, but those Off Broadway shows have a unique old school feel to them and I really believe they can become a monthly event as time goes on. Right now we only do them once every 2 to 3 months. Look for us to be at the Stratford monthly throughout the year and then this spring look for our return to The Sports Academy.

BK: Well I wanted to throw some wrestler names out, and I want your personal opinion of each one. Just give me a short sentence…Let’s start with Dan Walsh.

 photo DanWalsh_zps45d4aabe.jpg

Can the former DPW Champ Dan Walsh return to glory in 2014.

MB: Walking Reality, he’s a humble guy and a funny individual. He will be champion again, I am sure.

 photo Jakep_zps71526780.jpg

Jake Parnell is one of the top young stars in wrestling in 2014.

BK: Jake Parnell

MB: Talented young man. Got a great aura of confidence in his attitude. Future threat.

 photo BG_zps5ef933c6.jpg

Brandon Gallagher will do whatever it takes to move up the ladder at DPW.

BK: Brandon Gallagher

MB: Angry but posed for a break out. He has been hinting his displeasure to me and his interference on Walsh recently is that anger coming out. People backed into a corner are very dangerous to deal with.

 photo kx_zpsfcdc6df2.jpg

Kevin X was within moments of taking out Dan Walsh and becoming the DPW Championship. Can his experience overcome the hot streak of Dirden?

BK: Kevin X

MB: Talented veteran that STL loves. This man rides for them and they love him for it, constant contender.

 photo rc_zpsf4c4fb85.jpg

Ricky Cruz has combined great wrestling and power to be in the running for not only the DPW Championship, but for the MWR Wrestler of the Year.

BK: Ricky Cruz

MB: MIA from Dynamo. I have reached out to him constantly to find out about his situation and all I get is voice mail. A definite threat but I think he felt jilted in the loss for the #1 contender spot which led to Dirden winning.

BK: Well Mark, thank you for taking time to sit down and discuss these things with me, anything else?

MB: Give Dynamo a chance whether you are a fan or a wrestler. We really are trying to bring some special stuff to the Midwest and this region. We want everyone to just get a great show every single time. And to all those that support and promote us, thank you. Without you, we would be nothing.

BK: Thanks Mark

MB: Thank you for having me and I’ll see you at the shows Brian.

 photo 1011996_654861394552182_651020550_n_zps185a13db.jpg

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Lord Goldie (WWE’S GoldDust) comes to StricktlyNsane ProWrestling to make Tony Kozina pay on November 2nd!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 22, 2013

 photo Stri_zpscea0e459.jpg

StricktlyNsane ProWrestling presents SHATTERED DREAMS and BROKEN bones on November 2nd in Crossville, Illinois, A night of action featuring an all-star cast including the former MWR Tag Team of the Year and current StricktlyNsane ProWrestling tag team champions the Hooligans taking on JCW Champ 2 Tuff Tony and MADMAN Pondo, “Crazy” Mary Dobson fresh off her world tour of England and Japan goes one on one against Jordynn Grace and “The Man of Steel” Daniel Eads will challenge for the Heavyweight Championship against JP Lightning.

Believe it or not, that is not all!

Pro Wrestling’s number one hated wrestler in world, Tony Kozina is now the hunted. Long known as a man that can wrestle with the best of them, the former NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion and trainer of ROH great Davey Richards has only became bitter and meaner with each passing day.

StricktlyNsane ProWrestling fans have been furious at Kozina .

During 2013, Kozina has told anyone that would listen that he is the man and that no one there can hang with him in the squared circle. He was quick to use underhanded tactics to defeat popular 2 Tuff Tony much to the dismay of the fans.

It would look as if Kozina would meet his match when he went one on one against former WWE Superstar Eugene, but once again he would cheat to win sending everyone from the front to the back into a fit as he only became more obnoxious than ever.

If the fans thought that had reached their peak of being angry that were sadly mistaken. At the last show Kozina felt that he was not being respected when the promoter matched him up against a man that MWR considers to be one of the Midwest top young wrestle today, Jake Parnell. Kozina would make Parnell pay when he beat him mercilessly while letting everyone know at the same time that no one can stop him.

That may change in less than two weeks when a man that is a master of head games, Lord Goldie (WWE’S GoldDust) makes his way to StricktlyNsane ProWrestling to teach Kozina a lesson on respect.

Will Tony Kozina be able to outsmart Lord Goldie or will Tony Kozina feel the curtain fall once and for all?

 photo sins_zps601c7313.jpg

Tony Kozina was the special quest on Mark Blands show The Q SHOW and states that he will present Golddust with a Tony Award…that and much more from wrestlings most hated man.

Editor’s note: The thoughts and views that are stated on the Q SHOW do not necessary reflect the views or opinions of anyone here at MWR. Explicit material as well.

Click here for downloads of the show including Itunes

 photo Q_zpsc18a9102.jpg

Episode 141 – Rare Gold

KOZ IS BACK! And he has a little on his plate to talk about regarding an upcoming match with a new Tag Team Champion from a little organization called WWE.

Then its rant time. Coming off his rant from the other video series he does with DJ C-Note in the STL area for HOT 104, Mark has a serious issue with Black culture and their gullibility on certain things, especially the BET awards shows that are put out 3-4 times a year. And an issue he has with Panera Bread/St. Louis Bread Company for gouging people on their food prices.

The Daily show released a comedic video regarding Tea Party/Extreme GOP members and how they are destroying the new re-opened federal government over the budget demands that shut it down. Very interesting and funny look at truly out there some people on the right of the aisle happen to be.
Plus BNN with Producer Bobby discussing good ole castration and letter from the listener or two.

Another action packed episode for your approval!


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Dynamo’s New Executive Director Mark Bland hopes to clear up the #1 contender situation”

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 14, 2013

 photo DynamoLetter1_zps173b66f6.jpg

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Canada’s Sean Vincent to be a guest on “The Q hosted by Mark Bland” tonight.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 3, 2011


Tonight LIVE on The Q hosted by Mark Bland….Mark will be joined by none other than Sean Vincent of the St. Louis wrestling scene to discuss pro-wresting, society, culture and current events. Plus Bland will talk about the idiot Conservatives putting us in this freaking debt deal that no one wants in either party.


Sean Vincent battles one of the very best in the Midwest Gary Jackson at the historic South Broadway Athletic Club.

All that and more tonight LIVE from 8-9p.m. on www.2guystalking.com/tv !

The views and opinions expressed by The Q hosted by Mark Bland are those at the Q and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position at Missouri Wrestling Revival.

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HVW One Year Anniversary Show: –Fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 24, 2009

3 High Voltage Wrestling October 10th

By Brian “Flair” Kelley

High Voltage Wrestling returns on Oct. 10 with “Encore” in Granite City, IL to celebrate their one year anniversary. HVW will be giving back to the community by donating $2.00 from each ticket sold to the American Diabetes Association. ADA is hoping to invite a family to enjoy exciting wrestling action as well to receive the check from the proceeds of this event. ADA is a cause that TNT Keny G feels strongly about supporting because he fights with the disease himself every day. Also in attendance will be the wonderful people at The Fan Shop. The Fan Shop will be giving 20% of all sales at the show towards the fundraiser.

For only $10.00 you can watch the most exciting wrestling action in the Midwest and help a good cause as well.

HVW Poster oct 10

The main event could very well be THE must see of the year. HVW Champion Kahagas will once again go one on one against Dingo, this time with the title on the line.

These two warriors went blow for blow this past January with the ultra talented Dingo getting bragging rights in his hometown. As one of the most booked wrestlers in the Midwest, Dingo dominated as he reigned throughout the year as the IWA-Midsouth Champion and NWA Missouri Champion. Dingo returned to HVW last month at “You got another thing Coming” against Tony Kozina in a back and forth war. Dingo got his hand raised and as soon as Kahagas had defeated Donovan Ruddick for the championship, Dingo let the fans know that he had his eyes set on the belt.

Dingo may have the 1-0 lead in the series, but he should beware. Since their classic match, Kahagas has been on a roll facing some of the toughest competition around the world and HVW. Kahagas teamed up with “Big” Rick Fuller to take on HVW Livewire Champion Brandon Espinosa and HVW Champion Donovan Ruddick with the stipulation being that if either Kahagas or Fuller got the pin, they would be crowned the champion of the respective belt. Kahagas became the Livewire Champion after pinning Espinosa. In August, Kahagas got even with his former manager The Magic Man by defeating his protégé Ruddick in a Falls count anywhere match.

There will be no turning back when two of the best wrestlers in the Midwest meet once again to determine just who the best is.

The summer of 2009 will always be remembered as the feud of HVW and Mark Bland. Bland hosts Absolute Wrestling Radio, and maybe he thought no one was listening when he made the mistake of calling out champions throughout the Midwest. Weeks went by and Bland felt good about himself as no one stepped up to the plate. That changed with one phone call—not from a wrestler but HVW Promoter TNT Keny G called in to let Bland know he had an invite to May’s HVWPeace and Blood” show. Bland claimed he was busy that night and sent AWR’S Matt Krueger in his place. The aftermath saw Krueger hitting Donovan Ruddick with a chair and paying for it dearly. TNT Keny G added insult to injury when he kicked Krueger out of the building.

Mark Bland immediately went to the airwaves to let Ruddick know that he was going to “Knock him out.” Bland stated that he was a superstar in the making and if not for an injury that sidetracked him he would be in the WWE today. TNT Keny G made a move that sent Bland to the edge, with prior knowledge that Bland was not going to be at an AWR broadcast, TNT Keny G and Ruddick took over the AWR show to make fun of Bland and what he claimed as the popular wrestling drinking game “The Randy Orton Game.”

Bland was not amused and with his spy’s around the city, he got word that the controversial promoter was making a visit at The Fan Shop. With a camera man on hand, he videotaped a vicious assault on TNT that shocked the wrestling scene.

Later the two had words at Six Flags as Keny and Ruddick sent an invite for Bland to show up at HVW’S “You got another thing coming” on August 15.

The night started out with fireworks as the two had to be separated when Bland took the offer to wrestle Donovan Ruddick at the next show. Bland promised that Ruddick would be knocked out.

Little did anyone know that it would be THAT night he would make good on that promise. In the main event, Bland changed the course of HVW when he sent The Magic Man reeling with a punch then delivered a chair shot that KNOCKED Ruddick out and set him on a table. Kahagas then went to the top of the balcony and delivered body splash to be crowned the new HVW Kingpin.

In less than one month, all the talking will be in the past. Can Mark Bland show the wrestling world that he is indeed an untapped wrestling talent and one to be reckoned with? Or will the former HVW Champion and 6 foot 9 monster Donovan Ruddick get revenge for his title loss?

Want more??

Tag team action does not get any better than this one. HVW will crown their first ever Tag team Champions, and the two teams going for this coveted prize do not like each other at all.

Devin and Mason Cutter, The Hooligans, have been dominating wrestling throughout the Midwest. Don’t let their actions fool you; what appears to be total chaos in the ring is text book tag teaming. From the moment that they signed the contract at HVW these two have been itching to prove that they are the team to beat in the Midwest.

The Bandana Mafia (Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico) are 2/3 of the 6 man cup. Always entertaining, these two have earned the respect of the fans with their own unorthodox style. They go into this match with bragging rights of defeating the Cutters younger brother Neil “Diamond” Cutter and his tag team partner, The Blackheart, in the first round.

MWR was able to catch up with both teams after the August 15th HVW show.

A main event match anywhere in the Midwest you will not want to miss The Hooligans and The Bandana Mafia battle to become the first ever HVW Tag Team Champions.

Fans of women wrestling will not want to miss Santana G’s one on one wrestling debut, as she takes on the St Louis debut of Mia Martinez. Santana has already won the hearts of wrestling fans with her sweet personality and work ethic. Santana has been getting proper training at the NWA Dynamo Gym as the veteran Mia Martinez looks to make a name for herself in the Midwest.
Mia Martinez
Mia, trained by Ace Steele, Danny Dominion, is dubbed La Chica Diamante…”The Diamond Girl”. Mia battled with one of PWI’s top 50 female wrestlers in the world, Malia Hosaka, this past year in the Midwest.

HVW continues to bring fresh talent to the area when the one and only Curly makes his way to Granite City. You will not forget the three stooge fanatic once you see him. One of my favorites and after October 10th he will be one of yours as well.
HVW Oct 10 Curly 2

On August 15th at “You got another thing Coming” Jeremy Wyatt was offended that he had no one to wrestle and he let MWR’s Josh Ray know about it. Josh responded that he would personally have a challenge set for “The Rebel” when HVW returns on October 10th. Who has Josh signed to be Wyatt’s opponent? He won’t say but he advises Wyatt to be ready. Wyatt promises to make an example of his said opponent as he gets closer to defending his HVW Cup on November 14th at the MWR Showcase Show in Granite City against Dingo.

Also appearing HVW will be Mark Sterling, Brandon Aarons, Davey Vega Gary Jay, Eric Allen, Alexandre Rudolph, Mississippi Madman, Brandon Espinosa, Cabal, and The Magic Man.

High Voltage Wrestling continues to mix the best in St Louis with elite in the Midwest. No where else can you get this much action for the measly price of $10.00 a ticket with kids 7 and under FREE.

Be a part of history as HVW celebrates their ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY with “ENCORE” on October 10th in Granite City.

For all your High Voltage Wrestling news check out the Brand new website here

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Ten reasons why you do not want to miss High Voltage Wrestling on August 15

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 10, 2009

By Brian “Flair” Kelley

Pro wrestling fans, there are many shows to attend this August, but the one you will not want to miss is High Voltage Wrestling on August 15, 2009. TNT Keny G has broken out the piggy bank to give the fans the best in Midwest pro wrestling. Keny G said it best—“HVW fans will have a buffet of wrestling action on the 15th in Granite City, IL as we are bringing out all the stars to celebrate our return,”

Keny G pulled out all the stops to provide you, the fans, with the best bang for your buck. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 reasons you do not want to miss High Voltage Wrestling.

1.The HVW Champion Donovan Ruddick will defend his HWV Heavyweight Championship against the most hyped wrestler in 2009, the HVW Livewire Champion Kahagas.

HVW Poster

Poster by EA

Kahagas has toured around the world this summer and received an invitation to participate in the IWA Ted Petty International tournament in September and will return to his home promotion to try to prove his dominance over one of the most powerful men in the Midwest.

Ruddick is powerful, standing at 6”9. Many have stated that the man is just one step away from the WWE. Managed by the The Magic Man, Ruddick looks to impose his will on the Tokyo Monster. Ruddick taking on Kahagas has been boiling for some time. The HVW Arena will be crazy when these two go at it in a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH!!!

2.Santana G’s debut.

Photo By Michael R Van Hoogstraat

Photo By Michael R Van Hoogstraat

With a huge void in the Midwest womens wrestling scene, Santana G has been the buzz of the summer. Training at the NWA Dynamo Gym, word has it that she has been working hard to learn her craft. Beautiful and sweet, Santana G was put in the line of fire when B.A.B.E.Watch members Brandon Aarons and Brandon Espinosa jumped her dad, Keny G, in the middle of the ring at the last show. Fan favorite Juice Robinson made the save and Santana’s dad let Aarons know that at this show he was to get a female tag team partner as Santana G would be teaming up with Juice for a mixed tag team match.

Come to HVW and be able to say that you were there when Santana made her wrestling debut.

One can not forget that two of the Young guns of the sport are in this match Juice Robinson and Brandon Aarons are the future of the sport and this will be the first match between this two but one would assume that these two will meet each other many times in the future.

3.Mississippi Madman comes to HVW !!

As punishment for the beatdown of TNT Keny G, Brandon Espinosa will have to face Keny G’s hired gun, the Mississippi Madman. The Mississippi Madman is a nice guy out of the ring but when the bell rings, the big man is one bad man. I caught up with the Mississippi Madman and he had these words for Brandon Espinosa.

4.The 2008 MWR Wrestler of the Year Jeremy Wyatt.

Poster by Kari Williams

Poster by Kari Williams

One of the baddest men on the planet, Jeremy Wyatt will be in the house. You never know what the Rebel is up to. The most talked about guy in the MWR coverage area, Jeremy Wyatt has arguably had a better year in 2009.

5. PWE US Title Defense

Mark Sterling defeated Hunter Mathews and Krotch for the PWE US title in June. Can he survive the speed of Gary J and Rebel Lucha? Both of these superstars are coming off heartbreaking title losses at HVW with Ruddick beating Rebel Lucha and Kahagas stopping Gary J. Sterling returns to HVW with PWE gold, will he be able to walk out with it, is the question.
HVW PWE Triple

6.The semi finals to the HVW Tag team tournament.

Tag team action at its best. The Hooligans, the Bandana Mafia, Zero Gravity and Nick Brubaker will be in the house with a partner of his choice. Who will emerge as the first ever HVW Tag team Champions?

We caught up with The Hooligans and they sent a warning the teams at HVW

7.Wrestlecraps Blade Braxton
Wrestlecrap 2
Since 2000, WrestleCrap.com has been THE definitive source for all the worst of professional wrestling. Whether it be an evil one-eyed midget named Cheatum or grown men fighting over an uncooked turkey, WrestleCrap is the place to kick back and laugh at the dumbest stuff ever presented in – and outside – a wrestling ring!

Come to High Voltage Wrestling to meet Blade Braxton one of the co-authors of one of my favorite books WrestleCrap book of List. Blade works hard on the website and will be sponsoring the special appearance of The Midnight Rose in the first ever HVW Battle Royal.


If you don’t like watching Dingo, then you just don’t like wrestling. Many believe that he is the most exciting wrestlers in the past few years in St Louis. Dingo’s last appearance in HVW was in a victory over Kahagas. Dingo looks to add HVW gold to his illustrious resume. That may be easier said that done. Dingo is set to match up with Tony Kozina. Kozina will be making his debut at HVW with full intentions of leap frogging Dingo to the title. Two wrestlers who can really go, this could be the match of the night.

9.Battle Royal
Who has it in them to claim the first ever HVW Battle Royal?

10. Will Mark Bland be brave enough to show.

My money is on the fact that Bland is all talk and no go, but HVW has sent him and invite to show up. The feud of 2009 has been HOT all summer. It started with Absoulte Wrestling Radio’s Matt Krueger insulting “Future” Donovan Ruddick in the middle of the ring. Bland was not happy about it all and called out promoter TNT Keny G during his show. Keny would infiltrate the show and take it over when Bland was out of town. Mark Bland then viciously attacked TNT Keny G at The Fan Shop in St. Louis, leaving him bruised and battered. The two had words at Six Flags during a special AWR broadcast in June.

Bland wants a match with Ruddick and promises to knock him out. Will Mark Bland be brave enough to show, or will he take my advice and stay far far away?

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Mark Bland, Where are you!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 4, 2009

Six Flags Dubi the Future and Keny 070

By Brian “Flair” Kelley

Absolute Wrestling Radio’s Mark Bland is not happy with the video that I am about to present to you.

I have been on the phone for the past week with Mark Bland’s lawyers as they tried in vain to prevent us from publishing it on our site. When that didn’t work he attempted to work out a deal for us not to show the footage of Bland getting punked by High Voltage Wrestling Champion Donovan Ruddick at Six Flags during the live broadcast of his radio show.

This exclusive footage brought to you from HVW productions division. Bland may have prevented MWR from posting the podcast of the AWR show this past month but he can not stop us from giving you the video of TNT Keny G and Donovan Ruddick talking down to the radio host who claims to be a wrestler. 

HVW stated that they wanted to share their own celebrity endorsements to combat the UFC World Champions that back the Absolute Wrestling radio’s host earlier this summer.

WOW event the cowardly slacker Shaggy of  Scooby Doo fame is not afraid of Mark Bland with “The Future” Donovan Ruddick beside him.

Where is the rest of Mystery Inc? Out looking for Mark Bland maybe?

Happy 4th of July Mark Bland

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May 2009 MWR Awards

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 15, 2009

May 2009 Wrestler of the Month

Jeremy Wyatt (LWA, PWP. 3XW, AAPW, PWE, DPW)


Jeremy Wyatt once again dominated the Midwest . On May 1st in Carlisle, IA at 3XW he regained his 3XW Pure Championship from Tyler Cook when he delivered a Kansas Tumbleweed to Ricky Kwong in a four way dance, with the match stipulating that whoever got the pinfall would win the belt. At Pro Wrestling Phoenix, Wyatt defended his title against Payday Patterson and with his friends Mark Sterling, Brett Young and Joey Daniels, Wyatt created mayhem when they attacked innocent ring crew members, current and former wrestlers and whoever would get in their way. In Kansas at NWA Dynamo Pro Wrestling Shawn Shultz defended his NWA Mid America TV Title in a triple threat versus Jeremy Wyatt and Shorty Biggs. Wyatt was victorious, but pinned Shorty, so according to the previously stipulated rules Shultz retained his NWA Mid America TV Title. Wyatt was so close to becoming an NWA Champion, but a match with Shultz one on one will be a must see for all wrestling fans. At LWA, the title of the May 30th show was “The Future is Now” with the thought that Donovan Ruddick would reclaim the LWA title that was once was his. Wyatt and Ruddick fought in the ring and out. When the smoke cleared Wyatt retained the title. An amazing month for the man nicknamed The Belt Collector.

1st Runner Up- Curly (AAPW,IWA Productions, PWE)
2nd Runner Up- Shawn Shultz (AAPW, NWA Dynamo)
3rd Runner Up – Devin Carter (3XW)

Others receiving votes: Zach Thompson, Gary Jackson, Donovan Ruddick


May 2009 Tag Team of the Month

Mark Sterling & Brett Young (PWP)

These two haven’t been together long, but they’ve already rocked PWP to its core. By earning PWP Tag Team gold and uniting with Jeremy Wyatt and Joseph (not Joey anymore) Daniels, they’ve become one of the Midwest’s strongest factions in just one month.

1st Runner Up- Ax Stevens and Brandon Walker (AAPW)
2nd Runner Up- Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya and CJ Esparza )( PWE, HVW, NGW,PWN)
3rd Runner Up – Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico (LWA)

Others receiving votes: B.A.B.E.WATCH (Brandon Aarons, Brandon Espinosa, Mike Sydal), Gentlemans Club (Mark Sterling and Gage Octane) Huge in Japan ( Ricky Kwong and Jimmy Rockwell)


May 2009 Female Wrestler of the Month

Camron Star (GAW)


Defeated former TNA Star Mickie Knuckles in GAW on May 9th. Not much is known about this stunning female wrestler who came into the Midwest and took home a big victory against one of the toughest females in the history of the sport. MWR will keep our eyes open to see where Star will shine next.

1st Runner Up- Mia Martinez (PWN,3XW)
2nd Runner Up- Santana (HVW)

No other nominations.


May 2009 Promotion of the Month



Celebrating the 50 year at the Chase, this organization worked closely with the St Louis Dispatch for weeks to provide a week long tribute to wrestling past and the current. A full pull out in the paper and information throughout the week prior to the May 9th show along with awesome internet links on their site gave pro wrestling in the Midwest a positive look at the importance of the sport. From Sam Muchnick to Harley Race to Gary Jackson. Harley Race and several friends made the reunion a success. Take a look at the article yourself and you will see why the month of May should go to MMWA-SICW and the St Louis dispatch website at 50 years of Wrestling at the Chase.

1st Runner Up- NWA Dynamo
2nd Runner Up- Pro Wrestling Phoenix                                                   
3rd Runner Up – Pro Wrestling Next

 Others receiving votes: 3XW,High Voltage Wrestling


May 2009 Personality of the Month

Mark Bland



As the host of the fan favorite wrestling/MMA show with Matt Krueger Bland provides an outlet for wrestling fans to speak their mind on the sport that they love. When Mark Bland decided to get back in the ring and offer some excitement in the Midwest with a match against any champion in a 200 mile radius, no one stepped up. Bland looked around and wanted to take on one of the best wrestlers in the Midwest and found himself what could be his death wish in Donovan Ruddick, the High Voltage Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. A Sunday phone call to HVW promoter “TNT” Keny G lit the fuse that saw an invite to AWR’s Matt Krueger to their show on May 9th. Krueger unwisely attack Ruddick with a chair and got rewarded with a one way ticket out of the arena. The aftermath has seen Mark Bland go back into training with warnings from UFC former Champions to Ruddick that Bland will knock him out. TNT Keny G responded on May 31 by taking over the AWR Radio program while Bland attended to his family for the day. What will happen in this feud? Will Bland be able to topple the giant or will he be exposed as the fraud many thinks that he is. Whatever the end results the year of 2009 looks to be anything but “bland”.

1st Runner Up- {Tie} Kari Williams, Paul Daniels
2nd Runner Up – {Tie} Harley Race, Eric Davis

No Other receiving votes:


May 2009 Match of the Month

PRO Wrestling Next Heavyweight Title Match

Mississippi Madman C vs. Danny Daniels
May 14th, 2009 in Davenport Iowa

Danny Daniels defeats the Mississippi Madman for the PWN Title. (Photo Credit: Brian Kelley)
Danny Daniels defeats the Mississippi Madman for the PWN Title. (Photo Credit: Brian Kelley)

Mississippi Madman was on a roll as the PWN Champion last month he won a huge Title vs. Hair match against Marek Brave. The Madman looked unstoppable going into the his title defense against the talented Danny Daniels. Daniels would stop at NOTHING and took it to the big man. Outside the ring they fought and up the bleachers and throughout the building. The Madman look to turn the momentum, but with a little distraction from a masked man Daniels was able to put the Madman through a table and get the one two three.

1st Runner Up-
NWA Dynamo Gym
Ring of Honor World Champion Jerry Lynn vs. Mark Sterling
May 23, 2009 in Ottawa, KS

2nd Runner Up –
3XW Gauntlet for the Gold
Devin Carter Winner
May 15, 2009 in Des Moines, IA

3rd Runner Up – TIE
MMWA-SICW Heavyweight Champ vs. Junior Heavyweight Champion
Gary Jackson vs. Dave Vaughn
May 9th, 2009 in St. Louis, MO

LWA Championship Match
Jeremy Wyatt (C) vs. “Future” Donovan Ruddick
May 30, 2009 in St. Charles, MO

No other receiving votes: 

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HVW ‘Peace and Blood’ May 9 arena report

Posted by reimaginejournalism on May 31, 2009

By Kari Williams

In Granite City, IL at the River’s Edge Complex, High Voltage Wrestling (HVW) put on nine matches for the 115 fans in attendance. From debuts to title defenses to a challenge from Absolute Wrestling Radio, this show was packed from top to bottom.

Alexander Rudloph made his impressive debut against Max Archer. Barely giving Archer a chance to breathe, Rudolph pummeled and absolutely punished his much smaller opponent. The brutality elicited from the newcomer surpassed that of Archer, who took a beating both inside and outside the ring. Rudolph easily pinned Archer for the victory.

Alexander Rudolph put on an impressive showing in his debut match against Max Archer. Photo by Kari Williams

Alexander Rudolph put on an impressive showing in his debut match against Max Archer. Photo by Kari Williams

TNT Keny G then came to ringside to introduce another new member of the HVW roster, his daughter, Santana. Before Keny could so much as state his daughter’s name, “Thee” Brandon Espinosa and “Irresistably Flawless” Brandon Aarons, B.A.B.E.WATCH, appeared to stir up some trouble. Aarons complimented Santana and made suggestive comments while advancing toward her as Keny attempted to block Aarons.

B.A.B.E.WATCH (Brandon Aarons and Brandon Espinosa) interrupted TNT Keny Gs introduction of his daughter, Santana, as the newest member of the HVW roster. Photo by Kari Williams

B.A.B.E.WATCH (Brandon Aarons and Brandon Espinosa) interrupted TNT Keny G's introduction of his daughter, Santana, as the newest member of the HVW roster. Photo by Kari Williams

Espinosa then hit Keny from the side and the two began attacking Keny until Juice Robinson made the save. As B.A.B.E.WATCH returned to the locker room, Keny announced that Aarons and a female partner of his choosing would face Robinson and Santana on Aug. 15 at the next HVW show.

A guantlet match took place next, as Mark Smart announced that he saw Rick Fuller’s gauntlet at the previous show and believed he could dominate oncomers just the same.

Mark Smart issued a gauntlet challenge, to which Fish Farmer (pictured), Michael Sain, Shawn Allen and Cabal responded. Photo by Kari Williams

Mark Smart issued a gauntlet challenge, to which Fish Farmer (pictured), Michael Sain, Shawn Allen and Cabal responded. Photo by Kari Williams

Michael Sain, Cabal, Shawn Allen and the Fish Farmer all answered the challenge—and they all walked away, leaving Smart writhing in pain. Smart tried his best to maintain an advantage, but his opponents had the wherewithall to attack Smart at opportune moments.

Eric Allen, Eric Fantabulous and Hunter Matthews wrestled an impressive triple threat match. Early on, Matthews seemed reluctant to insert himself in the bout and Allen and Fantabulous fought it out for a while. However, Allen and Matthews teamed up in an attempt to eliminate Fantabulous from the equation.

Hunter Matthews recooperates as Eric Fantabulous pummels Eric Allen. Photo by Kari Williams

Hunter Matthews recooperates as Eric Fantabulous pummels Eric Allen. Photo by Kari Williams

The desire to win soon took over, and all three men fought for themselves. Filled with multiple near falls and impressive maneuvers, these three men put everything on the line. In the end, Allen pulled out a victory over Matthews with a quick roll up.

Evan Gelistico launches onto Michael Sain during their intense bout. Photo by Kari Williams

Evan Gelistico launches onto Michael Sain during their intense bout. Photo by Kari Williams

The Bandana Mafia’s “Notorious E.V.A.N.” Evan Gelistico took on Michael Sain in the following contest. Gelistico started strong, knocking Sain out of the ring and proceeding to fly over the top rope onto the dazed Sain. Gelistico then brought the match back in the ring and continued to control the match until Sain’s anger overcame him. Gelistico fought valiantly against the infuriated Sain, but Sain emerged victorious.

The Pro Wrestling Entertainment (PWE) Tag Team Champions Zero Gravity, CJ Esparza and Brett Gakiya, put their belts on the line against The Hooligans. Esparza and Gakiya started the bout off with highflying intensity, clearing the ring of their opponents.

CJ Esparza gives Brett Gakiya a lift as they double-team The Hooligans in their PWE tag team title defense. Photo by Kari Williams

CJ Esparza gives Brett Gakiya a lift as they double-team The Hooligans in their PWE tag team title defense. Photo by Kari Williams

The fast-paced risk-takers met the more grounded Hooligans in an impressive bout that could have gone either way. Using their blunt force and tag team skill, the Hooligans cut off the ring and blocked Esparza from tagging Gakiya for a large portion of the bout, almost causing them to win. However, the referee disqualified the Hooligans for using steel chairs on Zero Gravity, allowing Esparza and Gakiya to retain their recently won belts.

Following the successful title defense, Absolute Wrestling Radio Co-host Matt Kreuger addressed HVW fans and “Future” Donovan Ruddick, specifically. Kreuger explained that he called Keny while on the air, forcing him to put his champion’s belt on the line against Former Wrestler and Current Absolute Wrestling Radio Co-host Mark Bland.

Future Donovan Ruddick and Absolute Wrestling Radio  Co-host Matt Kreuger have words moments before Ruddick sends Kreuger smashing into the mat. Photo by Kari Williams

"Future" Donovan Ruddick and Absolute Wrestling Radio Co-host Matt Kreuger have words moments before Ruddick sends Kreuger smashing into the mat. Photo by Kari Williams

Ruddick emerged at ringside with Magic Man by his side and proceeded to attack Kreuger and literally threw him out of the building. HVW Livewire Champion Kahagas then walked through the door through which Kreuger was thrown, causing Keny to announce that on Aug. 15, fans would witness a Falls Count Anywhere match for the HVW Heavyweight Title between Kahagas and Ruddick.

As Notorious E.V.A.N. Evan Gelistico looks on, his tag team partner Point Blank Pierre Abernathy delivers a beating to Shawn Allen. Photo by Kari Williams

As "Notorious E.V.A.N." Evan Gelistico looks on, his tag team partner "Point Blank" Pierre Abernathy delivers a beating to Shawn Allen. Photo by Kari Williams

After intermission, Shawn Allen took on the Bandana Mafia’s “Point Blank” Pierre Abernathy. Allen’s brutal offense slowed Abernathy in the beginning, especially after Allen wrapped Abernathy’s knee around the ring post. The ever-valiant Abernathy slowly powered his way out of defeat with Gelistico’s ringside support, and soon, nobody could stop him. Point Blank’s determination overcame Allen’s strength, locking in a win for the Bandana Mafia.

Aarons and Espinosa wrestled The Hybrids, Jason Lyte and Curtis Gilly, in the following contest. From the moment B.A.B.E.WATCH made their way to the ring, the fans relentlessly harrassed them, setting up their mindset for the entire match. Despite pyschological distractions, Aarons and Espinosa put up a tremendous fight against their opponents.

Irresistably Flawless Brandon Aarons and Thee Brandon Espinosa look to Magic Man for guidance after taking a beating from The Hybrids.

"Irresistably Flawless" Brandon Aarons and "Thee" Brandon Espinosa look to Magic Man for guidance after taking a beating from The Hybrids.

Their unique offense and use of illegal tactics nearly propelled them to a win. However, The Hybrids focused in on a miscommunication between their opponents—Aarons inadvertantly superkicked Espinosa—and walked away victorious. After the match, the Hooligans appeared from the locker room and attacked the Hybrids.

Robinson, accompanied by Santana, wrestled Nick Brubaker in a fabulous bout. Before the two could even lock up, Aarons attacked Robinson. That distraction allowed Brubaker to start the match off in dramatic fashion, but Robinson quickly found his niche in the friendly competition.

Juice Robinson does his best to get out of the hold Nick Brubaker has trapped him in as Robinsons new-found manager/future tag team partner Santana observes. Photo by Kari Williams

Juice Robinson does his best to get out of the hold Nick Brubaker has trapped him in as Robinson's new-found manager/future tag team partner Santana observes. Photo by Kari Williams

The two put on a show for the fans, and with multiple nearfalls and close encounters, it was hard to tell who would come out victorious. Robinson ended up walking away with the one, two, three, after which, Brubaker attacked Robinson and turned on Zero Gravity and Robinson.

The always energetic and flamboyant Gary Jay challenged Kahagas for the HVW Livewire Championship. From the get-go, Kahagas had his hands full with Jay’s unpredictable offense. Once the champion grounded Jay, he controlled the match.

HVW Livewire Champion Kahagas puts the boots to Gary Jay in their title match. Photo by Kari Williams

HVW Livewire Champion Kahagas puts the boots to Gary Jay in their title match. Photo by Kari Williams

However, Jay was not one to be discounted, as he gave his all, and nearly won the Livewire title on more than one occasion. Kahagas’ power became too much for Jay, and he succumbed. Although Jay did not leave Granite City with the championship, he left with the respect of the fans, and Kahagas as well. One could argue that another title shot lies in the near future for Jay.

Rebelucha prepares for his chance at HVW Heavyweight Champion Future Donovan Ruddicks Championship. Photo by Kari Williams

Rebelucha prepares for his chance at HVW Heavyweight Champion "Future" Donovan Ruddick's Championship. Photo by Kari Williams

In the main event, Ruddick put his HVW Heavyweight Championship on the line against Rebelucha. As, arguably, the best match of the evening, Ruddick and Rebelucha held nothing back. The champion used his power and ferocity in an attempt to will Rebelucha away from victory.

Rebelucha attempts to lock Ruddick in a triangle choke. Photo by Kari Williams

Rebelucha attempts to lock Ruddick in a triangle choke. Photo by Kari Williams

Still, Rebelucha pressed on and had Ruddick teetering on the edge of defeat. The challenger’s distinctive skill set caught Ruddick off guard and nearly cost him the belt. In spite of this, when Rebelucha attempted to lock in a triangle choke, Ruddick’s power became too much to bear. Moments later, Ruddick put Rebelucha down for the count with his border toss finisher.

Stay tuned to Missouri Wrestling Revival and highvoltagewrestling.tk for more information on HVW’s Aug. 15 show.

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