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Michael Strider celebrates his career on June 2nd, with his final match against Adam Pearce.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 22, 2012

By Brian Kelley


Michael Strider would capture the Metro Pro Wrestling Championship as former WWE STAR Trevor Murdock showed respect to the fan favorite by raising his hand – Photo Credit Brian Kelley

One fan said it best in Chicago on a card filled with some of the best in the game including MsChif, Tiger Mask, Low Ki, Jay Lethal and Bryan Danielson (WWE’S Daniel Bryan) “Strider you’re the best wrestler no one ever heard of.”

No statement has more truth in it than that one. Strider a local star in the Midwest has thrilled fans in match after match for years while never gaining the true recognition that he deserved outside of his area.

I had the pleasure to speak to Strider as he prepares to meet a foe that he is very familiar with. The former 4-time NWA World Champion Adam Pearce in Striders last match at the Turner Rec Center on June 2nd, 2012.

Strider’s relationships with his fans are rare as the chants of Strider Nation are testimony to his popularity while his matches have left the fans wanting more.

During the interview the former NWA Central States Champion, I could tell that he still had the love for the sport of pro wrestling but felt that his days contributing in the ring were done. He stated that he didn’t see the retirement as a bad thing but more of a celebration of his career and he hopes that many of the old fans that used to come see him as well as the new fans and those that stuck around for years will all be there that night.


Pearce and Strider would have two prior historic matches for the NWA World title. – Photo Credit Brian Kelley

He wants to see his former opponents and teammates in the seats as he locks up with Pearce in a night of action that he believes will show the fans that have lost their love for the way the WWE has been providing sports entertainment has a place for the way wrestling was meant to be at Metro Pro Wrestling.

Strider grew up in Lebanon, Missouri with his three brothers and three sisters while watching his wrestling with his dad. While his father’s favorite was “Handsome” Harley Race, Striders inspirations to be a pro wrestler came from the likes of Ric Flair, Terry Funk, and Bruiser Brody.


Photo Credit Brian Kelley

His beginnings were humble as he looked to become a wrestler in the wrestle boom of the 90’s as he attended a promotion called Midland Empire Wrestling which was run by Steve Estes. During the conversations with Estes, Strider was invited to the “trainer center” that Estes ran in St. Joe at a rundown dingy snake shop. In the back was a ring that was shoddy that looked like a kid had made it.

After only a month of training (a time frame Strider admits was to short) he had his first match against “Bloodlust” Brian Estes on November 17th 1997 in Troy Kansas. While the training from Estes was not up to the proper standards, two men would come to help out, Orin Jones and Brimstone each took some time to show a young Strider how to take proper bumps, running the ropes and they did not make it easy on him as they made it a point “ to beat the crap out of me” just enough to let him know that the sport was to be respected.


Photo Credit Brian Kelley

He could not believe it that on his second match he was in the main event. The joy would be replaced with pain during the match he would suffer a torn ACL. While out of action and in pain, Strider had thoughts of is wrestling for him? Even today that same injury bothers him from time to time.

After recovering from his injury he left the Estes group and in a pivotal moment in 1998 he would meet Steve Ward a man who ran Dog Pound Production and CSW. Mr Ward played a huge role in Striders early development and his promotion was a whole different world from Estes ran low rent show. Wards promotion was run with pyro and looked professional. It also featured well trained athletes with the talents of Butch Reed, Orin Jones, Sonny Myers, Lord Little Brook providing a lot of the training. while bringing in stars such as Greg Valentine, Road Warrior Hawk, Kamala, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan, even Mick Foley and Billy Gunn. They would run shows at the St. Joe Civic arena, often times in front of crowds that numbered in the thousands.

His main opponents, Big Daddy Fullz and Psychotic Sandman, were big men that could work and looked great. Fullz was so talented he even had looks from the WWE.

In 1999 Strider would capture his first title from Fullz and the two took the feud around the Midwest including Chillicothe and Maryville Missouri. Good times for a man who was just realizing his dream of being a wrestler was coming true.

Yet the story of Michael Strider was just beginning.


Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Wrestling was booming and the road was busy on one road trip Strider and company were in Omaha, Nebraska, Thursday night, Kearney, Nebraska on Friday, Scotts Bluff Nebraska Saturday and then rushed to Guyman Oklahoma for a Sunday matinee. All this before heading back to work on Monday morning at his real job tired and beaten.

Always willing to learn Strider took the opportunity to train at Dory Funk JR week long camps on a few different occasions. Dory Funk Jr’s camps were instrumental in teaching psychology, ring generalship and professionalism. A memorable lesson was taught to a young Strider at one of the camps when, then WCW’S Johnny Ace (now known as John Laurinaitis) was representing the company and dropped in to scout out the students of Funk JR. At the time Strider was using a cool finisher that wasn’t common place at the time and prior to Strider’s exhibition match in front of Johnny Ace, Funk JR. pulled him aside to let him know that at the end of the match that he should not hit his finisher or else Ace will take it to WCW and have one of their guys use it.

Though Strider had listened and respected the advice of Funk JR., the excitement of showcasing his skills in front of a WCW scout got the best of him, as the final moments of the match came to a close; Strider lifted his opponent up for his finisher and hit it perfect.

It would not be long before Strider was watching WCW and lo and behold there was a WCW star using his finisher to win a match. Moral of the story “That’s what you get when you don’t listen to Dory Funk JR”

During the same time, Strider was thrilled to be a part of Gateway Championship Wrestling. GCW had TV on public access and ran by promoter Big Bad Ben. Strider stated that Ben was one of his favorite promoters he found Ben to be fair and honest. “I know a lot of people say bad things about Ben but I loved working for him. He treated me very well and taught me a ton!” As a wrestler Strider and Ben had some fun matches. Strider went on to say that the talent of GCW was amazing as Dingo, MsChif, Daizee Haze, Delirious, and Matt ( Evan Bourne) Sydal were all there , while Strider himself enjoyed memorable matches with” The Human Wrecking ball” Pete Madden.

He fondly remembers the St Louis as great to work and considers those crowds some of his favorite to wrestle in front of.

When asked what is the best advice to a young wrestler Strider says the secret is when they start out get out there and work as much as possible. Try to work with as many vets as you can. Be respectful and just keep quiet and listen to what they say.

Strider had always been a student of the game, when the opportunity presented itself to work on the booking team for CSW he was thrilled to make the most of the opportunity. Strider told stories about sitting in Old Chicago’s bar and grill and working with the booking team that included Derek Stone and, then CSW owner, Joe McDonald.

As a booker and wrestler at CSW Strider was fortunate to have some of the top young talents in the Midwest to provide the fans with quality matches. A young Mark Sterling, #1 Brett Young, Iceman , Darrien Sanders, Tyler Cook , Domino Rivera were all men that Strider took pride in molding their ring skills as well as their characters. One of today’s best Jeremy Wyatt had been wrestling for some time, yet he felt as if the CSW family was able to assist him into getting to the next level and provided him a proper stage in which to showcase his talents.

When asked who his best friends in the business were, Strider spent about 10 minutes naming wrestlers and promoters both past and present. In the end he didn’t want to leave anyone out so he simply stated “All the people that mean something to me don’t need me to mention their names. They already know who they are.”

However, He did jokingly mentioned that the reason his back was so bad was because he had to carry Mason Hunter through all those matches around the Midwest.

When asked what matches he was most happy with at CSW, he mentioned the feud with Payday Patterson that would be called the Pain Game. A best of seven match series that was very hard hitting but rewarding due to the fans reaction . In the first match was the regular one on one, then a submission match, a Russian Chain Match , a pick your partner match, then on one night the fans were treated to the final 3 matches throughout the show. The first match started off with a one fall to a finish match, a bunkhouse match and with each man tied at 3-3, the finale was a Stairway to hell barbwire on a ladder match that Strider was able to win and with the stipulation in place that the loser would have to retire. Payday Patterson was finished but not before being a part of local legend. The Pain Game series is still talked about to this day by those fans lucky enough to have watched it.

Strider’s trademark bleach blond hair would come from the advice of ECW Original Raven who told him he need something to stand out from the pack and that the short brown hair was not working for him. Even though their relationship was shaky at best. Strider respected Raven and is very thankful to get such good advice from a true professional.

A huge match between TNA/ROH Superstar Samoa Joe during the CSW Joe’s going to kill you and working with Abyss would earn Strider some respect from the two as he felt they went to bat for him at both TNA and ROH. Though it never would come to pass, Strider explained that he knew it was easier to win the lottery that becomes a member on the top promotions roster.

As the door at CSW shut down expectantly another one open with the chance to work with Harley Race’s World League Wrestling. Strider had worked with some of Harley’s top talents at CSW including Steve Fender and Wade Chism. During his time with Harley and his wife BJ, Strider stated that the “chance to work with Harley’s WLW was everything and more than he expected. I can’t say enough about how well Harley and BJ treated me and what an honor it was to work for him.” During his time he got pushed really well and got to work with guys like E-Gene ( Nick Dinsmore), wrestle in front of Bret Hart and Rodey Piper. Harley was even able to get him some looks from the WWE.

As life often does, you find yourself at crossroads. Strider’s personal life was improving so much that wrestling was no longer the number one on the must do list. With wrestling on the back burner and no promotion running in his hometown of Kansas City, he would lose the NWA Central States title to Mark Sterling in House Springs, Missouri at LWA.

Time would pass for Strider before one day he e-mailed an upstart promoter Chris Gough who had then just recently did a documentary on Wrestling in Kansas City with much fan fare. Gough a man who worked for Metro Sports relayed that he would like to start running in Kansas City, and to Strider’s surprise Gough was aware of just who he was. With the excitement of Gough’s words of the new promotion and his history of working with WWE, Strider felt the time was right for a return to try to bring back wrestling to Kansas City.

Chris Gough wisely had three men to lead the company from the start, the former WWE Superstar Trevor Murdock, the local legend Michael Strider and a former Harley Race teacher Derek Stone. The three would be the center piece as Metro Pro Wrestling went to action On Metro Sports TV with many of the top young stars around the Midwest including Jeremy Wyatt, Tyler Cook, Brett Young, Bull Schmitt, Heroes for Hire and the top women in the Midwest.


For some time now Michael Strider and Derek Stone have been two of the most talented men in the country. There battles at Metro Pro Wrestling for the MPW title proved that statement once again in 2011. – Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Slowly but surely wrestling was back as Strider was thrilled to be on the cover of the KC Star, he was ask to do press for a PBS feature, and many other news markets. He stated that his time wrestling in Metro Pro has been some of the most rewarding in his career. “Chris Gough is nothing but class.” Strider stated. “I owe him a ton and really wish I could have been in my prime when he started this promotion.”

Strider a man known for his chops and hard hitting action stated that yes he had done hardcore but only when it made sense to do it. His match with Jeremy Wyatt at CSW in a no-ropes barbwire match would win him the first ever match of the year from Missouri Wrestling Revival. His feud with Dingo would cumulate in a bloody dog collar match.


Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Strider stated that to be successful you HAVE to invoke emotion from the fans. “Pro wrestling is about a lot of things. But getting the fans to be emotionally invested in you is the most important thing.” He advised young wrestlers to not get in a big hurry in their matches and don’t ever work for free. During his career his two favorite opponents were Jeremy Wyatt and Dingo. Strider went on to say that he and Dingo have never been in a match where they didn’t tear down the house. To this date, he is surprised that both Dingo and Wyatt have not been able to break into the national scene. “Those guys are pure talent. Them, along with Mark Sterling deserve more national notice than they get.”


The best chop in the Midwest is owned by none other than Michael Strider- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

In less than a month on June 2nd, Strider will meet Adam Pearce for his final match. Many felt that Strider had defeated Pearce to become the NWA World Champion last fall before Matt Murphy taunted Strider to restart the match due to Pearce having his “feet on the ropes”. When the match started over Pearce would steal a victory, thus cheating Strider out of the NWA World Title. That match proved to be one of the most emotional and entertaining matches in Metro Pro’s history.

Since then Pearce has lost the NWA World title to Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana yet Strider is training for the match of his life.

Though there is no World title at stake, this final match with Adam Pearce is for the fans that have chanted Strider Nation, for his family that has supported him and for the friends who have stood by and supported him through bad and good.

He hopes to see all of the fans from years past from St. Louis to Omaha to St. Joe all the way to Lawrence Kansas to come to Metro Pro Wrestling on June 2nd to celebrate the career of Michael Strider as he gives back to you with a phenomenal match against the four time NWA Worlds Champion Adam Pearce.

“I always felt like my career was about more than just me. It’s about the joy and love of Pro Wrestling. People always ask me how I can be so believable in the ring. I tell them it’s because I believe it myself. I grew up wrestling with my brothers in our backyard, pretending we were big stars. In a lot of ways, I’m still that kid. In a lot of way I’m just like that fan sitting in the front row of shows. We’re all there because we love Pro Wrestling”

Come see Strider and Pearce but leave knowing that wrestling is alive and well as the whole roster of Metro Pro Wrestling will deliver a night of action comparable to any promotion in the world today


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The First 400 fans to enter the doors on June 2nd at Metro Pro Wrestling receive a FREE MWR/METRO Pro Wrestling Michael Strider Card!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 9, 2012

That’s right wrestling fans , Missouri Wrestling Revival is thrilled to have teamed up with  Metro Pro Wrestling to honor Michael Strider on June 2nd at the Turner Rec Center.

Strider will be having his retirement match against former 4-time NWA World Champion Adam Pearce on that very evening. Strider one of the most influential wrestlers in the Midwest for the past twenty years have been to battle against many of the top talents from St Louis to Omaha to Texas and back home in the Kansas area.

So Strider Nation come together to support one of the very best and get your hands on this exciting trading card worthy of the former MPW Champion.

Michael Strider will be number 81 in the MWR Trading card series and is FREE to the first 400 Metro Pro Wrestling fans with a paid admission that enter the doors on June 2nd at the Turner Rec Center.

For more information on Metro Pro Wrestling click here.


Metro Pro Wrestling returns to Turner Rec Center in Kansas City, KS, on Saturday, June 2, for our next television taping for Metro Sports! Doors open at 6 p.m., and bell time is 7 p.m.

Big show already planned for June 2, 2012:

– Michael Strider’s final match as he wil retire afterwards. It’s Michael Strider vs. Four-Time NWA World Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce

– NWA Central States Championship Tournament will take place as well! Participants will be announced soon!

Check back for more updates soon!

Metro Pro Wrestling on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MetroProKC

Metro Pro Wrestling on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/KCMetroPro

Check out Metro Pro Photos on Facebook: Metro Pro Wrestling Photos

Metro Pro Wrestling airs every Saturday night on Time Warner Cable’s Metro Sports at 11 p.m. The show replays several times during the week! Check local listings for details.

Time Warner Cable’s Metro Sports is a regional 24-hour sports network, and Metro Sports is the ONLY place you can see Metro Pro Wrestling! Catch us on:

• Time Warner Cable Kansas City Metro Sports SD Channel 30 or 310

• Time Warner Cable Nebraska • Comcast Cable Channel 44 & 258

• Knology of KS Cable – Lawrence 37

• Metro Sports 2 on Time Warner Cable Kansas City Channel 311

• Time Warner Cable Metro Sports HD on Channel 1310

Turner Rec Center is located at 831 S. 55th St, Kansas City, KS.

For more information, call Metro Pro at (816) 222-5455.

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Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 9, 2012

I am officially announcing that on June 2, 2012, at Turner Rec Center in Kansas City, I will have the final professional wrestling match of my career. Yep, it’s finally time to hang ‘em up. I will have the honor of wrestling one of the best guys in the business Mr. Adam Pearce and would like to invite anyone and everyone who has ever seen me wrestle, wrestled with me, been part of my career, or has been part of my life to come out and help me celebrate the end of my life’s work in Pro wrestling. I’m giving everyone plenty of notice so no excuses!- Michael Strider

MWR Thoughts: There is no doubt that Michael Strider is among the top wrestlers in the Midwest in the past 15 years. A former NWA Central States Champion, a former Metro Pro Wrestling Champion and took part in the first ever MWR Match of the Year in 2008 against Jeremy Wyatt in a barb wire match that in a way we felt that Strider had passed the torch to the Rebel. In the match Wyatt would lose a nipple in a true war between the two men.


While presenting the award to both Strider and Wyatt along with Kari Williams at LWA in House Springs, Missouri, Strider relayed to me that if MWR had been around prior to that year he would have a whole wall full of the plaques. Though Strider said it with a smile and was just joking, it is my belief that what he said could have been very true.


Most recently Strider has been a vital component of not only bringing back pro wrestling to Kansas City but delivering pro wrestling the way it was meant to be. His last match will be against a man who he looked to have defeated for the NWA World Championship in 2011 Adam Pearce. One has to wonder what if Strider had become the Champion of the World that night? If so, maybe this announcement may not have been made this year.


Matt Murphy learned the hard way, you dont mess with Michael Strider- Photo Credit Brian Kelley


Yet, it has been announce from Strider himself and though we hate to hear the news, we will be there to take in one last great match from Strider against the former NWA Worlds Champion Adam Pearce on June 2nd in Kansas City for Metro Pro Wrestling.

Don’t miss this night as we show RESPECT to a man who has given his best to the fans in the Midwest for years, as it is sure to be a great night of action that you wont forget.

Brian Kelley- Owner/Editor of Missouri Wrestling Revival

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“Babyface” Tony Cortez and NWA World Champion Adam Pearce have a shootout at Magnum Pro Wrestling!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 9, 2012

NWA World Champion Adam Pearce. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

By Brian Kelley

Less than 24 hours after Adam Pearce survived an onslaught from “The Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt at 3XWrestling in Des Moines, the NWA Worlds Champion made his way to Council Bluffs, Iowa for Magnum Pro Wrestling.

His opponent was hometown favorite “Babyface “ Tony Cortez, a man who has been in battles with many of the best in the Midwest. Cortez’s moment that he has been waiting for his whole life had come to that very moment on January 28th, the chance to prove that he was among the very best in the world.

From the moment the doors open you could feel the electricity spark from wall to wall, with the ring being the spark that got it going. World titles opportunity chances come to wrestlers very few if ever in a wrestler’s career.

In the past Cortez has succeeded and survived an epic war games steel cage match, defeated former friend Jayden Draigo, captured wins against the hottest stars of wrestling like Mike Sydal and “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon.

Champions have had to beware of the feisty Cortez as he has defeated Hype Gotti and Golden Boy” Vic Victory thus making him the only man to be a two time PWP Champion. Cortez has also won the PWP tag team championship with the before mentioned Gottie (Simply the Best) in a classic as MWR sponsored the PWP Tag team title match between the Northstar Express (Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz) on November 21st, 2008.

As we walked into the building that night, we had to wonder just how could Cortez keep up with the much favored NWA Worlds Champion Adam Pearce?

No doubt the Magnum Pro Wrestling fans were on Cortez’s side. As he entered the ring, the building exploded with cheers. I could see nor feel any doubt from the Magnum pro wrestling’s fans that Cortez was the underdog on this night.

When the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion came to the ring with his “ten pounds of gold” he was still all smiles but you could tell that the night before’s defense against Wyatt had him a little bit more focused than normal .


Pearce is a master strategist and agitator from the moment his music hits till the final bell ring. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

After studying hours of tapes of Pearce, I have come to conclusion that no wrestler enjoys taunting the crowd more than Adam Pearce, at first I thought it was a tactic to get under his opponents skin. I am now convinced that just like his rival from the night before Wyatt that he thoroughly enjoys seeing them in total anger. I was beginning to wonder if I would need protection to take photos at ringside the emotions were so hot from the fans in the front row.


“Babyface” Tony Cortez was up to the challenge of meeting the Worlds Champion. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Before I knew it the action was fast and furious as Cortez strategy was to move forward. From the get go it looked as if he had the right plan as Pearce was reeling from the quickness of the challenger. Like any smart champion Pearce found a way to slow down the momentum of Cortez and the fans mood by grabbing hold of him then taking him down with a headlock.


To slow down Cortez, Pearce brought him to the mat. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Cortez would fight to get back up once again hitting a belly to back suplex that seemed to have given the challenger the chance to get the pinfall. Any other man that may have been enough but Pearce did not become a 4 –time NWA’S World Champion by not taking a beating. Just as the ref was to hit the 3 count, Pearce’s shoulders came off the mat, keeping the Champion still alive in the match.


Knowing that this was his moment to shine, Cortez pulled out all the stops. Surprisingly the fans didn’t mind the least. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Back and forth they went, as Cortez turned his back, Pearce rolled him up but Cortez was able to kick out, moments later it was the challenger using his feet on the ropes for extra leverage but Pearce was still too strong.


A headbutt from Pearce dropped Cortez. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

One mistake against Pearce and many of men are done for the night, as was the case with Cortez, when Pearce locked in his pildriver, there was no escape for the hometown favorite.


Though Cortez fought with all his might, the champion was able to hit his patented piledriver. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Unlike many wrestlers who try to use the move but are unable to deliver it with enough force to get a win , Pearce knows what he is doing and the crushing blow sent Cortez crashing head first into the mat.

Three seconds later, the NWA World Champion Adam Pearce retained his championship and survived the Terror of the Midwest tour weekend against both Jeremy Wyatt and Tony Cortez.


Pearce remains the NWA World Champion. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The cocky grin was still there on the champ , his eyes were glazed a bit. You could tell he now knew that the Midwest is in fact the “Danger Zone” for his title. Men like Tony Cortez, Jeremy Wyatt, Michael Strider and Kahagas all have their sights set on “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce.

Magnum Pro Wrestling returns next Saturday!!


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Adam Pearce offers an open contract for the NWA World title in Glen Carbon, Illinois on April 6th!!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 29, 2012

By Brian Kelley


Adam Pearce is a 4-Time and current National Wrestling Alliance Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

Missouri Wrestling Revival was on hand once again for an historic weekend in the wrestling as the NWA Worlds Heavyweight champion Adam Pearce defended his title.

First it was in Des Moines, Iowa for 3XWrestling as Pearce looked to have lost the prestigious title to “The Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt. For more details on the very controversial match click here to see how “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce was able to leave Des Moines with his belt still around his waist.

The next night we traveled to Council Bluffs , Iowa to Magnum Pro Wrestling as hometown favorite “Babyface” Tony Cortez wrestled quite possibly the match of his life as his fans cheered him on. We will have a full recap of the match along with photos of the two warriors in action later this week at MWR.

Till then I do have to let you know that Pearce was able to retain the NWA World title, but his trips to the Midwest have been nothing short of near disasters each time. Prior to this weekend he had been to battle not once but twice with the former NWA Central States Champion and Metro Pro Champion Michael Strider. On each occasion, Strider left a lasting impression on the Worlds Champion with a war that the fans in Kansas City is still talking about today.

Not since Ric Flair has there been such an active NWA Worlds Champion and Adam Pearce is not backing down from no one. We received this video with a major announcement from the NWA Worlds Champion.

There you have it wrestling fans, the NWA Worlds Championship will be defended in Glen Carbon Illinois, on April 6th at NWA Dynamo Pro Wrestling, the same area that champions like Lou Thesz, Harley Race, Ric Flair, Dory Funk Jr., Gene” Kiniski and Pat O’Conner defended the title.

Pearce is now in his fourth title reign, and is better than ever. His experience, confidence and talent level is spectacular. We have heard reports that the contract has been signed, and as soon as we can verify the rumors we will let you know just exactly will have that golden opportunity to go down in the history books as a National Wrestling Alliance Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

Mark your calendars, fans in the St Louis area, the NWA Title returns on April 6th, 2012.

Don’t miss it.

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Is NWA World Champion Adam Pearce’s “Last Ride” tour about to come to a screeching halt due to “The Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt?

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 16, 2012

NWA World Champion Adam Pearce’s t-shirt as he makes his world tour.

By Brian Kelley

The prestigious NWA World title returns to where it all began as the NWA World Champion Adam Pearce comes to Des Moines, Iowa on January 27th in action at the 2-time MWR promotion of the Year 3XWrestling.

 Adam Pearce has been the NWA World Champion since July 31st when he won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship for the fourth time by defeating Chance Prophet, Jimmy Rave and Shaun Tempers in a four-way match to win the vacant title.

It’s a shame that Pearce, a veteran of the sport for over 16 years has never received the just do that the man of his talents deserves. While the NWA title and the organization thrived for years under the management of the likes of Sam Muchnick, times have changed and the NWA has seen dark days for the type of wrestling that made me a fan of the sport.

With his years of experience in the ring and a desire to bring back the glory of the NWA World Title Adam Pearce has embarked on what he calls his “Last Ride tour”. 

His last trip to the Midwest was memorable to say the least as he made his way to Kansas City for Metro Pro Wrestling. The Challenger was Michael Strider, the setting a packed house at the Turner Rec Center on November 5th, 2011. 


Steven J Girthy and NWA Central States Champion Jeremy Wyatt make their claim for the NWA World title. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Earlier in the night at Metro Pro Wrestling, Jeremy Wyatt and his manager Steven J Girthy would let the fans know that it was he who deserved a match against Adam Pearce. Bringing to the ring  Wyatt read the hype surrounding him in the year 2011 including the KC Star where they ranked him the #1 wrestler in Kansas City and copies of the MWR article “Does Steven J Girthy have Jeremy Wyatt poised to become the NWA Champion of the World on Nov 5th at Metro Pro Wrestling ?”

Yet, it would be a classic matchup in the main event as  Strider looked to have earned his boyhood dream to become the NWA World Champion when he pinned Pearce as referee  Michael Crase Jr. counted 1-2-3.


The fans were ecstatic to see Michael Strider go for the NWA title in November at Metro Pro Wrestling. (Photo Credit Bill Smith)


Strider look to land the big move that would give the former NWA Central States champion his dream to become the NWA World Champion. (Photo Credit Bill Smith)


Strider the NWA World Champion??? (Photo Credit Bill Smith)


Matt Murphy, then the MPW comish goaded Strider to continue the match due to Pearce’s feet to be supposedly under the ropes. (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

While Strider went to celebrate with his fans and father, out to the ring came MPW commissioner Matt Murphy. Murphy claimed that Pearce’s feet were on the bottom of the ropes as Crase Jr. made the final third count to the mat.

 Murphy on the mic taunted Strider stating that “You don’t want to win the title like that; you want to be a man and win it like a Champion.”

Strider unwisely would make the decision to not take the title that way and agreed to have the match continue. It would be minutes later that Pearce would benefit a little assistance from Murphy when he tripped Strider, allowing Pearce to strike and use a roll up with his feet on the ropes to retain the title.

The next day I would travel to Collinsville, Illinois to cover Ring of Honor where fans came up to me, asking if in fact Michael Strider had become the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion as they had seen on the NWA website, then was deleted as the NWA webmaster caught word of what had occurred.  Unfortunately, I had to deliver the bad news that Pearce along with Murphy had stolen the Worlds Championship from the former NWA Central States Champion Strider.

Little did we know how someone’s missed opportunities would allow Wyatt to get his wish at the NWA world title.

Fast forward to the final show of the year at 3Xrestling on December 30th.  3XWrestling Champion Jeremy Wyatt loses a close match against Mark Sterling after the “Iron Man” used the ringside bell to help Sterling began his first 3XWrestling title reign.

In the locker room, 3XWrestling camera’s captured Todd Countryman offering Sterling the contract. Let’s watch this once more to see how Wyatt and not Sterling received this dream match against the World Champion Adam Pearce.

So mark your calendars, ask for the day off, and make your way to Des Moines, Iowa at ALL PLAY as the Champion of the World Adam Pearce comes to defend his title against the 2-time 3XW Champion Wyatt. Wyatt is currently the NWA Central States Champion and only the 3rd man in the history of the NWA to hold both the NWA Central States and the NWA Missouri title (He did this last year, Harley Race and Bob Orton being the other two men) Jeremy Wyatt.


Only the third man to hold the NWA Central States and Missouri Championship at the same time, Jeremy Wyatt(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Though Adam Pearce used some underhand tactics to defeat Strider at Metro Pro Wrestling, make no doubt about it that he can defeat Wyatt in many many ways. Pearce in the past has successfully defended the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Bryan Danielson (WWE’S Daniel Bryan, the reigning World Heavyweight Champion) and Danielson is just one name on a list of victims.


From the Apr '09 edition of Pro Wrestling Illustrated; Pearce bludgeons perhaps his greatest opponent, a bloody Brent Albright, in New York City.

Pearce brings the ring an old school high impact attack, standing 6’2, 245 pounds he will unleash a fury of moves including the Figure four leglock, Flying fist drop, and the Middle-rope elbow drop setting his opponents up for The Rack Bomb (Backbreaker rack dropped into a powerbomb) or the vicious Jumping piledriver to retain the title.

Quite honestly, after hours of studying tape of Pearce in action, you can see many of his opponents in fear of those finishers from the start of the match. 


Pearce will have to beware of the crossface finisher from Wyatt. Many matches and titles have been won via this feared move in the Midwest for “The Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

One man who will not have fear in his eyes is the “The Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt.  Wyatt considered by many to be the best wrestler in the Midwest, has been dying for this opportunity to make a name for himself. He knows that opportunities likes these are very rare for wrestlers in the area. Quite possibly the most hated man in the Midwest, 3XWrestling fans have come to love him for his multiple matches of the year and giving a 110% during every match.


Wyatt can strike from anywhere!!!(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


Wyatt has many of the fans scattering for safety as he stalks Gage Octane. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


Opponents have to be concerned about going to the mat as Wyatt is a student of the game and is scary to defend against. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


Devin Carter goes flying from a right hook from Wyatt….Where Wyatt lacks in size he makes up with the knowledge of when and where to deliver the blow.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


Wyatt has successfully defended his NWA Central States championship against arch rival and NWA Kansas champ Tyler Cook. In less than two weeks he goes for the NWA WORLD TITLE!!!(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Wyatt most likely will be the first to tell you he is not doing this for the fans, yet he is the fans best chance to bring back the NWA Worlds title back home to the Midwest. 


Adam Pearce has been the heart of the NWA since his first NWA World title reign September 1st, 2007 when he defeated Brent Albright in the finals of the vacated NWA tournament. Here Pearce is on set of NWA Wrestling Showcase talking 'rasslin' with David Marquez. (Photo credit Shane Kidder.)

Is Pearce making a mistake as he makes good on his promise to “GIVE BACK to a deserving industry that has given me 16+ years of experiences that I’ll cherish forever.”


Onlu the kids are brave (naive)enough to talk back to the champ. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


Pearce has been wise in the past to align himself with men who can assist him in keeping his beloved gold, here he celebrates with the then MPW Champion Derek Stone and Matt Murphy. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Pearce, a fighting champion will be around the world in  Oberhausen, Germany defending the title a week prior to his return to the Midwest. Fans in Iowa can prepare for a double shot starting off with match against Wyatt at 3XW then heading to Council Bluffs, Iowa for Magnum Pro Wrestling to take on “ Babyface” Tony Cortez the very next night.

With one Lighting Spiral from Wyatt on January 27th at 3XWrestling, the NWA president Robert Trobich   and Magnum Pro may be scrambling late Friday night to come up with a plan to resign a rematch against the NEW NWA World Champion Jeremy Wyatt and Adam Pearce immediately. 

When it is all said and done, I want the NWA and Adam Pearce don’t say that Missouri Wrestling Revival didn’t try to warn you of “The Belt Collector”.

Great NWA world title moments in the Midwest.


April 3, 1908-Frank Gotch defeats George Hackenschmidt to become the world champion in Chicago, Illinois.

April 19, 1917 Earl Caddock defeated Joe Stecher to become the world champion in Omaha, Nebraska.


Earl Caddock was not only a world champion but also enlisted in the Army to serve our country. Fans be sure to pick up the new book from Mike Chapman called Caddock “Walnut’s Wrestling Wonder” on one of the best wrestlers to ever come from the Midwest. For more info on how to purchase the book click here.

 March 3,  1922  Ed “Strangler” Lewis defeated  Stanislaus Zbyszko to become the world champion in Wichita, Kansas.


Here is a great photo of two of the most powerful, respected and important men in the history of wrestling, Sam Muchnick and Lou Thesz.

December 29, 1937 Lou Thesz defeats Everett Marshall in the first of his six NWA world titles in ST Louis, Missouri.

June 30, 1961 Buddy Rogers defeats Pat O’Connor to win his first NWA world title in Chicago Illinois.


I love this photo of Harley Race. Arguably the greatest NWA World champion of all time.

May 24, 1973 Harley Race defeats Dory Funk Jr. to win first of 8 NWA world titles in Kansas City, Missouri.  Match named Pro Wrestling Illustrated match of the year.


Ric Flair would capture his first NWA World title right here in the Midwest in what many called an upset at the time.

September 17, 1981 Ric Flair defeats Dusty Rhodes to win first of 9 NWA world titles in Kansas City, Missouri.

June 10, 1983 Harley Race defeats Ric Flair for the NWA world title to set up Starcade.  Match named Pro Wrestling Illustrated match of the year.


February 20, 1989 Ricky Steamboat defeat Ric Flair to capture the NWA world title in Chicago, Illinois

January 27th 2012 Jeremy Wyatt ???? Adam Pearce Des Moines, Iowa

Information of the NWA world title courtesy of the 16th edition of the PWI Wrestling Almanac.


Could Jeremy Wyatt be defending the NWA WORLD TITLE at these MWR Promotions after January 27th?





MWR fans for a great source of the NWA check out the Alliance-Wrestling.com here.

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Breaking news: Has NWA’S Howard T Brody and Larry Brannon signing of the NWA National Heavyweight Champion Chance Prophet vs. the Tokyo Monster Kahagas put the NWA on the map again?

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 14, 2011

By Brian Kelley- MWR Owner and Editor


Hot news tonight coming in from Fort Lauderdale, Florida as the former High Voltage Wrestling Champion Kahagas tore the roof down in Fort Lauderdale, Fla against the NWA National Heavyweight Champion Chance Prophet for NWA Ring Warriors in a title match.


In the house was the former National Wrestling Alliance President Howard T. Brody, and former 3 time NWA World Tag Team Champion and now Chief Operations Officer Larry Brannon  were on hand for what one MWR correspondent in Florida called the most brutal match in the NWA since the days of Harley Race and Ric Flair, Bruiser Brody and Abdullah just to name a few.

The night was filled with Superstars as the NWA World Tag Team Champions, the Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis and Kory Chavis), were defended their titles against two members of pro wrestling’s most heralded and often controversial stables, Degeneration X, in “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn and “X-Pac” Sean Waltman.


The Original Diva” Sunny” made her way to NWA Ring Warriors, as was the “Midwest Sweetheart” herself Santana G. Sunny gave the highest of compliments when she stated that Santana G was the top female talent not signed by the WWE today.


Santana G has worked hard to earn the respect of some of the best in the business have taken notice. From the best in the business such as MsChif, Scott Hall, X-Pac, to the greatest Diva of them all Sunny. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Yet, at the end of the night all the fans could talk about was the brutal NWA National Heavyweight title match between the two warriors that went at it with neither of them backing down. Inside the ring Kahagas and Chance Prophet delivered chops and punches that echoed throughout the building . Outside the ring, it would only get uglier as both men would be disqualified as they went at each other with a vengeance.

Our sources state that both men were far from calling it done on this night, but they will have to wait another day to settle the score to see who truly is the best man.

Earlier this fall we saw the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce electrify the crowd at Metro Pro Wrestling in Kansas City against Michael Strider.

With HVW promoter TNT Keny G scouting out talent in Florida this week, MWR believes that the chances of the NWA National Heavyweight Champion Chance Prophet giving a rematch to Kahagas in the Midwest is very likely.

Should it happen at HVW, Dynamo Pro Wrestling or Metro Pro Wrestling it has the chance to be the match of the year in the Midwest in 2012.

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Does Steven J Girthy have Jeremy Wyatt poised to become the NWA Champion of the World on Nov 5th at Metro Pro Wrestling ?

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 11, 2011

By Brian Kelley

To many in the Midwest he is the most hated man in wrestling today; to his opponents he is their worst nightmare.


Jeremy Wyatt and Steven J Girthy have been dominate in 2011. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

His name is Jeremy Wyatt; pro wrestling’s greatest secret , has wrestled one great match after another from Des Moines, Iowa to ST Louis, Missouri and in every town in Illinois and back in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri.

In the past Wyatt has earned the nickname “The belt collector” for his ability to capture title after title in multiple promotions against the very best. Wyatt would become the first man to be named the MWR Wrestler of the Year and has won three consecutive matches of the years with three different opponents Michael Strider, Tyler Cook and Tyler Black respectably.

Wyatt has mixed it up with the top names in the sport including the current Ring of Honor World Champion Davey Richards, Former TNA World Champion Samoa Joe, the former ROH World Champion Jerry Lynn, Christopher Daniels, Jimmy Jacobs, Al Snow and Road Dogg Jesse James to name just a few.

Still al the wins, belts, awards and great matches have not brought Wyatt to the forefront of the wrestling world.

Is that about to change??


Wyatt can be ruthless in his attack. A masterful tactician armed with the mastermind Steven J Girthy at ringside he is always one step ahead of his opponents. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

This past weekend the top wrestling manager in the Midwest Steven J Girthy set the wheels in motion at Metro Pro Wrestling to gain momentum to become the NWA World Champion. When It was announced that the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana would be making his way to MPW, could the man that Cabana called “Porky Pig” of been masterfully setting his man up for a NWA World Title match against Adam Pearce?

While Cabana entertained the crowd from bell to bell with his masterful wrestling skills and silly antics, Wyatt And Girthy were at were at there very best and they had to be, Cabana has been to the top with WWE and as the NWA World Champion by defeating none other than Adam Pearce on March 6, 2011 at the NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood television tapings earlier this year.


Former NWA World Champion Colt Cabana would fall victim to the The Rebel in the main event at Metro Pro Wrestling. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Earlier this year the Belt Collector would become only the third man in the history of wrestling to capture the NWA Missouri Title and the NWA Central States Championship as the same time.  Harley Race and Bob Orton SR   being the other two men. Since that time, Wyatt has been able to keep the NWA Central States firmly on his waist against the likes of Sir Bradley Charles, Trent Stone, Jimmy Rockwell, Ryan Drago and arch rival NWA Kansas Champion Tyler Cook.

The greatest years in the NWA History has had the very best in the Midwest in the middle of the title hunt. Former 8 time World Champion Harley Race would bring honor, respectability and toughness not only to the NWA Title but to Japan and around the World.

With momentum on his side and the great mind of Girthy in his corner is the NWA World Title poised to change hands for the first time in Kansas City since Ric Flair defeated Dusty Rhodes on September 17th 1981 nearly thirty years ago?

With all the positives in this equation there is one huge problem for the Belt Collector.

NWA World Champion Adam Pearce!!!

Make no mistake about it, Adam Pearce is one of the top wrestlers in the world today. It is by no fluke that he is a four time NWA World champion who has sent many challengers packing who felt their time was now home wandering what if.

His resume speaks for itself. Titles around the country, victories against the likes of WWE’S CM Punk, Daniel Bryan ( Bryan Danielson), Delirious, Blue Demon Jr. In a true testament of his greatness Pearce was not only able to be a force in a four-way match between Chance Prophet and Jimmy Rave and Shaun Tampers for the vacant NWA World title on August 30th but would become a four time NWA World Champion.

Wyatt may have been great in the past but if he is to compete with Pearce then he cannot make one
mistake. If so the confident, ruthless NWA Kingpin will capitalize and remain the NWA World Champion.

When the last bell rang at the Turner Rec Center last week a stunned Colt Cabana and Metro Pro Wrestling fans watched as Wyatt and Steven J Girthy celebrated yet another win.

Metro Pro Wrestling has not announced who Pearce would defend the title against when he returns to on November 5th at the Turner Rec Center but if Girthy and Wyatt have their way then it could be the NWA Central States Champion vs. the NWA World Champion.

Could history be made on November 5tth and Jeremy Wyatt was able to add his most important belt to his collection? The NWA World Championship!!


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Metro Pro Wrestling Champion Derek Stone welcomes you to MWR.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 3, 2011


Has MPW Champion Derek Stone lost his mind? Dont miss Metro Pro Wrestling this weekend. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Prior to the March Metro Pro Wrestling show in Kansas City our good friend and current MPW Champion Derek Stone took the time to give a shout to the fans of the Midwest.

Later in the night Stone would win a three way match from Trevor Murdock and Bull Schmitt after Murdock drilled the Stone with a chair.

MPW commissioner Michael Strider came out to help the champ where he suddenly snapped and attacked Strider.

We can only hope that Stone was disoriented and did not fully understand his actions that evening.

Please join us at Metro Pro Wrestling on April 9th for a fun filled evening that you will not forget.


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3XW to showcase historic 60 minute NO DQ Iron man match January 7th,2011

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 27, 2010

By Brian Kelley

On January 7th, 2011 in Des Moines Iowa at 3XW two of the greatest wrestlers today Mark Sterling and Jeremy Wyatt will go to war in a historic 60 Minute  NO DQ Iron Man match. Both of these individuals have been Champions around the Midwest and are former MWR Wrestlers of the year.


The 2009 MWR Wrestler of the Year Mark Sterling (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

In a world where respect is earned and not given, Wyatt and Sterling are the measuring sticks for those in the game today. From Kansas to Illinois to Missouri and all the way to Des Moines Iowa they are main event athletes that the fans want to know if they are on the card.

The time has come for Wyatt to finally put his money where his mouth is…. He’s been talking crap for years that he’s the best… Well I have news for him, there is one guy that is a bit better: ME. Wyatt doesn’t train in the gym 4 times a day like I do. He doesn’t dominate Crossfit competitions. “The Fittest Wrestler on Earth” isn’t just a gimmick for me, it’s the honest to God truth. Wyatt hasn’t spent the better part of 8 years training at Harley Race’s school like me. Wyatt didn’t train the 2009 Rookie of the Year Mike Sydal, I did… Nobody in this area works their fingers to the bone as much as I do. Nobody even comes close and that’s a shoot. As good as Wyatt is and everything he’s accomplished, he’s about to get hit with a dose of reality January 7th in 3xw. I have 60 minutes to prove to all the “experts” and “insiders” that I am not only the best on the Midwest, but on the fast track to being one of the best in the world!”- Mark Sterling

Mark Sterling is a man who is pure muscle with seemingly limitless intensity, who lives and breaths wrestling. A great build with a desire to become the best, Sterling has been under the watchful eye of Harley Race at World League Wrestling and recently took part in Ohio Valley Wrestling’s training camp that featured great wrestling minds such as Jim Cornette, Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore, Danny Davis and Rip Rogers.

Sterling’s path would take him to both singles and tag team glory in the past few years. At 3xw he has been a former 3XW Pure Champion and a former tag team Champion with former allies the Gentleman’s Club. Winning and being the best is everything for Sterling and his claim to the best in the Midwest was only strengthen when he defeated Michael Strider for the NWA Central States Championship last year.


The 2008 MWR Wrestler of the year "The Rebel" Jeremy Wyatt (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Mark Sterling is bigger than me, stronger than me, has a better build than me, can do more sit ups and push ups than me, goes to the gym 27 times a day, can eat more tacos than me, has had better training than me… Hell, I basically paid a guy a grand and ending up training myself and tryin to figure it out as I went along. Why wouldn’t Sterling think he’s better? But therein lies the difference, Sterling thinks he’s better… I know i’m better, the best. The simple truth is this, for every advantage he has, I have one that trumps them all, I’m tougher… Mentally and physically. I punch harder, I kick harder and there’s no one who can absorb punishment like me, and that’s with having a body that’s falling apart. I have a severe sciatic nerve problem in my lower back, ligament damage in my left wrist, calcium deposits in my right elbow, dizzy spells from a concussion over a year ago but yet when it’s a “big match” no one, and I mean absolutely no one puts on a show like I do. January 7th, its gonna be time to put on a show” -“The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt

Wyatt’s nickname is the Rebel, a man who has done what he wanted to do in the ring with no remorse or regret. He could be the most hated man in all the Midwest. Yet the Rebel has shown a love for great competition and winning titles. Winning titles all around the Midwest is the reason why he earned another nickname The Belt Collector.

Wyatt would add the coveted 3XW Championship on August 21, 2009 against the then fan favorite Devin Carter. He would terrorize and dominate the promotion for close to a year till July 9,2010 when the talented Rory Fox would upset Wyatt to become one of the very few to make claim as a man to have a victory against the Rebel.

In the past these two men have teamed up but the question always remained, just who is the best in the Midwest?

Who has the advantage in this epic battle  where the object is to get the most pinfalls and submissions in that 60 minute time limit?

Lets break it down.

Mark Sterling can use his strength to ground and pound even the biggest of men in the Midwest. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Power and size - Sterling clearly has the edge. Standing 6’2 and 221 barrel-chested like a Greek God, he has broken the will of half the wrestlers in the Midwest before the first bell rang. Wyatt gives up 2 inches and 20 pounds to Sterling, but no one uses execution on offense like the Rebel to withstand a bigger wrestler onslaught.


Jeremy Wyatt is a master of delivering pain. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Can Sterling impose his strength in the match early on to get the edge he needs ?

Power and Size Advantage Mark Sterling- Is there any wrestler more obsessed with conditioning. In boxing the smaller guys are often said to best pound for pound fighter in the game. How scary is it that Sterling standing  6’2 221 could very well fit that bill in the Midwest. The man is a machine. Wyatt will have his hands full trying to slow down Sterling.

Stamina speed and air attack,-Wyatt has excelled beating men much bigger than he is, while he does pull out all stops with punching, kicking and scratching, I am here to say that it is just all smokes and mirrors to keep his opponent to realize just how versatile Wyatt is and the speed he possess. Sterling may be impressive with his stone cut body, but it’ his training regimen of CROSSFIT that allows him to have a style that can allow him to go all out for 60 minutes without a problem. Wyatt has shown a willingness to go to the air while Sterling prefers to ground and pound you.


Mark Sterling will look to use his speed to get an edge to prove who is the very best in the Midwest today. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


Tyler Cook knows very well how lethal Wyatt can be. (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

Stamina, speed and air attack advantage- EVEN



When Sterling locks in the Markshooter, the rest is history. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Sterling is the owner of the Markshooter a variation of Stings Scorpion Deathlock or Bret Harts Sharpshooter. I would be rich if I got a dollar every time that I was at ringside taking photographs during his match that he locked this move in on his opponents in the feared Markshooter. The end result is always the same. Tap out or leave in pieces, either way I have a who’s who in photographs of some of the best in the sport on the wrong side of this painful move. To tell you how effective the Markshooter is, he has so much confidence in it, he uses it in tag team action and has still been able to pick up the win.

Wyatt will also have to be on the lookout for an explosive spear that Sterling has been adding to his arsenal of weapons. Will Sterling look to get a win off of Wyatt with the Markshooter, and once the bell rings and before Wyatt can get strength back in his legs will Sterling drill him with the spear to pick up a two fall lead?


Wyatt is a wizard inside the ring. The biggest and the fastest of wrestlers have fallen in the past few years. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Wyatt brings to the battle the lightning spiral, a move that is viscous in appearance and even more so for the final result for the unlucky soul that gets hit with it. He has perfected the maneuver with such precision that it has been his trademark on route to title after title. Even more impressive is how quick he is able to deliver the move.

Wyatt is a master of leverage and it also shows with his other finisher the crossface. The move has been deadly for his opponents with Wyatt brutalizing them by pulling their head backwards while having their legs wrapped up with no place to go. Sterling is a big guy, but with Wyatt locking him in a position where his power is neaturalized, this is a move that Wyatt will be wanting to use to take him to victory.

Finishers Advantage – EVEN

Confidence and momentum –

What has set Wyatt a part from almost everyone in the Midwest is his ability to stay cool under pressure. In big matches with Tyler Black, Davey Richards and Al Snow, Wyatt wrestles like its another day at the park. We have seen Wyatt cause near riots in promotions, and you can see the frustration and defeat in his opponents eyes throughout the match.

Sterling is cocky, brash and rightfully so, he is as well trained as anyone in the game today. The problem is does he truly believe it? We have seen in many matches in the past where he lost his composure and tends to showboat. Sterling has been impressive in the past with pinfall victories over Chase Stevens, Colt Cabana and a huge win over the Monster Abyss in a brutal ladder match. On the flip side , Sterling has found defeat at the hands of Snow, Black and Jerry Lynn , all three men that the Rebel can boast he has had his hand raised.

With Wyatt already leading in the series, can Sterling overcome the doubts that the Wyatt has planted in his head?

The scary thing for the Rebel is that Sterling is and even BETTER wrestler than he was when the MWR Awards committee voted him as the 2009 MWR Wrestler of the Year. Sterling has been dominate in 2010 at WLW with Steve Fender as one half of the WLW Tag Champs, won the 2010  3XW King of Des Moines Championship, trained once again at the WLW/Noah camp and followed that up with a training camp at Ohio Valley Wrestling. Last but not least he was able to submidt arguably the greatest wrestler in the world today Davey Richards.

Confidence and momentum Advantage Jeremy Wyatt - With a history of wins in big matches, it is easier to name the matches that he has lost due to the fact that it is so rare. With Wyatt already in Sterling’s head is this match already the Rebel’s ?

Final verdict-

This could very well be the most important match in the future of the Midwest. Both men are highly touted as men who could very well be the best in the country that have not had a run with Ring of Honor, TNA or WWE.

Both know each other very well before going to war to see who truly is the best wrestler in the Midwest today. The longest 60 minutes in each of these two lives will be on the stage for the world to see.

Will Sterling look to overpower Wyatt early and push his weight around? Can Wyatt break Sterling mentally?

My advice for Wyatt is, if Sterling locks in the Markshooter, if you are unable to get out right away, tap quickly. Sterling has the move to perfection and the damage is done in a blink of an eye.

My Advice for Sterling, do not get overconfident and let the Rebel suck you in to thinking you are safe. You are never safe. Wyatt for all of his antics is always thinking and looking to deliver the big blow.

MWR Prediction- Jeremy Wyatt wins 3 to  Mark Sterling’s 2


Plus a Holiday treat straight from our friends at 3XW

The latest free Match of the Month is a special holiday gift to our fans – a 3XW Heavyweight championship match featuring “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt!

Two-time 3XW Feud of the Year winners Jeremy Wyatt and Tyler Cook clash one last time in an intense battle for the 3XW Heavyweight championship in this highly-emotional battle. For more info about this lengthy rivalry, visit http://www.3xwrestling.com/Midnight-June10.htmand read a column which provides tremendous background info on the match. This bout took place at 3XW’s “Downtown Destruction 2″ event on June 4, 2010 at the Des Moines Social Club. Commentary provided by Midnight Guthrie and “The Founder of MMA” Chad Mylan. Footage courtesy of SEP Video.

This match certainly showcases Wyatt’s abilities heading into 3XW’s first-ever No DQ 60 minute Ironman match between Wyatt and Mark Sterling on Jan. 7.

If you didn’t see it last month, here’s a great match featuring Mark Sterling vs. Gage Octane from May.

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